Sure, you could just use your muffin tin to make muffins. But that’s so boring! Turns out, these pans are useful for all sorts of things around the house. Use them for anything from sorting games for your baby to making the perfect mini taco shell. Check out our list of crazy ways to use muffin tins!

16 Muffin Tin Hacks You Need to Know

1. Perfectly “boil” eggs in the oven. The muffin tin keeps them from rolling around.

muffin tin hacks 1

via Family Fresh Meals

2. Mix paints. It’s the perfect no-mess, easy clean-up solution!

muffin tin hack 2

via Glued to My Crafts

3. Upcycle your child’s broken crayons by melting them down in muffin tins.

muffin tin hack 3

via Hands on as We Grow

4. Add some crackers plus your favorite mac and cheese recipe to make yummy (and portable!) mac and cheese cups.

muffin tin hacks 4

via Kids Activities Blog

5. Serve your kids lunch in a muffin tin. Seriously, they’ll eat almost anything if it’s served in a fun way.

muffin tin hack 5

via Yankee Homestead

6. Put a muffin tin in a basket to make a handy drink holder and snack tray. Works when you’re getting drinks for a large group, too… Just use a laundry basket and a large muffin pan.

snack tray from muffin tin

via One Crazy House

7. Use one to separate your jewelry. No more tangled necklaces!

muffin tin hack 7

via Meaningful Nest

8. Put condiments in a muffin tin the next time you have a party. So much easier than lots of different bottles!

muffin tin hack 8

via Yesterday on Tuesday

9. Tired of your ice melting in just a few minutes? Make BIG ice cubes in your muffin tin. Great for drink pitchers!

muffin tin hack 9

via Real Simple

10. Get your desk drawer organized once and for all.

muffin tin hack 10

via Shabby Grace

11. Use an old muffin tin as a tealight holder. It looks rustic and charming, doesn’t it?

muffin tin hack 11

via SF Girl by Day

12. Set out single servings of ice cream. Handy idea for birthday parties.

muffin tin hack 12

via Club Chica Circle

13. Make sugar cookie bowls to put the ice cream in. Or chocolate chip cookie bowls… or brownie bowls. Mmm.

muffin tin hack 13

via Pennywise Cook

14. Organize nuts and bolts and other types of hardware in your garage.

muffin tin hack 14

via The Family Handyman

15. Freeze leftover soup in muffin tins and then put them in a freezer-safe container. That way, you can get out only as much as you need when reheating.

muffin tin hack 15

via Ziplock

16. Teachers, muffin tins and cups are terrific for organizing craft supplies. Put one at each table or station.

muffin tin hack 16

via Scholastic

Who knew a baking pan could do so much?

Super smart muffin tin hacks

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