Are you looking to hit the road on a family road trip? Keep the kids occupied with my go-to road trip games and activities so that the entire family has a good time.

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For some parents, getting out on the open road sounds like a dream. The chance to get a change of scenery and make fun family memories.

For other parents, the idea of driving with kids for more than 90 minutes brings to mind choruses of “Are we there yet?” and “I’m bored!”.

Well, not anymore!

The key to a successful (and fun!) family road trip is a little pre-planning. Preparing yourself with a variety of fun road trip car games and other activities will go a long way toward everyone having a good time out on the road.

Check out these 15 fun road trip games for kids to keep everyone laughing and having a great time in the car.

Road Trip Tips For Success

If you really want to be prepared for a fun adventure with no whining, follow these pro tips.

  • Create a fun activities kit – an activity packet, if you will, of paper games and activities that the kids can pull out and participate in as they desire. Grab all the ideas you need down below!
  • Have some other verbal games in your “back pocket” that you can pull out for distraction or to buy yourself some more time before your next stop. Games like Twenty Questions, I Spy, etc.
  • Bring snacks – there is just something about being out on the open road that builds up an appetite! Pack a bunch and hand one out every hour or so.
  • Bring a charged electronic device (as well as the corresponding charge cord…and maybe an external charge pack). You can use this for apps as well as podcasts and even books.

Fun (And FREE) Road Trip Printable- Just For You!


We know firsthand how tough road trips can be sometimes. Which is why we made our own license plate game to make the car ride even more fun!

Download our printable of the classic license plate game and see who can find a license plate from each state first (the competition is the best part)!

Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like…

License Plate Game board image


Bring Fun Road Trip Games With You

Now, onto some more fun games!

Check out these can’t-miss ideas to keep your kids occupied and having a great time as you cruise down the road.

Road Trip I Spy | Stuffed Suitcase

Keep those eyes open! I spy…a police car. Keep kids occupied and their brains off of food (or the bathroom) by playing this terrific car version of I Spy.

Road trip I Spy game graphic

Word Building Activity Kit | I Heart Craft Things

Incorporate learning for your kids into your travel with this road trip game idea. I love that you can adapt it to your needs by customizing it with color words, sight words, or whatever your child is currently learning!

metal lunchbox with magnetic letters and popsicle sticks with words written on them

Draw On Windows

Good news! Dry erase markers can be used to draw on windows. Coloring can take up a good chunk of time. Using dry erase markers makes it easy to erase one artwork and make a new one.

Travel Journal Binder | Sweet Rose Studio

A travel journal binder allows kids to write about what they see and do on their trip. Answer questions on a paper or free write whatever comes to mind. That’s great practice for reading and writing skills. ?

Don’t forget to include the pencil case in your binder filled with colored pencils instead of crayons (crayons can melt in the heat).

Inside page of activity binder with pencil case filled with markers

Twenty Questions

A classic. My kids delight in trying to stump each other – and us – by choosing the most obscure things! It’s the perfect road trip game to get the whole family involved.

DIY Travel Lego Box | Live A Little Wilder

Talk about a fun road trip game! This idea is genius. If your kids love to build with legos, then this idea is for you.

I love that the kids can build with and store their legos all in one place. It’s a great way to keep the car clean and organized!

metal lunchbox with Lego board and Legos

States and Capitals

If you’re here then I know you’re looking for fun (and maybe educational) road trip games for kids. Play trivia games that involve learning all the states and their capitals.

My family did it when I was a kid, and I still remember those fun times to this day (and play the game with my kids!).

Make a Hurricane Jar | One Time Through

Look how amazing these look! My kids are mesmerized by these amazing DIY hurricane jars and can look at them for long periods of time.

They are great to use when you need to help the kids to calm down (nap time, anyone?).

Hurricane in a jar

Road Trip A-Z Car Game

This idea is geared mostly toward kiddos who can read. However, if your little one knows letter sounds, they might be able to join in on the fun.

To play, simply take turns finding an object that starts with the next letter in alphabetical order. This is great for building up observational skills!

Would You Rather? | The Measured Mom

I don’t know about you, but I have a ball listening to my kids play “Would You Rather…?” with each other. If you need some ideas to get started, check out the link above.

The questions they ask are so random and funny, and both the questions and answers are always met with squeals of laughter.

Music to my ears!

would you rather questions cards

Tell Jokes

Kids love a good joke-telling session and can occupy themselves for ages with some funny (and cringe-worthy) jokes.

If anything, buy them the Big Book of Silly Jokes For Kids. It has over 800+ jokes!

Listen to Podcasts | Made in a Pinch

If you haven’t tried listening to podcasts with your kids, you (and they) are seriously missing out! Podcasts are now available on a huge variety of topics.

Find a funny podcast or one that tells stories that will take your kiddos on an adventure – without a screen.

Lines and Dots Game | Mom’s Minivan

You can print off the cards (an easier version or younger kids or a harder one for older kids) and find out the rules for this mind-strengthening road trip game for the kiddos.

Pro Tip: Print it off, slide your sheet into a plastic sheet protector and include it in your DIY travel binder. Then, the kids can use dry erase markers, erase it, and play again later!

Lines and dots activity example

Let Them Use Apps

I saved this suggestion for last, because I do believe in the memory-making potential of road trips through playing games together. However, as a parent, I know all too well that there are times when you need to talk with your partner…or just need a little quiet time.

That’s when educational and other fun apps (or even digital books) can be great road trip games to keep those kiddos entertained and happy.

Some great examples include:

  • Rory’s Story Cubes
  • Minecraft
  • Rush Hour
  • Agents of Discovery
kids hands holding phone and playing Minecraft

Use these 15 ideas for fun road trip games to help the entire family have a great time on your next road trip!

Don’t forget to download our printable of the classic license plate game!

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