Finally, gardening for beginners can be fun! Enjoy gardening by applying a few simple gardening tips for beginners that will make a world of difference. 

Do you drive through your neighborhood and feel envious of your neighbor’s yards? They have the lush landscaping, perfect flower beds and don’t even mention the garden full of fresh produce! 

You may not think you have a green thumb, but know that with a little help and guidance you can turn a black thumb into a green thumb in no time! Below are a variety of gardening tips to help you have the garden you long for!

Whether you are looking to grow fresh produce or want to grow a flower garden, you will find these gardening tips very useful! 

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Gardening Tips for Beginners to Makeover Your Garden This Year

You don’t need to have a natural green thumb to enjoy gardening success. All you really need is a little basic knowledge and to apply a few simple tips. This list of gardening tips contains gems that are so simple and yet highly effective. 

Whether you are a complete beginner or an intermediate gardener, you’ll learn a helpful thing or two. Moreover, if you see weed growing in your garden, do follow these tips on how to kill weeds naturally?

Keep Your Plants Alive | The Frugal Navy Wife

Do you struggle to keep plants alive? If so this article is for you. Read these tips to help your plants have the best chance at thriving. Once you learn to keep your plants alive you will find much more success in your garden.

Garden With Minimal Space | Turning The Clock Back

Have minimal space but still want a garden? Check out this post to see how you can have a garden with minimal space! I love the creative layout they chose to maximize the space.

Out-Of-The-Box Gardening Tips | Living on a Dime

Here are 10 gardening tips that will get you started on the right path. They share how to compost, ways to lock in moisture in an affordable way, tips for planting new trees and much more. A very useful article for any gardener.

Utilize Mulch | Fix

If you REALLY want a successful garden, spread mulch around in your garden to retain moisture, deter weed growth, and encourage higher yields. Examples of mulch material include wood chips, grass clippings, pine needles, leaves, and newspapers.

Tip For Preventing weeds: I have used the wet newspaper as a liner to help prevent weeds and it works! You just have to do it on a mild day where there isn’t a lot of wind. We did it on a super windy day and it was a bit of a mess!

Find Out if You Need to Improve Your Soil | Gardenista

Here are 10 proven (and easy) ways to improve the quality of your soil so that your plants thrive with less work on your part.

Frugal Gardening Tips | Thrifty Jinxy

Frugal gardening tips are always welcome in my book. I love finding affordable ways to garden and still have a stunning garden that I am proud of.

Garden makeover with these gardening tips
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Start a Garden Inexpensively | Living on a Dime

Here is another great article on how to start a garden on a dime. There is a stigma that gardening is expensive but that is so wrong. With a little research, you can make it very affordable.

Tip for Starting Seeds: Use egg cartons for seed starters. You can buy a pack of seeds for pretty much nothing and it’s a huge money saver when it comes to gardens. I always start from seeds instead of buying plants because of how much money you save.

Vegetable Gardening Tips for Beginners | Backyard Boss

Growing your own vegetables is incredibly rewarding. Use these tips to help you get started and find success right away.

Successfully Grow Herbs Indoors | How to Culinary Herb Garden

Herb gardens are awesome, you always have fresh herbs to chop up and toss into your dinner dishes. Here are tips on how to start an herb garden for indoors.

Instead of heading out to buy little plant starters, save your egg cartons. 

You can use them to create little seed starters, they work perfectly and you already have it and don’t have to invest more money into your garden. Starting plants by seed is a huge money saver, compared to buying small to medium size plants.

Flower Gardening for Beginners | Savvy Gardening

Deadheading is a funny-sounding term, but it really just means to take off the dead blooms on certain flowers to encourage new blooms. Plants like petunias, merigolds, and coneflowers especially benefit from this.

Growing Flowers in Flower Pots | A Mom’s Take

If you plan to use flower pots, check out these tips for planting in flower pots. These tips will help you get the maximized growth of your plants and help keep them nice and healthy!

planting a flower garden

Gardening on a Budget | Thinking Outside the Sandbox

Even more awesome gardening tips on a budget from how to start out saving money, and what to do with leftover produce at the end of the season.

Utilize Companion Planting | Anglian Home

Never heard of companion planting? It’s when you plant different plants close to each other (such as carrots and tomatoes) to enhance each plant’s growth OR naturally deter pests.

Water in the Morning | Gardening Know How

There’s a common gardening misconception that watering your garden in the morning will make your plants susceptible to scorch. Instead, it’s best to water early in the morning to allow the plant to soak up the water before it’s lost to evaporation in the heat of the day.

I hope you learned a thing (or two) from this list of amazing gardening tips for beginners that take the mystery out of gardening and replace it with confidence and success.

Share in the comments: If you could share one tip for beginners what would it be?

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