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Planning an Easter brunch or a fun Easter egg hunt? We’ve got you covered with some of the cutest Easter party foods on the planet! Whether you’re looking for a new recipe or creating some old classic Easter recipes, create anything from festive fruit to deviled eggs shaped like chicks or bunnies! Creating any of these fun Easter treats is going to guarantee your party guests won’t be able to resist trying them!

Cute Easter Party Foods collage of bunny themed deviled eggs and bunny face fruit platter

Adorable Easter Party Foods

1. Sweet and Fruity Easter Carrots Party Food

How stinking adorable are these Carrot Chocolate Covered Strawberries! While there’s no tutorial for them, you can see that they’ve just been dipped like regular chocolate-covered strawberries but with orange chocolate instead. (Just use orange food coloring in white chocolate). Make sure to leave the tops on all your strawberries to get the full “carrot” look. Super easy!

Orange Chocolate covered strawberries made to look like carrots in a crumbled cookie mix bed

Tips for dipping strawberries

  • Gather the green leafy tops together and hold them by that part when dipping in the chocolate
  • Make sure to have a flat plate or surface that is covered with parchment paper to lay the strawberries on when done dipping (This stops them from sticking and rolling)
  • Once you’re done dipping all strawberries makes sure to place them in your refrigerator for at least 30 minutes to allow the chocolate to set.

2. Fluffy and Fun Easter Party Pretzel Snacks

These adorable little lamb pretzel pops are almost too cute to eat!  You can find the Wilton’s Decorating Kits that have all the supplies you’ll need to complete them OR you can create your own with the pretzel sticks, melted chocolate bark, and mini marshmallows, as well as black icing to create the faces and pink icing for the ears and nose features.

Pretzel sticks covered with white chocolate and tony marshmallows with little black icing for faces

3. Easy to Make  Easter Lamb Cake

While you’re lambing away, this is a great time to make this easy Lamb Cake! Just make a regular cake mix of your choosing, frost with white frosting,  and add larger marshmallows, and use black icing to create the eyes and mouth. (The kids can even help complete this one).

White frosted cake with large marshmallows along the sides and black icing for a smile and eyes

How to Get Marshmallows to Stick

  • Use a small dab of cookie icing to the back of your marshmallows
  • Then stick to the surface you need
  • In substitution, you could also use a small dab of melted white chocolate (when using white marshmallows)

4. Bunny Themed Easter Party Foods with Fluff

Peeps only come around one time of year in the bunny shapes! Grab a box and make these super easy sweet treats! These Peeps Bunny Pretzel Rods are so easy to make that the kids can help on each step! (Minus microwaving the chocolate for smaller kids). Cover your pretzel rods with the melted chocolate and then before it dries take a dab of the melted chocolate and add it on the back of the peep so you can stick it directly onto the pretzel stick.

Purple Peeps Bunny marshmallows on top of chocolate covered pretzel sticks

5. Healthy snack ideas with the Bunny Head Fruit Platter

Everyone loves food when it’s in the shape of something, especially if it’s holiday-themed like this Easter Bunny Fruit Platter. If you have picky eaters this is a great way to get them to try new things. Combine any fruits your family (or friends) love into the shape of an actual bunny and watch how everyone loves devouring it at the same time.

Easter party Fruit arranged in the shape of a Easter bunny face using strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, and kiwi

6. Sweet Easter Egg Fruit Pizza

Even the teenagers will dig into this pizza, create a fun and colorful Easter snack with this Easter Egg Fruit Pizza. You can mix and match the fruits needed (to avoid allergies, etc) and create a unique and fun dessert/appetizer treat for everyone! (Curious how the fruit stays put so well? It’s the frosting!)

Colorful fruit shaped into a Easter egg with designs made by changing the fruit

7. Colorful Easter Party Food Idea with Rice Krispie Treats

You can usually find the marshmallow peeps in the four solid pastel colors around Easter to create these classic Peeps Rice Krispie Treats. but now they have so many different flavors you can combine and make so many more combinations of these! To create your marshmallow fluff, add a tablespoon of butter to every 3 oz of peeps you use and microwave. Then once you stir it together you can add your Rice Krispie cereal to the mix.

Pastel colored rice krispie treats made with Peeps marshmallows

8.  Easy Cheese Ball Chick Recipe

Just in case you haven’t tried a cheese ball at a party yet, know that they go FAST!  Throw in a themed cheese ball in the shape of a chick and we’re going to bet it won’t last very long either. You will need cream cheese, bacon (optional), hot sauce (also optional), and cheese to create this tasty appetizer. To give the cheese ball its orange “chick” color you just need to roll it in cheddar cheese after it’s done. Make sure to wrap it in plastic wrap before putting it in the fridge!

Edible cheese ball made into the shape of Easter Chick with olives for eyes and peppers cut into a beak and feet shapes

9. Skewer the Sweet and Healthy Easter Peeps Fruit Kabobs

As parents we know that kids love colorful things, so that means more colorful treats like these peeps fruit kabobs are going to be a HUGE hit with the kids, right? Combine grapes and other bright fruits with the marshmallow goodness of Easter peeps for a treat that will fly off the table. (Budget tip, grab fruit that is marked down one to two days before you are making your fruit kabobs)

Easter Peep Bunnies combined on a skew rod with pieces of fruit to make kabobs

Easter Party Food Skewer Supplies:

  • Peeps (Bunnies)
  • Marshmallows (small and large sizes)
  • Mixed Fresh Fruit
  • Skewers
  • Black icing (Cookie icing)

10. Easter Bunny Cheese Ball

I think this Easter bunny cheese ball is easy enough for even me. If you have an Easter party that people are sensitive to spices then this cheese ball is perfect. You only need four ingredients to create this loaf of delicious cheese fluff. Combine your ingredients together and slowly mold them into your bunny shape (you can create smaller cheese balls for the head and tail).

Classic cheese ball recipe made into the shape of a bunny surrounded by veggies on a plate

11. Bunny Ear Bread

Twist your rolls into bunny shapes to make these neat little bunny buns. What we love about these is how easy they are to make and how you can customize them with garlic, herbs, and cheese if you’d like, too! Super quick and easy bread dish to add to any meal.

Oven made crescent rolls twisted to form a bunny with ears

12. Sweet Treat Bunnies

These Cinnabunnies are a delicious addition to any early morning Easter party. You can customize them into different faces with the addition of almonds on them OR use chocolate chips to make faces too! (These just require refrigerated cinnamon rolls which you will pull apart and whatever you need for your faces!)

Cinnamon rolls pulled apart and placed into the shape of bunny faces with frosting and fruits to make faces on top

13. Orangely Delicious Carrot Snacks

If you really want to wow them, try out these carrot crescent rolls! You’ll just add orange food coloring to your unrolled and flattened refrigerated crescent rolls, cut them into strips, and then twist them into these fun carrot shapes. Recommended to use a shape to fold the crescent rolls around like an icing tube or other bakable round surface. Once done you can add your favorite egg salad inside!

Crescent rolls dyed orange and wrapped around to form the look of a carrot, stuffed with egg salad

14. Easter meal must-have: Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a staple for us at Easter, and this year I think I’ll try these absolutely adorable bunny deviled eggs! These do require a few more ingredients than classic deviled eggs obviously, but if you’re going for shock and awe these will do it!  (You will need radishes, black olives, and chives in addition to your regular ingredients for deviled eggs)

Classic deviled eggs but use almonds and other smaller edible pieces to make bunny faces on top of the eggs

15. Quick and Easy Easter Party Deviled Chick Eggs

While you’re making deviled eggs, go ahead and make these adorable hatching Easter chick deviled eggs. These may be a bit easier than the bunny eggs as there aren’t as many small pieces to work with when creating the faces. You will still need black olives and either tomato or orange pepper for the beak to complete the chick look.

Deviled eggs cut in half and filled to look like a cracked egg, use small edible pieces of carrots or peppers to make faces inside the filling

16. Easter Egg Breakfast Pops

If your kids aren’t really fans of the traditional Easter breakfast casseroles, they’ll surely go crazy for these healthy Easter egg breakfast popsicles, and although it’s not an Easter party in the morning, it can still be a great food idea! What they don’t know is that these sweet treats are actually healthy and good for them too! (Contains, yogurt, granola, and pieces of fruit). You can find these seasonal egg molds at most big box stores near you.

Easter egg shaped yogurt pops with granola, fruit, and yogurt inside

17. Easter Party Pretzel Snacks

While the other pretzel snacks used the pretzel rods, these Pretzel bunnies and chicks just require the classic round pretzels you can find in any store really. The trick to making these actually look like chicks is the placement of the facial features and even the “wing” made with the yellow chocolate. Once you’ve for the base chocolate colors on the pretzels the rest is easy face decorating!

round pretzels with yellow or white icing to create easter chicks or bunnies

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