Got a big family?  We have the Best Large Tents for Large Families all compiled for you here!!  One of the problems large families face (we know, we have six kids) is trying to fit everyone into hotel rooms, and more.  This includes tents!! So when you are planning a camping trip in the great outdoors make sure you bring the right equipment just like pro campers have.

Then you realize one very important thing, you don’t have a tent nearly big enough for all of you to sleep comfortably. Before you start hyperventilating and have a panic attack, you should have a look at the list of large tents for families that we’ve compiled for your convenience.

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12 big tents for big families

Here are Our Best and Large Tents For Large Families

1. Klondike Large Family Camping Tent

This is an 8-person tent – and what makes this tent great is that it has a screen porch area that is enclosed. You can sit out and enjoy nature or even read a book without having to stress about bugs and wildlife bothering you!

A family of eight would be so comfortable given the super large camping tent. You literally feel it calling out to you to have an experience in it like a penthouse in the streets of New York.

2. Meet the Ozark Family Person Instant Cabin Tent

This family tent says it fits TEN people (realistically, more like 8) but STILL eight people is not a small number when you actually come to think of it. And more so when they all are to fit in a tent. With the Ozark Cabin Tent setup, this ceases to be a wonder. Well because the space in it is big enough for a large group or family who needs extra space.

How nice! More so this huge tent has three side doors for separate entrances to make it more convenient for the ten people to move in and out without having to give each other way. I absolutely love the colors on this particular one.

3. Tent Camping Planning Was Never Easier

The worst thing is forgetting something.  Promise.  Been there.  Done that. One trip we literally forgot the toilet paper!! Never again!  The $7 spent on the Camping planner is well worth it!!  Your sanity is worth it!!

The Happier Camper Planner - 12 of the Best Large Tents for Large Families - One Crazy House

4. Coleman Instant Tent

The Pearson Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent has a tent capacity of eight people and can be pitched in less than 1 minute just as the name suggests. It’s an easy setup and instant tent! Which is pretty amazing for such a large tent.

Once you get to your camping location you just set it up and voila! You are good to start your camping experience. in addition to poles and its center height, it appears to be steady ad strong and thus it is able to sustain harsh weather and wind giving excellent ventilation. The large mesh windows bring a vibe of modern city life with them. How would you even miss home while in this tent!

The Best Large Family Camping Tent That Is A Must Have

5 Guide Gear Teepee Family Camping Tent

This fun teepee tent can fit six sleeping bags. The fabric polyester and round design are great for visibility all around. Moreover, the tent is so easy to set by just two people and can be used in any type of weather as it has its waterproof aspect to it.

Looking at it twice makes me realize that it is a good camouflage in the wild or grassland owing to the jungle green and brown colors. A good excuse to run from the busy city and hide in the wild.

6.Tenaya Lake Lighted Fast Pitch Cabin Tent

A six to eight capacity tent is all you need for your large family during summer camps. What more would you ask for when you’ve got the Tenaya Lake Lighted Fast Pitch Cabin Tent? With an inbuilt-closet shelving unit, removable room dividers, a hanger, and more to these a room divider, screen room, comfort, and organization are guaranteed.

The eyes don’t lie when they state that this tent is uniquely neat with the little cubby holes! How genius of an idea! Another winning point for this tent is that it has a great height such that people can comfortably walk or stand inside it without having to bend or strain their necks. So much more for an extra-large family camping tent!

7. Ozark 3 10-Person Dome-shaped Large Family Tent

They say orange is the new black. This tent has got that orange 3-season tents feel and boy oh boy the fact that it has three separate rooms is the icing on the cake. This sure provides queen air mattresses, privacy for the family members, and more space to do different tasks separately without causing disturbance to the others.

To add on this, the rooms are interconnected to each other.

The Best Tent That Your Large Family Needs For That Camping aAdventure.

8. Ozark Trail 12-Person Instant camping Tent

This is another instant canvas tent that is supposed to be very quick to pitch. It also has a covered area out front so you can sit out in your chair but be protected from the weathertec system.  Sleeping in this tent is way comfortable as it fits three queen airbags and has airways that enable air to easily circulate in it.

Outside it, one can relax under the seams shaded porch area while grilling some meat and enjoying a fine bottle of wine during a cozy night. I am already picturing myself in it.

9. 12 Person 3 Season Family Cabin Tent

When you talk of big with regard to traveling and camping, this tent certainly comes to mind. The tent , as humongous as it is, has a “hallway” to store your gear like shoes and rain gear from a muddy climb or a snow-filled day.  Plenty! This feature makes it feel like home outside camping somewhere God knows where.

When you look at it clearly you can notice that the roof is clear. This perfectly built for those of us who fancy star gazing at night. It poses a good place for a lovely evening with your significant other.

The Perfect Camping Tent For Large Families

10. Ozark 16 Person Large Family Tent

I just want to see what a polyethylene tent with 16 people in it looks like! Holy moly that is a lot of people! If you have an extra-large group that you want to camp with then this tent is for you. I could honestly never end my camping experience given a chance in this tent. If you stun crowds and love company then you are fully sorted.

This has made me remember my senior year in high school  when we went for a summer camp. The tents we were using weren’t as huge as this and I missed my friends whenever we were separated at night to our respective sleeping tents. How I wish we had such large tents.

This Tent serves Large Families Who Are On A Camping Adventure

11. 8 Person Ozark Trail Dome Tent

This tent has a guard over top for maximum weather protection. This one is great for any camping you do in inclement weather. Want to know an amazing fact about this tent?

Well, it has got two rooms each with separate doors for easy access to it. Isn’t that just amazing? You need to quickly pack your bags and definitely have this tent for your adventure. Should we say like “Alice in wonderland?”

Biggest and Best Tents

12. Lumberjack Overland 10 Person Family Tent

I don’t know why but this one reminds me of a Twinkie! Or the old tv show Mash . Either way it is a fun tent and draws one to it with the huge design of three divides and also has interior pockets for storage and organization. Furthermore it is light weight and so easy to pitch.

With the five easy to close/open from inside, good ventilation is a guarantee. Plus the olive hue on it makes not easily noticeable out in the wild. The shape makes it easy to pitch and even more steady and stable

13. Space Station 15 Person Best Family Camping Tent

I can’t lie I saw this one on television and I was so fascinated! It is pricey but oh so beautiful to look at. You will feel like you are camping on the moon in this futuristic tent!

The shapes around are what stand out for this uniquely designed tent. A quick glance at this tent reminds me of a football pitch. The way it is dome shaped and looks small from an aerial view angle but holds a lot of people in it. Fifteen people is no small number for a tent something that makes this one become a to-go-with selection for such a large sized family.

Checklist for Your Tent Camping Trip

  • Tent
  • Tarp (for extra ground protection)
  • Rain Cover
  • Tent Stakes
  • Small Hammer
  • Dustpan and Broom
  • Camping Light

You’ll be ready to go!!

Now tell me those aren’t cool. Not only will you be able to sleep comfortably, but there might even be a little space to just hang out if the weather is less than favorable for a camping trip. So go make some memories this summer! Which tent will fit your family best? Do you love privacy?

Are you a many people’s person whenever you take an adventure? These tents got you and come in the colors and shapes that you fancy. You could even own all. Why not? It is time to pick our bags and go on a trail hunt, hike and camp in the wild with our convenient tents. Pick yours today as they are available on online shopping stores such as amazon.

Loved This Collection of Best Tents For Large Families?

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So which of these large tent hacks and ideas suits your family? Let us know how it goes!

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