I bet you either have some tennis balls lying around your house that could use some repurposing, or you could use a hack for keeping small objects handy. For either case, this tennis ball hack is the most adorable and useful addition you can make to your house today!

tennis ball hack to keep track of important papers

Tennis Ball Hack to Organize Important Papers

I am always looking for ways to make important papers, letters, bills, checks, or coupons visible and easy to grab for my husband on his way out to work. I don’t know what it is about the last five minutes before he leaves, but he just about never retains anything I tell him. “Don’t forget your lunch!” “Can you mail that letter?” “Here’s that receipt you needed!” So this right here is our marriage’s new friend: the happy tennis ball man. He lives right next to the front door, just next to the door handle so it is just about impossible to miss him. And he has served as an EXCELLENT reminder to my husband to grab whatever is in his mouth! (And methinks the nagging has been minimized as well, so score for both of us.) I would venture to guess that families with school-going kids would also greatly benefit from a little tennis ball man who is able hold lunch money, permission slips, even the strap to a lunch box. He would be ideal for keeping little objects organized in kids’ room as well. Really, the possibilities are endless.

So how can you make your own tennis ball man? Watch and see!





So simple to do–you need a tennis ball, a sharp knife (and a glove to protect the hand holding the ball because accidents happen!), and a suction cup hook. Oh, and don’t forget a sharpie to take your tennis ball to a new level of cuteness! Make a “smile-shaped” slit along one side. Draw eyes and a nose because–just do it. On the opposite side, cut a small hole and insert the hook. Suction to a wall and voila!

The kids will get a kick out of it, and you’ll have a new way to keep your little things organized!

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