Looking for some super simple and festive DIY Halloween wreath ideas to make? This list of Halloween wreaths are so creative – you can definitely find as much (or as little!) spookiness as you desire!

Do you find that once the Halloween season rolls around you just don’t know quite how to decorate? I feel ya…I’m usually right there with you.

But this year? This is the year I’m rocking our front door with a homemade Halloween wreath, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

What I love most about making a wreath is that it has a low level of commitment and can usually be completed in no time at all. The best part? It’s an easy decoration that add some serious Halloween vibes to your front porch!

I was so inspired to make an amazing DIY Halloween wreath this year that I went on a mission to find some creative wreath ideas that are easy enough that even I could make them.

I found WAY more ideas than I anticipated, so I’m sharing them with you!

20 DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas to Dress Up Any Door

With so many festive wreaths to choose from, you’ll never have to pick out another store-bought one ever again!

Check out these 20 different Halloween wreath ideas you can make for your door.

DIY Black and White Halloween Wreath  | 100 Directions

Black and White Cricut DIY Halloween wreath with bats

Because doesn’t every door need a little bit of black and white? This Halloween wreath is crazy easy to make if you use your Cricut machine. 

DIY Black and White Halloween Wreath
This mini wreath is super easy to customize so you can make it in all different sizes to fit your decor style.
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DIY EEK Halloween Wreath | Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

Need a last-minute DIY Halloween wreath project? I love the look of this fun wreath! It’s such a cute addition to any door, but the BEST part is how quick and easy it is to make.

DIY Halloween Wreath
With just a few simple supplies, the real u201ctreatu201d this year will be this spook-tacular and easy-to-make diy Halloween Wreath for your front door.
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DIY Boo Halloween Wreath Tutorial | Bullock’s Buzz

Homemade BOO Halloween wreath

This shockingly easy-to-make DIY Halloween wreath is dreadfully fun and the perfect addition to any front door! Use the super simple tutorial to help you make one yourself.

Boo DIY Halloween Wreath
Trick out your door for Halloween with this spooktacular DIY Halloween Wreath.
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Michael Myers Halloween Wreath | Mooshu Jenne

Michael Myers Halloween Wreath

We’re all familiar with Michael Myers from the Halloween movie, right? This wreath is a lot less scary than the real deal, though. Use some deco mesh and make your own signs with the tutorials given.

Michael Myers Halloween Wreath
Michael Myers Halloween Wreath made with mesh and ribbon. Mod podge wood pieces from the original 1978 Halloween film with Michael Myers.
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Sugar Skull Wreath | Kleinworth Co

sugar skull and roses wreath

If you want to have fun with Halloween wreaths in a different way, try making this easy sugar skull wreath. It’s a totally cool-looking wreath that is certain to be a focal point for all the trick-or-treaters.

Sugar Skull Wreath
Sugar Skull Wreath- Perfect for Dia De Los Muertos!
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DIY Yarn Ball Halloween Wreath | Pretty Providence

DIY yarn ball Halloween wreath

Have you ever made a yarn ball wreath before?! This idea is not only super cute and easy to make, but also very budget-friendly!

DIY Yarn Ball Halloween Wreath
This Halloween wreath idea is an easy DIY, made with yarn and foam balls.
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DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Halloween Wreath | Practically Functional

DIY glow-in-the-dark Halloween wreath

I love ideas like this – they make Halloween so much fun! Transform a creepy witch hand and some glow in the dark bugs into a cool DIY Halloween wreath that stands out both day and night! Imagine it on your front door glowing all night long…eeeewwwww!

DIY Glow In The Dark Halloween Wreath
Make your own DIY Halloween wreath with creepy crawlies that glow in the dark!
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Three Crows Misty Evening Halloween Wreath | The Happy Housie

Three crows Halloween wreath

Here’s a great creepy one…a spiderweb wreath with black spiders and crows. So many times I forget that crows are associated with Halloween.

Three Crows on a Misty Evening Halloween Wreath
An easy DIY Halloween Wreath using crows, spider web, and spiders from the dollar store…Three Crows on a Misty Evening.
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Spooky Skull Wreath | Diva of DIY

Spooky Skull wreath

Love to add a good dose of “spook” to your Halloween decorations? This Halloween wreath is nice and spooky thanks to the multiple skeletons, but it isn’t so scary that it would scare lots of little kids.

How to Make a Spooky Skull Wreath
The combination of the open-back frame, the painted wood plaques, and the skeletons look spooky but aren’t completely creepy.
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Burlap Halloween Wreath | Craftaholics Anonymous

Black burlap square wreath

This black burlap wreath is super cute while also being very festive and perfect for any front door (or over the mantle)! What a great way to add some chic to your Halloween decor!

Burlap Halloween Wreath Tutorial
Easy to make Black Burlap Halloween Wreath tutorial – love the peacock feathers and the newspaper decoupaged skull.
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Witchy Halloween Wreath | Chicken Scratch NY

Witchy Halloween wreath

This wreath is so fun with its silver, black, and green, and purple. Even though it was inspired by a very expensive wreath, this wreath only cost about $30 to make – and was much easier than you may think!

Every front door needs a witch wreath.

Witchy Halloween Wreath
Craft a witchy Halloween Wreath from ribbons, pumpkins and wreath picks
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Zombie Hands Halloween Wreath | Tried and True

Zombie hands Halloween wreath

EEK…zombie hands…certain to be spooky. Just warn the little kids that they aren’t real and you’ll be fine. The trick or treaters might get a little spooked, though!

Zombie Hands Halloween Wreath
Make this creepy Zombie Hands Halloween Wreath to greet all the little ghosts and goblins that come to trick-or-treat!
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Peacock Feathers and Witch Hat Wreath | Polka Dot Chair

Peacock feathers and witch hat Halloween wreath

You may not immediately think of peacock feathers for a Halloween wreath, but it totally works. Add a black witch hat – and a spider or two – for a fun and festive wreath you’ll love.

Halloween Wreath Tutorial
A halloween Wreath tutorial on the polka dot chair craft blog, make a cute wreath for Halloween with a paper mache witches hat.
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Modern Halloween Wreath | Pretty Providence

Modern minimalist black Halloween wreath DIY

If you like to keep things simple and more modern, this is the wreath for you. It’s amazing and super easy to put together!

Haunted House Halloween Wreath
Make this easy and spooky Haunted House Halloween wreath for this yearu2019s Halloween decor!
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Embroidery Hoop Wreath | Cherished Bliss

Black embroidery hoop DIY Halloween wreath

I don’t know why, but I never would have thought to use an embroidery hoop to craft a holiday wreath. I love this clever way to show off your wreath-making skills.

Embroidery Hoop Halloween Wreath
Learn how to make this easy Embroidery Hoop Halloween Wreath. Itu2019s the perfect addition to your door for all the trick or treaters to come!
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DIY Creepy Black Rose Wreath | The How To Mom

creepy black rose wreath

What’s more spooky, gothic, or creepy than black roses? This DIY Halloween wreath is made from Dollar Tree supplies, making it an amazing-looking cheap wreath!

Creepy Black Rose Wreath
This black rose wreath is gothic, creepy and spooky, perfect for Halloween! This easy DIY wreath comes together freaky fast, and wonu2019t scare your budget!
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Adorable Witch Legs Burlap Wreath | Positively Splendid

Adorable burlap witch legs wreath

I’m a sucker for burlap wreaths, and this adorable, brightly colored witch legs wreath is calling my name! It’s less spooky and more adorable.

Wicked Witch Halloween Wreath
This wicked witch Halloween wreath is so easy to make. A witch hat, broom and legs are added to a burlap wreath for a project that is scary cute!
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Black Feather Wreath | Craftaholics Anonymous

black feather halloween wreath

Have I mentioned that I love anything in the color black? A black-feathered wreath? I’m tempted to leave it up all year long.

Black Feather Halloween Wreath
This simple Black Feather Halloween wreath adorned with a chalkboard and white owl is simply stunning!
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Tutu Halloween Wreath | Busy Creating Memories

Colorful tutu witch halloween wreath

This great DIY Halloween wreath is poofy and colorful and fun. It’s so much fun to make with the kids. Seriously, every house needs a Tutu Halloween Wreath.

Tutu Halloween Wreath Tutorial
Get your house Spooky ready with this easy to make Tulle Tutu Halloween Wreath! A surprisingly simple craft you can put together in under 30 minutes!
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DIY Spider Wreath | Pink Peppermint Design

DIY Spider Wreath

Not a fan of spiders? Maybe you’ll love this wreath instead! Leave the real spiders outside and instead create your very own fake ones with this homemade wreath.

Easy DIY Spider Wreath for Halloween
This easy diy spider wreath for Halloween can be made in less than 5 minutes and with only three supplies. Come check out this awesome Halloween DIY.
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With such a wide variety of DIY Halloween wreath ideas to choose from, the only limit to the possibilities would be your own imagination! This list provides so much opportunity for inspiration that If you have more than one outdoor door to decorate, you can easily pick a couple to make!

Do you have a favorite homemade Halloween wreath from above? 

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