Hardboiled eggs have got to make for the easiest and healthiest on-the-go breakfasts and/or lunch additions out there. If your family likes them, harness the power! Boil up a pot weekly and keep those [not so] secret weapons on hand for rushed mornings. Add them to lunches that are lacking a protein component, like hubby’s salad!

Boil eggs without cracking them!

There are many ways to serve up or even make an activity out of hardboiled eggs. But let’s talk about how exactly we boil them. Eggs are one of those things that we all think we have figured out–we don’t need much coaching on making something so simple! That might be true, but you might also be doing more work than necessary. Because hardboiled eggs that don’t crack while boiling are by far the easiest to peel later. And this one tip will give you the perfectly boiled egg, without cracks! Check it out:


Using a safety pin to prick the large end of an egg before boiling is just the ticket to crackles perfection. Don’t believe me? Watch it with your eyes:

So how does it work? I always love to know this stuff myself! There is a pocket of air on the large end of an egg. By pricking the shell, you allow for a place for that air to escape rather than escaping through the pores of the shell (which may weaken and cause cracks.) Also, the bit of water that leaks in between the shell and egg makes for easier peeling. Neat, huh?

Boil eggs without cracking them!

So there you have it, a simple hack that could save so many minutes of your life if you take advantage of it! Keep your family well-fed, friends!

And hey, when you use up all of your eggs, check out these 20 things you can do with an egg carton! 

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