Beauty hacks, cause if you are anything like me, you are always looking for ways to improve your beauty routine. And for good reason. Makeup can be expensive so why would you want to waste it on doing things traditionally when it doesn’t work for you? Not to mention, the traditional way of doing your makeup can be rather time-consuming.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of beauty hacks that every girl needs to know. From a simple way to apply eyeliner to getting your lipstick to last longer, you’re sure to find some useful insider tips here that will save you some time and get you the look you really want!

A collage of a lady using a coffee filter to blot out excess oil, a toothbrush being used to smoothen chapped lips, a dryer sheet wrapped around a hairbrush to prevent static, and a makeup artist using translucent powder to set lipstick

Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

1. Quick Fix For Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are the worst! Make them smooth again by applying lip balm and exfoliating with a toothbrush. This homemade solution will keep them from breaking and save you a lot of pain.  Exfoliated lips are softer, sexier and just make you feel better and this DIY tip can make it happen!

Exfoliate chapped lips using a toothbrush

2. Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup can get messy at times. Especially if you don’t clean your brushes. But, let’s be honest. No one ever really knows how to properly clean them. Here’s a hack you can make use of. And all you need is two things I’m sure you have in your house – a glue gun and a plastic plate! The cleaning supplies you’ll need are equally accessible- hydrogen peroxide and baby soap!

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beauty hacks plate cleaner distrito belle

3. Homemade pore strips

Once in a while, we need to clear our skin and store-bought pore strips are not always handy and, no to mention, are quite expensive. Make your own pore strips at home using honey and sugar and you never have to worry about buying them again. Simply heat honey and sugar over a saucepan until they’re combined. Let cool, apply to the area and let harden for 15 minutes then gently peel off.  Genius! DIY Pore strips in minutes.

4. DIY Waxing

If you’re a person who waxes regularly but finds conventional waxing expensive, painful, and rather invasive, you’ll absolutely love this tip. Sugaring is the new thing in town! Simply heat some sugar and water on a saucepan, add some lemon extract and once the sugar is dissolved, let cool and apply to the part of the skin you want to wax. Let it harden for a few minutes and peel off! Word has it that the process is gentler and, of course, cheaper than conventional waxing.

5. Make Perfume Last Longer With This Beauty Hack

Are you stuck with a low-quality perfume or body splash that just won’t stay on? Salvage the situation and make your perfume last longer on your skin by applying Vaseline to your pulse points first. Then spray on your perfume and enjoy a longer-lasting scent!

apply vaseline to hold scent longer

6. The Key To Lasting Hair Curls

Curls that just won’t hold are a total bummer. Good news! At no extra cost – or time, get yourself perfect curls that will last without having to do so much work and waste precious time. Simply curl your hair in the middle first and then from the ends. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

curl hair from the middle to make curls last longer

7. Drop The Expensive Oil Blotting Sheets

Do you have extra oily skin and wish there was a cheaper way to get rid of excessive oil on your face? Here’s a cheaper, and more handy alternative. Keep some coffee filters in your purse and car for removing excess oil throughout the day. They are made of similar materials and will do the trick just fine.

8. No More Static!

Sweater season is never far away, and you know what that means: STATIC HAIR! Calm the frizz using a dryer sheet. Rub it over your hair or apply it to your brush before brushing your hair. This simple DIY solution is a great purse hack as well.  If you are going to be out and afraid of static, place a dryer sheet in your purse to grab in a staticky situation!

Hair brush covered with a dryer sheet

9. Helpful Tips On Shaving

Having a hard time shaving? Speed up the process and exfoliate your legs before shaving them to bring those tiny hairs out of their follicles. You’ll end up shaving less and being more effective at it!

Still, on shaving, you may get a nick or two now and then. Stop the bleeding and promote healing by applying a clear lip balm. If it works on men’s faces, it should work on your legs, too. However, this is only recommended for smaller cuts.

10. Do Your Own Manicure Like a Pro!

Most of the time, we can always tell the difference between professionally done manicure and DIY manicure. This is especially due to the bit of polish left on your cuticles that you can hardly get out. Keep an extra nail polish brush on hand, and dip it in nail polish remover to get the perfect manicure.

Remove extra polish on cuticles using a nail brush

11. Nail Polish Tip

Speaking of manicures, a key to easier nail polish application is having your polish not break in the middle of you applying it. If you’re in a hurry, you’ll find this super useful! Store your nail polish in the fridge. Cold nail polish will go on more smoothly and dry faster.

Store nail polish in Fridge

12. Make Your Nails Sparkle Again

Dark polishes can leave your nails looking dull and dirty. Rub lemon and baking powder over stained nails to make them white again. Save yourself the trouble of discolored nails by applying a base coat. Especially when using dark polishes.  This easy DIY homemade nail hack will change your nail life!

13. Quick Beauty Hack To Fix Broken Makeup

Rubbing alcohol, or, as you might know it, surgical spirit, is meant for much more than disinfecting wounds and taking care of fresh ear piercings. If you happen to break some expensive makeup or one that you really really love, it comes in to save the day. Fix broken eyeshadow, blush, foundation, or powder with rubbing alcohol.

Beauty Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know
Fix Broken Make Up with Rubbing Alcohol from Homemaker Chic

14. Unbelievably Easy Way To Apply Eyeliner

Are you a total disaster at applying eyeliner? I am. Try this trick: Apply eyeliner to your eyelash curler to curl your lashes and line your lid at the same time. Is this what they call slaying makeup with one trick?  Wait.  So even less coordinated people like me can have neat eyeliner?  I am in.

15. Eyeshadow Too Sparkly? Repurpose it!

We all love hacks that allow us to repurpose stuff we can no longer use or simply don’t like. See that sparkly eyeshadow lying in your makeup bag that you never use? Don’t throw it away. Crush it up and mix it with clear nail polish to make a cool custom color for your nails.

Use sparkly eye shadow to make custom color nail polish

16. Set Your Lipstick and Make It Stay On Longer

When we wear lipstick, our aim is never to leave it on cups and spoons. However, that happens a lot! Here’s a tip to make your lipstick last longer and set better. To set lipstick, cover your lips with a tissue and lightly dust translucent powder on the tissue. To help it stay on longer, alternate several layers of lipstick with the translucent powder. Apply. Dust. Apply. Dust.

17. Get Your Lipstick To Pop With This Beauty Hack

Apply foundation to your lips before applying lipstick. It acts as a primer for richer color. Make sure you smile when you apply it to get the foundation in the cracks of your lips.

You’re never fully dressed without a smile. – Martin Charnin

18. Avoid Getting Lipstick On Your Teeth

Afraid you’ll be caught with lipstick on your teeth? After applying lipstick, pop your finger in your mouth and pull it back out to pick up any excess.  This simple hack is something you will never forget now that you have seen it!  So helpful.  Love a great beauty tip!

avoid getting lipstick on your teeth beauty hack

19. Save Money. Make Mascara Last Longer.

Want to save a bit of moolah? Add a few drops of Visine (eye drops) to your mascara to make it last longer. Water works in a pinch, too.  This will help keep makeup costs down too allowing you to get more out of each mascara tube and brush.

Run mascara under hot water before use beauty hack

More Beauty Hacks, Just Because

20. DIY Teeth Whitening  Beauty Hacks

Even for those who regularly brush teeth and floss, some yellowing can happen on teeth that we’d rather were not there. Here are a few tricks you can use to whiten teeth at home, especially for mild yellowing. You will need a few ingredients I bet you already have at home:

  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 2 teaspoons of water and brush your teeth with the paste a few times a week. Combine 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and brush your teeth with the mixture.

21. Homemade Makeup Remover

So far, we’ve said a lot about how to apply makeup but nothing about removing it. Make your own makeup removal balm using olive oil and beeswax. Melt the beeswax into the oil and pour it into a container to cool. Apply the balm to a cotton pad and use it to remove your makeup.

22. A Facial Scrub You Will Love!

This is my absolute favorite scrub. Probably because I just can’t get enough of cinnamon. If you’re a cinnamon fan like me, you will dig this easy-to-make scrub. All you need for this cinnamon spice sugar body scrub is some cinnamon, sugar, and oil! The best part about this scrub is that you can always make more since you’re very likely to have the ingredients in your pantry.

Found These Beauty Hacks Interesting?

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No matter your complexion, there is a way to do your makeup that will enhance your natural beauty, and it doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of dollars and can be achieved with very little effort and time.

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