These camping hacks will have you setting up camping in no time at all! The sooner that you can start camping the sooner the fan starts as well!

Setting up camp is truly an art form. It takes time, patience, organization and the ability to be one with the unknown of the outside world. Each and every one of us will set up camp a bit differently, but the good news? There are a ton of camping hacks out there that can make camping happen quickly and more efficiently. From the moment that you and your family decide that it’s time to go camping, you can start preparing and using some of these various hacks to get everything that you’ll need in place and ready to go.

There are a ton of camping hacks out there that can make camping happen quickly and more efficiently. Check out my list of hacks to camp sooner. #campinghacks #camping #nature #onecrazyhouse

The sooner you and your family can go camping and escape the chaos of the city, the better! Don’t miss out, head out the door and start camping today.

Super Simple Camping Hacks to Start Camping Sooner

Looking for a way to start your camping adventure a bit more quickly? These hacks will help you do just that!

Always pack fire starters

ALWAYS. You never knew when Mother Nature isn’t going to cooperate. There could be rain, and who knows what else happen that makes it impossible for you to successfully start your own campfire. Fire starters are one of the best camping hacks out there because they work every single time. Don’t spend all of your time trying to get your fire to start! Use a fire starter instead.

Q-tips make excellent paintbrushes

If you have creative kids, this camping hack will be golden for you! Camping often opens up the door for a ton of creativity to happen, and painting is often one of them. Instead of packing the paintbrushes, save some space and bring the Q-tips instead. They are perfect to have a specific one for each paint color and your kids will love having them to paint with while camping. And how will this help you start camping sooner? While you are getting camp set up, have your little ones paint to pass the time. Works like a charm each and every time.

Meal Prep Before you Leave

 Nothing says camping more than eating some delicious campfire food. The sooner that you can set up camp, the sooner you can start to eat. And the more meal prep that you can do before you hit the road, the more quickly you and your family will be able to enjoy some truly incredible meals. Chop the potatoes, the onions and season up the meats. Anything that you can do before you step out that door means that you are one step closer to enjoying everything that camping has to offer.

Plan Before you leave

The worst thing is forgetting something.  Promise.  Been there.  Done that. One trip we literally forgot the toilet paper!! Never again!  The $7 spent on the Camping planner is well worth it!!  Your sanity is worth it!!

Freeze water before you leave

It’s amazing at just how thirsty you and your family will get when out in nature. When you are pulling up and setting up camp, you are going to get thirsty FAST. And nobody wants hot water when thirsty. Nobody. If you freeze a few jugs of water before you leave, they will be nice and cool and start to thaw out in the warm weather as you are working setting up camp. The more hydrated you stay, the more energy that you’ll have to finish the hard part of camping!

Set up the inside of your camper as much as possible before you leave

Sounds crazy, right? To set up the inside of your camper so that you can then tow that camper somewhere else? Just think about it…If you are able to set up the inside of your camper to an extent, you’ll save so much time at the campground. Put your clothes away in order, have the dishes washed and put up ready to use, and the sheets already put on the beds. Those are all simple things that you can do to set up the inside of your camper so that you can arrive and enjoy camping that much sooner!

Don’t let the weather deter you

The weather is always wrong. Well, most of the time. If you’re worried about a little rain, don’t let it stop you. Camping in the rain can be one of the most fun things ever.

Always pack a coat.

This needs to just be a rule. It never fails that the temperature drops when camping and you may find that you’re freezing and needing something to keep you warm. Just plan on always packing a coat no matter what. It will save you so much time and trouble.

The next time that you decide that you want to go camping, remember these camping hacks! They will not only help you save time, but they will help you start to get out and enjoy nature sooner as well!

There are a ton of camping hacks out there that can make camping happen quickly and more efficiently. Check out my list of hacks to camp sooner. #campinghacks #camping #nature #onecrazyhouse

What is your favorite camping hack?

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