Is adult acne taking over your life? Whoever said that acne ended with the teen years lied. I’m in my thirties and it is still going strong. The pictures in this post are of myself and my neighbor. We both have wanted to see our skin clear up.

And we finally found a collection of products that WORK! I love the product line so much that I became distributor for them. If they work for us, maybe they will for you too! And if not, I’ll personally reimburse you.

Acne medsHow to Treat Adult Acne

The photos above were taken with NO makeup on – actually, if you look closely, you can see remnants of the mud mask! We used three products to get these results. They are all part of the Clear Skin Package that we are offering:

  1. Mud Mask
  2. Medicated Cleanser
  3. Spot Blemish Treatment

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acne team photo

Solutions to Adult Acne

The Marine Mud Mask is glorious. Super fine! It works to draw impurities, excess oil – and just the junk – out of your skin. Your pores will love you!

The cleanser works to clear up not only  current break outs, but also the signs of previous break outs and those pesky blemishes. Clear Action Foam is a modern wonder, using a special blend of salicylic acid, in a foam base to penetrates deep into your pores, cleaning out all of the foreign debris that lead to acne. It also creates a protective layer to block future blemishes and reduce the severity of break outs. The cleanser is part of a bigger kit, so if you have a more extreme case, you might need more than just the cleanser – it might be good to get the whole kit.

The spot treatment – on my word! – works to eliminate inflammation and red ness in the skin. And boy does it work FAST! The photo below is of my face using JUST the blemish treatment!


blemish treatment

Do you want to experience these products but don’t want to pay for them? Find out from us how you can get skin care products for free – and even making extra income – by becoming a distributor!

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