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Have you ever had an article of clothing that has gone missing for MONTHS? Like, you cannot think of one more reasonable place to look for that favorite dress. It may have very well vanished. You feel like you’ve gone insane. And after a while, you stop looking. You hope you might cross paths with it again some day and that time would help you forget about how amazing you looked in the missing dress.

I’ve had this happen, and I’m here to say that it was not my fault! And it probably wasn’t your fault either! I hung that dress up with care and it dropped to the bottom of my closet when I wasn’t looking. It got shoved behind shoes, purses and scarves. (The amount of time it was missing really goes to show how infrequently I organize my closet.

But NOT AGAIN. Never again shall you or I lose a favorite article of clothing due to the negligence of a hanger. Here is the hanger hack that will save all the favorite dresses from ever being lost:

Video: How to Prevent Clothes From Falling Off Hangers

I made a quick video to show you the entire process. Photos just aren’t the same, right?

Simply wrap one pipe cleaner around each end of the hanger and your wide set straps will hold on without a problem! Who knew that two pipe cleaners could save you from the heartache or general frustration of a dropped dress? Well, now you know. And I know! And we have no more excuses for losing our favorite hanging clothes in such a tragic way.

Is there much in life that pipe cleaners can’t solve? I mean, yes, but they sure can solve a lot! I am now designating at least ten of my hangers to be my dependable dress holders–forevermore. Pipe cleaners, you have found your new calling in life.

Dresses dropping? You need this hanger hack!

Hang on, friends! 😉