Pegboards aren’t just for garages and tool sheds anymore. While they’re useful there, you can organize with pegboards in just about every room in your home. Check out these pegboard organization ideas for clever ideas to help you store your stuff.

16 Creative Ways to Organize with Pegboards

A pegboard storage wall in the garage can make a huge difference in how the space looks. This garage is the stuff dreams are made of!

Turn any frame into an organizer with a pegboard insert. Great idea for for office and crafts supplies!

Hang your cleaning supplies on a pegboard to keep them off the floor and out of your cabinets. You can cover the pegboard with fabric to make it more visually appealing.

Every gardener needs a pegboard in the tool shed.

Install a pegboard to hold your favorite pots and pans.

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Pegboard Organization Ideas

Fit your drawers with pegboard inserts to create custom storage spaces for your dishes. Everything will stay securely in place!

Make a display case for your jewelry. It’s portable!

Put one in the garage to hold your hand tools.

Hang your most-used kitchen utensils on a pretty pegboard.


pegboard organization ideas 2

Make your own spinning display rack.

Create a pegboard planter for a cool, chic way to hang small plants.

Manage your kids’ outdoor toys. No more will they be scattered over your yard! {See more toy organization ideas here and here!}

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How to Organize with Pegboards

Here’s a jumbo pegboard wall for crafts supplies. Design one to suit your space.

Put a pegboard in your pantry. Having adjustable shelves is a huge help.

Make a thread rack. You can do the same for twine, yarn, ribbon and lots of other crafts supplies.

Make a creation station for your kids. Not only will it help keep their art supplies organized, but they’ll have a fun space to draw, too.

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