I literally cannot get enough of recipes with Oreos. There is something amazing about them. Ever since I was a little girl, I could down a whole package of Oreos if I wanted. Not great for the waistline, but tasted good. Now that I’m older, I’m realizing that Oreos could literally be their own food group. There is so much amazingness happening in these recipes that it’s literally impossible to keep from going to the kitchen.

There aren’t many times that I can say to an Oreo and I can’t honestly think of a reason why I would ever need to. I literally love them that much. And can you blame me?

You can dunk them, twist them, bite them, and even hug them if you want to. The beauty of an Oreo is that it’s versatile and delicious. In my opinion, they should really have their own food group. I know I’d be certain to eat my allotment of that each and every day.

What do you say? Are you a lover or Oreo’s like me? (Be warned, I don’t share!)If you love Oreos, then you'll love these recipes with Oreos as well! Unique, delicious and simple to make, it's possible to make a different treat daily! #onecrazyhouse #recipeswithoreos #oreorecipes #homemadedesserts

Tasty and Delicious Recipes with Oreos that Prove They Need Their Own Food Group

  • This Oreo Smores Trifle recipe is so amazing, there’s no reason to not check it out, like right now.


Chocolate Dipped Oreos by scrummy lane

  • Wow, I’m not sure I’d want to be around the kids after they eat these Oreo Donuts. Can you say hyper?


  • My husband and I could eat these  Oreo Brownies all of the time. Do you agree?


  • If this Oreo can even be classified as being healthy, I’m all ears.



gluten free oreos


  • Totally loving this dessert and I know you will too. Hello, truffles!


oreo cookie crust

And if those Oreo recipes aren’t enough, here’s my plea for my Oreos deserve to stand alone in the food groups!

Simple Reasons Why Oreos Need Their Own Food Group

Let’s be real – Oreos are the star of the cookie world! It’s actually like there are two cookies in one…for those that don’t prefer the cream in the middle (shocking, I know), they’re easy to twist apart and scrape out. For those who prefer the chocolate sides only, you can eat them with ease.

I love the cream so much that I actually prefer the double stuffed Oreos just so I can have more!

Oreos need their own food group because they are loved throughout the world. Can you imagine if it was recommended by experts to eat at least 10 Oreos a day to get your adequate amount required for your Oreo food group? I’d be a taste test guinea pig for that food trial!

Do you have a favorite way to eat your Oreos?

DIY cooke recipes


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