We’ve all been there– somewhere between the super cute short haircut we saw in a magazine and rocked all summer long and the longer length we love–there’s the awkward stage of hair growth. When we’re in between lengths and just not feeling it. When we look in the mirror and think, “This hair doesn’t even make sense today.” We must wait and wait to get to the length we want. It sure was easy to cut that hair but growing it? Now that’s another story. You can’t make that happen.

Growing Out Hair Faster

Or can you? Would you if you could? Here are some tips to grow your hair faster!

12 Tips for Growing Your Hair Faster

Eat the right foods. Do you know what the eight foods are that will help your hair grow faster? Which ones are rich in protein, biotin, Vitamin E and Omega 3’s–all vitamins that foster healthy hair growth? Everything from salmon to sunflower seeds, this list will have you covered.

Cut back on the heat damage. Try some styles that don’t require heat to look awesome. Maybe even take your showers in the evening to skip blow drying your hair in the morning! Or, only blow dry your roots and let the tips air dry!

Don’t believe the myth: trimming your hair regularly does not make it grow faster. It does make it healthier, but it does not make it grow any faster. So keep your hair healthy in the first place and skip the bi-monthly trim for a while.

Do a coconut hair mask once a week. It will leave your hair shiny and it will stimulate the roots for growth!

Are you ready for this? Onion juice! I know–if you can get past the smell though, there are some interesting benefits from this wonder juice.

Try the inversion hair method. It sounds kind of crazy, but people claim that you can grow an inch a week with some massaging and oil! Couldn’t hurt to try, right?

Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Get Healthier Hair

Stay hydrated. Did you know that the water you drink moisturizes your hair more than than that moisturizing shampoo you buy? It does. Are you drinking enough?

Keep it natural and use essential oils to grow thicker and stronger hair!

Take your vitamins! There are five vitamins that facilitate hair growth the most! Are they in your medicine cabinet?

Don’t stress. One of the leading causes of hair loss is stress. So take care of you and you’ll take care of your hair!

Make your own hair mask right at home! Egg and oil, strawberry, or banana–you decide based on your hair’s needs! And hey if you’re hungry afterwards, no judgement.

How to Grow Out Your Hair

And if all else fails, just be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Let it grow, let it grooow, Queen Elsa. Stop yourself from looking up trendy short haircuts on Pinterest and step away from the scissors. Those luscious locks will be here soon enough!

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