Looking for some super simple and easy Easter desserts that you literally can’t mess up? I’ve got some amazing dessert options that your taste buds will love.

Easter is one of those holidays that tend to have people torn. Too old for Easter Egg hunts, too young to sit at the adult table for dinner…and what about the people that just started their New Year’s resolution of eating healthy? Easter is literally focused on chocolate and desserts. It’s insane!

So, instead of fighting ’em, let’s join ’em. This Easter give these simple treats a try. Minimal baking, minimal effort but super delicious results!

These easy Easter desserts are so simple, you literally can't mess them up! Get ready for some truly delicious Easter desserts to enjoy! #easyeasterdesserts #onecrazyhouse #desserts #homemade

Easy Easter Desserts That Are Impossible To Mess Up

For kids, Easter means chocolate…(and honestly, it means that for adults as well.) If you’re looking for some delicious chocolate treats, these Coconut Cream Eggs are ah-mazing.

coconut chocolate eggs

Looking for a true treat that your kiddos can actually make on their own as well? These Easter Carrot Pretzel Rods are not only festive, but they’re also so, so good!

Also, don’t forget to check these easy holiday desserts that are lip smacking!

Easter Carrot Pretzel Rods

Forget the stresses of making your own carrot cake and opt for this carrot cake cheesecake dip instead. Pair it up with some delicious Oreos or some graham crackers and you’ll truly enjoy each and every bite.

carrot cake cheesecake dip

But what happens if you just don’t want to eat sugar during Easter? It’s not impossible to stay away from, but it does take a little bit of effort to do.

In lieu of eating sugar, why not a bit of fruit instead? Try a delicious fruit salad or just some fun fruit kabobs. You’ll love that you still get to indulge in some delicious sweetness without busting your healthy eating habits or diet.

What else do people consume during Easter other than desserts?

So much food! It’s amazing that the majority of our holidays tend to revolve around food, right? Hams, turkeys, casseroles…you name it. All of it is welcomed and eaten, literally all day long.

If you’re trying to cut down on eating so much during Easter, why not try to eat a bit lighter instead? There are so many great salads that you can make that will truly treat your taste buds without breaking your caloric intake as well.

Don’t forget to make family memories this Easter!

While eating can be fun, don’t forget that the Easter holiday is all about making family memories too! You can literally spend the day baking together in the kitchen if you want, as cooking together truly does make for family fun.

In addition to cooking, you can also play family games, get outside and enjoy nature, go for a hike or walk or just sit and enjoy each other’s company. Don’t let the pressure of Easter get you out of your comfort zone. Spend the day talking with your family and friends and just enjoying their great company.

Do you have any Easter traditions that you do with your family?

What about some super easy Easter desserts that you love to make every single year?

These easy Easter desserts are so simple, you literally can't mess them up! Get ready for some truly delicious Easter desserts to enjoy! #easyeasterdesserts #onecrazyhouse #desserts #homemade

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