Nothing I love more than a free printable! With Halloween on the horizon, I wanted to share some of these spooktacular Halloween printables that your kids will love. From fun, BINGO games to lunchbox jokes to put in their lunches for school. You will find tons of great free printables to get your kids in the spirit of the holiday and even put a smile on their face. You will even find some activities to help keep them busy and pass the time! Halloween can be fun, it doesn’t have to be scary!

15 Free Spooktacular Halloween Printables That Kids Will Love

What I love about printables is all you need is a printer and you can instantly print off free games for kids, activities, art for the home and more. These printables below are guided more for kids, but you can find tons more of fun ideas online. I love printing off free printables for little ones to color, draw, and create that match the holiday season. I hope you all enjoy these printables as much as us! Check out these DIY Halloween costumes as well for inspiration this year!

Epic Halloween Printables

Halloween Word Searches will help keep your kiddo’s busy for a little while as they hunt for words in their Halloween inspired word search.

Fun Halloween coloring pages are waiting for you to print and sit down and get creative and color. A great way to relax, relieve stress and enjoy quality time with your child.

Toss in some Halloween lunchbox jokes in your child’s lunch to give them a laugh or two. I love when parents leave notes and fun items for their child to find when lunchtime rolls around.

Halloween Printables - Tic-Tac-Toe- Moms Who Save

You can’t go wrong with a Halloween tic-tac-toe printable. Plus the game pieces are little candies, so your kids will have fun playing and snacking away.

Halloween color by number pages is always fun and educational. They learn to follow directions on what colors go where, and they have fun with the Halloween themed pictures.

Crossword puzzles are great for a little bit older kids. These are a bit harder than a word search, but still tons of fun! I grew up playing these.

Halloween Printables - Halloween Bookmarks- Artsy Fartsy Mama

Print out these Halloween Bookmarks that your little one can color and then cut out and use to keep track of where they are in their books they are reading.

Fun coloring pages that are Halloween themed. Great for a rainy day to sit inside and color and just have a low-key activity time.

Who has a BINGO? Check out these fun Halloween Bingo cards that can be printed off and used for a classic game! This is a great learning game for little ones to learn what the names are of the pictures on the cards.

Even More Fun Halloween Printables

Halloween Printables - Printable Halloween Puppets - Easy Peasy Fun

Here are some Halloween Printable Puppets that you can create fun puppets for your kids to play with around the home. A perfect rainy day activity.

Want a learning printable? Check out these measuring pumpkins printable where you can measure different pumpkins and learn the size difference and more. A fun printable to document your findings.

Halloween counting printable is a great way to incorporate the holiday in with learning how to count.

Halloween Printables - Halloween Emergent Reader Printables - Fun A Day

Halloween Emergent reader printables are fun and a great learning tool for young children. Plus it fits into the Halloween theme so they can enjoy the holiday and make learning lots of fun.

Here is a fun Halloween word scramble printable, where they have to figure out what the letters spell!

This Color by Letter is a great Phonics printable that helps your child learn and have fun at the same time. I love learning printables like this that make it fun.

15 Free Spooktacular Halloween Printables That Kids Will Love

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