If you are going to be heading out for a weekend or a long vacation, consider these packing tips below. They are simple, yet clever packing hacks to make traveling easier! No more fussing that everything won’t fit, I have the secrets you are looking for!

10 Packing Hacks to Make Traveling SimplerVideo: Folding Shirts Trick

Folding  will be faster, easier, and your clothes will take up less space with this trick – check it out!

Simple Packing Hacks to Make Traveling Easier

These tips will really come in handy for anyone who is heading out on a little trip and struggles with how to pack. I know that trying to get everything to fit in your bag can be a real struggle. So below you might find a few ways to make packing easier!

The Art of Folding

There are a few different folding methods that are HUGE space savers when it comes to packing. Instead of folding up your shirts, shorts, etc. Roll them up, not fold them. Roll tightly and you will be amazed at the space you have left in your bag.

Packing Hacks - Roll clothing

You can also try the KonMari Method of folding (check out the video below), which should make it easier to fit more items per a suitcase or bag. That means less baggage overall!


Finally, this is definitely not my favorite method, but my best friend swears by it. The “snowball” method. You slowly roll one item in at a time, just like a snowball. He claims the clothes don’t wrinkle like folded pieces.



When you go to pack shoes, put them in a plastic grocery bags or use a shower cap to cover the soles. This will ensure it doesn’t touch your clean clothes. I love using plastic grocery bags because they are free!

Stuff your shoes with socks, chargers, or other small items. Make the most of every usable space possible so you can reduce the amount of luggage you have to bring.

Save Time at the Baggage Claim

Don’t get stuck searching through the sea of black, navy blue, and red bags. They all look the same after 3 circulations! Use luggage that pops, so you can save yourself some time and anxiety. Plus, if you’ve been on a long flight, we’re already foggy. Searching for bags doesn’t make it any more pleasant, pick a bright color to change your mood and get you started on an amazing vacation.

Packing Hacks - Bright Luggage


Packing perfume, body wash, shampoo, and more. Consider packing them in a sealed freezer bag. This will prevent any spills on your clothes. Just make sure the lids are on tight. You can even put a little tape around the lids to ensure they won’t come loose as you travel.

Fresh Smelling Clothes

Keep your clothes smelling fresh, by using dryer sheets or adding Downy Unstopables to an old, but clean pantyhose. You’ll be happy when you open your suitcase and smell freshness rather than old recycled airline smells.

Use Downy Unstopables - Packing Hacks


Have you seen those weekday pill organizers at the stores? If so consider putting earrings and necklaces in those. They are nice and compact and will help to ensure your jewelry doesn’t get lost.

First Aid

Make sure to pack a small first aid. Have headache medicine, stomach medicines like anti-diarrhea or anti-nausea, trash bags in case you get sick and so on. This will be handy in case you find yourself feeling under the weather. Plus, who likes paying astronomical prices from gift shops when you’re traveling?

Packing Hacks - Use old tins to store smaller items

Wrinkle Release Spray

If you have clothes that wrinkle really easy, consider packing wrinkle release spray. This will help you release the wrinkles! Or if you are somewhere with a dryer, just dampen the clothing item a little and toss in the dryer for a light fluff to get rid of wrinkles.

Collapsible Laundry Bag

Buy a collapsible laundry bag, this is great to store dirty laundry in. If you are traveling by car, just stick it in your trunk. Also nice for having in a hotel room so you have a place to store dirty clothes.

Heavy Items by Wheels

If your luggage has wheels, pack the heaviest items on the bottom closest to the wheels. Maneuvering your luggage through busy airports and hotels will be so much easier since the weight is properly dispersed.

10 Simple Packing Hacks to Make Traveling Easier

Do you have any of your own travel hacks that you want to be featured? Send us an image to use in our post along with a description to [email protected].

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