Is it just me, or do blemishes hit the hardest when you have an important event or obligation?

A lot of things can cause acne—poor diet, bad sleeping habits, disregard for hygiene, genetics, and of course stress. While some of these things are kind of hard to control at times, the good news is that you can hide those pesky blemishes in a few simple steps!

How to Cover a Blemish

This is easier than it seems and when you use the right products, it will get simpler as your skin improves. This post contains affiliate and distributor links that support One Crazy House.

  1. Dab on a blemish treatment. Start by cleaning your face with a gentle cleanser. Then use a pea-size amount of pore clearing blemish product on the effected area.
  2. Apply a green primer/concealer. This conceals out red tones and makes the blemish less visible.
  3. Use foundation to hide blemish. I use a smaller brush for this to get more accurate coverage. Larger brushes make it difficult to get in the hooks and crannies! I use a heavy coverage foundation so I do not need to use a colored concealer to hide my blemishes. I usually have to apply two layers of my heavy coverage to completely hide the redness when I have a bad blemish.
  4. Use a powder to set. Make sure to set using a quality finishing powder. This will reduce shine and make your acne less visible.

It’s important to remember that healthy skin starts from within. Make sure you are drinking water and eating a diet high in protein, healthy fats,and healthy vitamins and minerals. Avoid food that is fried, high in trans and monounsaturated fats, and dairy.

Also be sure to stay on top of cleaning your makeup brushes and pillow cases, avoid touching your face, and get plenty of sleep. These simple changes will make a big difference in your skin!

Acne Solution That Works.


If you want to see a reduction in acne breakouts we found a skin care collection that works together to beat those pesky red bumps once and for all. The gal in the picture above is my neighbor, she is photographed without makeup on and you can see how the acne treatment helps reduce skin blemishes – you won’t need to cover up spots with this trio.

  • Clear Action Cleaner – The solution breaks down the debris and oil that clog pores and works to reduce most breakouts
  • Marine Mud Mask – Draws impurities out of the skin and promotes circulation, helping skin become more smooth and radiant.
  • Blemish Tube – This tube has ingedients that combat redness and sooth red irritated skin. This helps make your blemishes less agravated, quickly.


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