So, there are things that we just don’t regularly talk about. Breast tenderness, aches and swelling are probably close to the top of that list! Which is why I didn’t even know about this product.

And why I AM talking about it today.

Violet Iodine

This post is sponsored by Violet™ Iodine. Violet Iodine is a once-daily, non-prescription pill to alleviate premenstrual breast discomfort and promote breast health.

These are symptoms that I have experienced in the past, but had no idea that they weren’t normal or something that could be relieved. It just was part of the routine!

It wasn’t until I turned 40 and started having yearly mammograms that the fact that I had dense breast tissue became more of an issue for me. Each year around my mammogram, it is a little stressful because I am always called back for additional views or an Ultrasound.

It is just the way I am.

Thankfully, nothing has been found on those follow-up views that are of concern.

Violet Iodine for breast discomfort

Fibrocystic Breast Condition (FBC) is commonly associated with tenderness, swelling, aches and heaviness around the menstrual cycle. What Violet Iodine can do is help reduce the breast cell build-up with a unique, patented molecular iodine formula alleviating the most common symptoms.

Decades of research and clinical development are behind this product. Over 1400 women have been involved over 3 decades. The good news is that a recent clinical study showed:

…up to 74% of women experienced improvement in their breast discomfort.

What exciting news for those of us who didn’t even know that something could be done.

For more information, please check out the Violet website, twitter or FB. You can check out the conversation online with the #VioletDaily hashtag.

30% off Violet Iodine!

There is a promotion going on right now in-store at CVS & The Vitamin Shoppe and online at The Vitamin Shoppe and which saves YOU 30% on Violet Iodine.

What a good time to give it a try!


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