Here’s the familiar scene: you’re getting dinner ready. You’re chopping veggies, throwing scraps into the trash, going to town like the pro chef you are, you finally get your hands immersed in some contaminant (raw eggs, meat, whatever, you just can’t touch ANYTHING except the trash you’re holding.) You step on the pedal of the trash can to throw something away AND THE BAG FELL TO THE BOTTOM. (Are you shrieking in terror with me? You should be.)

Well good news, friends. I have the solution! A trash can hack that you will use for the rest of your kitchen-using life.

Brilliant trash bag hack from One Crazy House!

I don’t know about you, but at our house, we frequently repurpose plastic grocery bags as trash bags. But, of course, they rarely fit trash cans just right the way. And once you throw heavy stuff in the there? Forget it! There is just about nothing worse than a trash bag that falls into the trash can, am I right? Watch this video to see just how well this works for even a grocery bag in a tall kitchen trash can!

All you need to make it happen is a command hook. How easy and life changing was that? Stick it to the trash can, about six inches from the top (be sure that it’s facing down!) and hook your bag right onto it.

trash bag hack 2
No more muss, no more fuss. Throw your heaviest trash in there, I did! Those watermelon rinds could not defeat the trash can hack. And, that ladies and gents, is the newest trick you’ll use forever.

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