Nothing says summer like a big bucket full of water balloons. Who doesn’t love a good water balloon fight? But if you’re looking for ways to up the ante when it comes to soaking your friends and family this summer, you have to check out these 15 fun water balloon games! They’ll get you and your kids pumped for the start of summer, guaranteed!

15 Water Balloon Games to Get Kids Excited About Summer

Water Balloon Games for Summer

Before we get into the games, let me offer you a tip. You see, I used to hate filling up water balloons. It was so time-consuming for such a short burst of fun. But now we use these self-sealing water balloons during the summer, and it’s SO much better. You can fill a few hundred balloons in no time flat, so we get them every year for our son’s birthday now and any other time we plan on soaking each other. Get them… you won’t regret it! Oh, and we do have the occasional dud balloon in each group that just won’t fill or inflate. But with the time and effort savings, we still think they’re worth it.

Now let’s get to the games!

Have a summer birthday party to plan? Forget candy pinatas, water balloon pinatas are where it’s at! It’s a great way to cool down near the end of the party.

Head to the kitchen and grab the colander for this super fun colander balloon toss game. The balloons break apart with a huge splash over the recipient’s head, so this one’s a lot of fun.

For a fun variation of this, try the milk jug toss game. Rinse a few milk jugs, cut off the bottoms and use them as catchers during your water balloon fight. Keep the lids on to hold the water to throw it right back at your opponent!

The balloon and spoon race is a fun take on the traditional egg and spoon race that kids play at camp, reunions, etc.

Set up a hula hoop to use as the target, and play water balloon target toss with the kids. Or perhaps you should make it a little more fun by making someone hold the hula hoop. After all, the point of water balloons is to get wet!

Group the kids into teams, giving each team a towel. Teams snap the towel to pass the water balloon back and forth in this towel toss game.

Water balloons and pool noodles just scream summer, don’t they? Your kids will be rolling with laughter with this water balloon jousting game. Attach a plastic fork to the end of the pool noodle to use as the jousting implement, secure some water balloons up high, and let the water fall!


Grab your rackets and play some water balloon tennis. The balloons are no match for the racket, so you’re sure to get soaked with every swing!

Water balloon basketball is a fun game for kids of all ages. They can stand as close to the goal as they want… shoot from far away to test your skills, or go for the slam dunk for a big splash.

Divide into teams and play a game of water balloon baseball. Not all balloons burst on impact, so the “home runs” could be the balloons that burst right away if you’re keeping score.

Avoid the summer slide with fun games that keep kids engaged with learning. This balloon sight words game is the perfect example! Kids can read the word on each balloon before they’re allowed to throw them at the target.

Or how about a game of water balloon math to keep up with their acquired math skills?

Create a target practice game using pool noodle rings (each one is a little bigger) and balloons.

Water balloon yo-yos are great fun when they pop or start to leak.

A water balloon slip-and-slide will make you the coolest parent on the block, guaranteed. Just be warned that it requires a LOT of balloons (about 200) and will pretty much be demolished after a few slides.

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