With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about New Year’s Eve party ideas that are suitable for you and your family. Isn’t it crazy how the year just seems to fly by so incredibly quickly, leaving the end of the year feeling as though it’s a blur?

ring in the new year

This year, why not plan to make New Year’s Eve a super fun event for you and your entire family? There are so many amazing things that you can do and plan that it’s certain to be an amazing way to end the year and kick off the start to a new one. It’s not hard to find family-friendly new years eve ideas that you and your entire crew can enjoy.

New Year’s Eve Party Ideas That Are Family Friendly

Say goodbye to the year with some of these fun ideas to do on New Year’s Eve with your family!

  • Host a party where everyone in the family invites a guest.

Who says that you can’t welcome in other friends and family to your end of the year party? Keep it small and let everyone in your family invite a friend. The smaller the venue, the bigger the fun! Have fun games on hand for kids and adults to play, tasty snacks, and more.

  • Create a “bake-off” party where you spend the day cooking and baking the day away.

It just isn’t a party unless there is a ton of great food and eating options, right? Instead of going out and exploring things going on in your town, why not stay home and spend the day baking and cooking? That way, when night hits, you know that it’s time to eat and celebrate the upcoming new year.

  • End the year with a party talking about “memories of the past”. 

One of the best ways to end the current year and start the new one is to reminisce about all the great things and events that happened so far. Think back and talk about everything that happened during the year. Then, spend time New Year’s Eve talking about all those amazing memories and events. It’s amazing just how many hours you may spend talking about everything that you did during the past year.

  • Countdown to New Year fun.

Everyone loves to watch the ball drop, right? So why not just have a small and fun family party where you literally do just that. Have snacks that center around the night, create fun crafts and even play a few fun games! There are so many amazing options for how you can countdown to the ball dropping that you just might miss out if you don’t pay close attention!

  • Popular movies of the year binge watching party.

If your household loves to watch movies, why not ring in the new year by binge-watching all the popular movies that came out this past year? There are always a ton of great options for the family to watch and see that you’ll have hours upon hours of movie time entertainment that will easily trickle into the next year!

This New Year’s Eve, think outside the box on fun ways that you can celebrate with your family and possibly even friends. Keeping it low key is always a simple option that requires little planning. Find a way to make it enjoyable for all involved and listen to ideas from everyone in your crew about what they want to do.

Who knows, you may even be able to take a little bit from everyone and combine all the ideas together to create a truly amazing and awesome New Year’s Eve party!

new years party ideas at home

How do you plan on celebrating New Year’s Eve?



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