No Halloween party is complete without spooktastic Halloween party games! Check out this list of Halloween games for kids, and throw a party they’ll talk about until next Halloween!You’ve scoured the stores to come up with the perfect costume, set up the skeleton at the entry (holding a lantern!), and you’ve built up a candy stash that would make Willy Wonka proud. Now, all you have to do is plan the perfect Halloween party with fun Halloween party games.Easy, right? Well, it would be… if you wanted to make sure you sent every child home terrified to go to bed that night!Assuming that isn’t the case, we are going to share a couple of secrets with you. Ready? 

19 Halloween Games for a Spooktacular Kids Party
Halloween Party Games For Kids

First, Halloween parties don’t have to be scary. Quite the opposite, actually! Halloween party games can make any kids party something they won’t forget (in a good way!). You can have a party that’s perfect for kids of all ages, where fun will be had, and memories will be made (instead of nightmares). The secret to success is in the Halloween games that include all party guests. Obvious games include: a pumpkin carving contest, Halloween bingo, and collective Halloween crafts, like making witch hats. My favorite thing to do is creating DIY Halloween party games!We’ve gathered a list of not-so-scary, kid-friendly Halloween games for kids that will make your party a huge win–and it will make you the most coveted party planner on the block!Looking for more Halloween fun? Check out our face painting ideas and candy corn decor!

Fun Halloween Games for Kids

Use these creative Halloween party games to make your next monster mash a huge success. Squeals will be heard down the block as the “boos” and “ghouls” play these fun Halloween games! 

1. The Mummy Game 

kid wrapping another in toilet paper in the Mummy halloween games

Looking for great Halloween games to play with your kids? Here’s how you can have some Halloween fun as a family with the Mummy Game.

Bring out loads of toilet paper for this Mummy Wrap game. Pair the kids off, and the pair that wraps someone as a mummy the fastest wins a prize!

2. Use Free Pumpkin Stencils For An Activity-Filled Halloween 

2 carved out pumpkins set out in the garden with flyer for 700+ Free pumpkin stencils

While this is not a game per se, pumpkin carving has to be my very favorite part of Halloween, and these stencils make it even better. Have a pumpkin-carving party, where each kid can make their own jack-o lantern. Then, it doubles as Halloween decorations for your party!

There’s no need to rack your brain looking for pumpkin carving patterns, because there’s a whopping collection of 700 FREE printables that can help your pumpkin be a smashing success–just cut along the lines!

3. “Guess-How-Many” Is a Halloween Game Favorite!  

kind with bowl in fingers inside a bowl of candy corn being used for the "Guess How Many" candy corns there are in the bowl

The Guess-How-Many-Game offers a door prize for the guest who correctly guesses (or comes the closest to guessing) the number of candy corns in the bowl. It’s an easy game, with a Halloween theme, that’s always a big hit!

4. Make A Spooktakular Halloween Birthday Party With Classic Games

one kid bobbing her head for apples in a bucket filled with water and some apples while 2 other kids are watching

What’s more fun than a spooktacular Halloween-themed birthday party?! 

Bobbing for apples is always a classic! It’s so much fun to watch the kids play! Set your apple buckets out on hay for extra fall atmosphere.

5. Halloween Pumpkin Bowling Game

toilet paper rolls with black stickers to make for spooky faces and a pumpkin to be used in the pumpkin bowling halloween game

Pumpkin bowling is always a BIG hit with kids and adults, alike! Don’t these white toilet paper rolls make perfect ghost faces? Just cut the stem off a small pumpkin, use a drill to add a few finger holes, and you’re good to go!

Who’s ready to go do some pumpkin bowling? I am! This activity is so easy to make, and a guaranteed great time for any munchkin! 

6. Set Up A Spider Lair For This Spooky Halloween Game

2 kids trying to make their way through a spider lair made from streamers and plastic spiders

How fun and spooky can you get? Set up a spider lair in your home (or a spider obstacle course in your yard).

Have your guests navigate through the web without breaking any of the streamers. You could also take this spider lair game a notch higher by including spun sugar spider webs. This is such a fun idea for a Halloween game! 

7. Cauldrons and Plastic Frogs Make for a Competitive Halloween Version Of “The Witches Brew” Game

set up for The Witches Brew halloween game where children line up and compete to throw plastic frogs into a row cauldrons

Toy frogs and plastic witches’ cauldrons make for a super fun Witches Brew game! Think about the Halloween version of Bozo the Clown’s game. This is a perfect Halloween game for any Halloween carnival or Halloween kids’ party.

This easy-to-setup game is sure to make kids of all ages stand in line for another chance at winning! Just stand behind the cones, and see how many frogs you can toss into the cauldrons!

8. Pumpkin Run

kids balancing mini pumpkins on their heads in readiness for a pumpkin run as part of Halloween games

Before making those spice lattes and pumpkin pies, use mini pumpkins for loads of fun in a pumpkin run

Have everyone balance a mini pumpkin on their head, and race to the finish line for hilarious Halloween fun! I bet you even the balancing phase of the fun pumpkin run is bound to elicit witch-worthy cackles from the kids (and adults)! I like this so much more than the traditional Halloween sack race because there is less likelihood of injury!

9. Looking For Indoor-Friendly Halloween Games? Try the Candy Corn Toss 

set up for the candy corn toss Halloween game

Here’s an indoor-friendly tabletop version of the Candy Corn Toss. If you’re looking for a fun (not-too-scary) game for your kiddos to play during your Halloween/harvest party, try this simple candy corn toss. This is a fun classroom game, too!

10. Looking for All-Inclusive Halloween Games? Include the Halloween Scavenger Hunt 

free printables for a Halloween scavenger hunt game

As parents, we sometimes forget to include everyone in the Halloween games we plan for the kiddos. However, there’s a way to get everyone involved, by including a Halloween scavenger hunt on the Halloween games list!

Throwing a Halloween scavenger hunt is perfect for everyone! Play during a party for the classroom, the neighborhood, or even a preschool class! This is a spooktacular way to keep the kids entertained! 

11. Use Halloween Candy to Make a Lollipop Ring Toss Game

setup for the lollipop ring toss Halloween game

There’s no shortage of lollipops around Halloween time, so why not use some of them for a lollipop ring toss game?!

Lollipop ring toss is a great Halloween game idea for kids. Make it even more fun by playing at night with glow stick bracelets!

12. Keep Them Guessing with This Halloween Game…  

3 upside down spooky pails and plates set up in readiness for the guess which cup/pail Halloween game

Add a dose of holiday fun to your spooky gatherings with these Halloween games for kids.

Paint three cups (or mini pails) to look like ghosts, and hide a piece of candy under one. Move the cups around quickly, and then have your guests guess which cup the candy is under. Winners get to keep their piece of candy, of course!

13. When You’ve Gotta Have a Life-Size Pumpkin Halloween Memory Game 

orange plates, and construction paper for use in a life-sized memory Halloween game
Halloween Memory Game from Simple Play Ideas

Little ones will enjoy this pumpkin memory game. All you need are orange plates, and construction paper (or markers) to create faces on the pumpkins.

Orange paper plates make simple (yet awesome!) pumpkin faces. We used our pumpkin faces to make a super-sized memory game this Halloween!

14. Off to The Races You Go with This Halloween Spider Race Game 

2 kids blowing their spiders in a competitive Halloween Spider Races game

A great Halloween Minute to Win It game for kids and adults! Use straws and lightweight plastic spiders to create a spider race game for the kids.

Be sure to match up the straw and spider colors so that each kid doesn’t forget which was their racing spider!  Be ready for the giggles because this Halloween game is so much fun!

15. Pin the Nose On the Witch Halloween Game

parent blindfolding kid in readiness for the Pin the Nose on The Witch Halloween Game

Take the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, and give it a fun Halloween party game twist…

We guarantee you that you’ll have a screaming good time with this Halloween game! Pin the Nose on the Witch will also have your little guests dizzy with excitement (and maybe even a wee bit of frustration when they can’t pin the nose on the witch).

16. Pin The Spider On The Web Halloween Game

blindfolded kid on a stool playing Pin the Spider on The Web Halloween Game

Prefer spiders to witches? Pin the Spider on the Web is another festive option.

I had this idea for a free printable “pin the spider on the web” game for all of the upcoming Halloween carnivals and parties that you have. This one comes with a free printable, too!

17. Pumpkin Patch Stomp Game

kids stomping on water filled balloons in the pumpkin patch stomping Halloween game

The kids and I came up with some fun Halloween games this last week… They are inexpensive, super easy to put together, and lots of fun!

The pumpkin patch stomp is a great way to get the kids up and moving. The incentive is a little prize inside each balloon. Alternatively, you could add “treats” to some balloons and “tricks” to others.

18. “Stack and Squirt” Makes for An Awesome Halloween Game

19 Halloween Games for a Spooktacular Kids Party - Halloween Stacking Game

The stack and squirt game always does double duty! Over the summer, we made this game, and the kids loved it! I decided to paint half the cups white (to make ghosts) and the other half orange (to make pumpkins).

Tots thoroughly enjoy stacking the cups, and everyone will enjoy shooting them down with squirt guns! 

19. Make It Spookier with This Halloween Cornhole Game 

DIY Halloween Cornhole game with 3 spiders
Halloween Cornhole game from Blog Consumer Crafts

Check out this easy tutorial for decorating a tabletop cornhole board with a ‘Halloween costume”, if you will! Make your Halloween cornhole game a little spookier by tossing big spiders into the hole. Eaaak!

20. Include Easy Halloween Games–Like the “Poke a Pumpkin” Game 

19 Halloween Games for a Spooktacular Kids Party - Poke a Pumpkin DIY Game

This Halloween party game is perfect for home or the classroom! Poke a pumpkin, and win a trick (or a treat!). This is easier to set up than it looks. Just put a trick (or treat) in each cup, cover it with tissue paper, and put a rubber band over it, so you can reuse the cups again and again.

There’s nothing wrong with a few fun tricks. In fact, all of life can be a series of “tricks’. But, it’s also just as important to have some “treat” moments that are filled with fun and laughter. 

Be the facilitator of those “treat” moments with these rockin’ Halloween games, and enjoy the looks on their faces as they make memories!

More indoor game ideas for kids of all ages.

photo collage of 19 HALLOWEEN PARTY games for kids they'll love - set up for halloween game where children line up and compete to throw plastic frogs into a row cauldrons, 2 carved out pumpkins set out in the garden with flyer for 700+ Free pumpkin stencils, and one kid bobbing her head for apples in a bucket filled with water and some apples while 2 other kids are watching.

Had fun with your kiddos playing any of these Halloween games?

And because Halloween is much more than games, you may want to check out these Halloween ideas, too: 

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