If you are looking for ways to stay warm this winter, you are not alone! Cold temperatures and snow are perfect for snuggle time and staying indoors where it’s warm! I have a really hard time getting motivated to be outside during the winter, but my kiddos tend to have other ideas. Instead of fighting them, I’ve just worked really hard on finding ways to get back inside and warm up quickly. If you like the idea of colder weather, but don’t like the chills that accompany it, then here are some super simple ways to stay warm this winter!

stay warm in the cold

If you or someone you know can’t warm up no matter what, they will benefit from these tips and tricks. You don’t have to spend all winter cold! Try this tips to warm up instead! Check out these fall and winter simmering pot recipes to help make your home smell nice and cozy.

How to Stay Warm when it’s Freezing Cold Outside

Find a snuggle buddy and stay warm

Seriously sometimes the best thing to do when it’s cold outside is to find someone that you can snuggle with and hold on tight! Snuggling down when it’s snowing outside is the perfect way to stay warm on a cold, cold winter day.

Create an amazing soup and fill your belly

If you have the ability to create an amazing soup, do so! There are always a ton of great options for soup, but here is an Instant Pot Chili to help get you started. I like to add a bit of spice to my recipes, so I highly recommend making it as hot as you want! The hotter you make it, the more you’re sweat and the more you sweat, the warmer you’ll get!

Layer up your clothes

The great part about winter is that you can always add layers to try to get warmer and warmer. If you have hats, gloves, scarves, anything at all, layer it on and wait for your body heat to take over!

Turn up your heaters

Be safe and always make certain that your heaters are away from items that could cause a fire, but if you are cold, crank up those heaters to help get you toasty. Just be prepared that along with more warmth comes to a much larger heating bill as well!

Exercise and let your body temp take over

You know that feeling of a good exercise, right? If you love to burn calories every day, you’ll have a better chance of using your body heat to stay warm as well!

Hop in bed and stay under the covers

I don’t know about you, but this sounds the most relaxing bet for me to stay warm this winter! Not even getting out from underneath the covers or hopping back in after you’ve had your cup of coffee sounds like an amazing way to stay snuggly warm all winter long! Or even consider an electric blanket!

Don’t waste the winter shivering away! Instead, try some of this simple tips to stay warm this winter! They are all super simple and may be just what you need to beat those cold, cold nights! Don’t forget to bundle up and do your best to stay warm all winter long! Before you know it, summer will be knocking at the door!

how to stay warm

What do you do to stay warm during the winter months?

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