We all go to the bathroom. Even our four-legged friends! Unfortunately, we always have to remember those pesky cleaning bags. Especially if you live in a community as I do who suggest picking up after your dog. I forget to grab a bag almost all the time and going back in for it after your dog is done is just a hassle. So, I created a dog bag holder out of household items to leave near the door so I’d never forget! Don’t you just love pet hacks that make your life easier?

DIY Dog Bag Holder

How to Make a Dog Bag Holder

Whether you have a big dog like mine or a little dog, picking up after them isn’t much fun but it’s a job that needs to get done. Especially soon after they’re done doing their business instead of waiting days later. It’s much easier and leaves less of a mess. So, I created the Simple Dog Bag Holder. It was quick, easy and pretty cheap to make. The only things you’ll need are a used paper towel tube, glue, any kind of scrapbooking or construction paper of your choosing (you can go crazy with the patterns!), scissors, a hole-punch, tape, a command hook and a straightedge cutter or ruler. If you’d like to dress it up, add a little glitter, gems, letters or anything else you can think of to it!

Creating this project was both fun and simple. Plus, if you’re an airhead like me, you’ll always remember to snag one on your way out to walk the pooch!

Never forget your dog bags again with this simple holder!

Instructions for the Dog Bag Holder

  1. Start by placing your paper towel roll on your paper of choice to measure where to cut off to have the perfect fit. I rolled the paper around the cover the entire thing and left about an inch before cutting. This way you have extra paper to glue down. Mark where you want to cut the paper so you have a guide.
  2. Next, cut off the excess paper — where you marked — using your straightedge cutter or ruler.
  3. Make a line of glue along one side of the tube from top to bottom. Line up your paper and press firmly so that the glue holds it in place. Hold the paper there for a couple of seconds or until the paper sticks. I used wet glue, but you can also use a glue stick. Note: If you’re using a glue stick, glue the back of the paper instead of the paper towel tube. It’s much easier to glue this way.
  4. Roll your paper around the tube stopping about an inch so that you have excess paper. Add a line of glue from top to bottom on the back of the paper and fold the rest of the way. Press down firmly so that the paper holds.
  5. Wait for the glue to dry.
  6. Once dried, use your hole punch to punch a hole about 3-4 inches down from one edge of the tube. This will allow for you to hook it on a command hook.
  7. Stuff the tube with as many bags as you can!
  8. Follow the instructions of your command hook and place near the door you leave frequently. Hook your dog bag tube on the command hook.
  9. Never forget a bag!

Pretty simple, right?

Never forget your dog bags again with this simple holder!

Taking the dog out never needs to be a hassle. With this dog bag holder you barely need to think about taking a poo bag with you. From now on it’s just grab and go! This leaves you plenty of time to have some real fun with your furry friend.

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