Finding ways to reuse your egg cartons isn’t hard! These simple projects and tips are certain to be tons of fun!

How many times have you bought eggs at the store, only to sit there and stare at the carton after you’ve used them all up? Instead of throwing it out the door or away in the trash, have some fun creating items that you might not normally think about!

Egg cartons are actually really versatile and can be used for so many different things! These fun egg carton projects are ones that literally anyone can do!

These egg carton crafts are so simple and fun! Don't throw out the egg cartons, reuse them instead! #eggcartons #crafts #easycrafts #onecrazyhouse

20 Things You Can do With an Egg Carton

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Egg Carton Crafts

Quick and thrifty crafts you can make with egg cartons. Cause, who doesn’t have egg cartons?

  • Make beautiful roses out of cardboard egg cartons.
  • This fun little train is made from an egg carton and a toilet paper tube.
  • Find out how to create sweet bumblebees and crawly ants with this mom’s fun tutorial.
  • Every princess needs a crown! Your little princess will love to help make this adorable rainbow tiara.
  • If roses aren’t your style, check out these cute tulips instead.
  • These Amaryllis ornaments combine the perfect amount of jingle and sparkle.
  • How about a pretty wreath to decorate your door?
  • Looking to add more lighting to your room? Create a fun table side lamp with painted egg carton flowers.
  • Make these adorable and easy butterflies with your little ones.

Egg Carton Transformations

Turn that boring old carton into a pair of goggles, a functional (recyclable) planter, or a cute craft!

  • Need some goggles for a costume? How about these ones?
  • I am in love with this cute little whale craft! Easy and fun to do with the kiddos.
  • Looking for an inexpensive way to start seeds? Use egg cartons as a mini plant tray!
  • Create beautiful beaded flowers using the cups from egg cartons.
  • Cool and colorful bird masks are easier to make than you might think.
  • These jellyfish are the perfect preschool craft.
  • A recycled egg carton tree is a great Earth Day craft!
  • This rain cloud mobile would be another fun craft to make for earth day or when learning about the weather.

How to Reuse an Egg Carton

Even more ways to take egg cartons and turn them into something new!

Hope we’ve inspired you to take those unused cartons and turn them into something fun or function. See how much fun they can be? Who knew that all you needed was a little bit of creativity to turn that trash into a treasure?!

–>Want more ideas that are recycling & reusing? Check out Earth Day activities for kids!

What do you do with your leftover egg cartons?

These egg carton crafts are so simple and fun! Don't throw out the egg cartons, reuse them instead! #eggcartons #crafts #easycrafts #onecrazyhouse

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