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Plastic bags. We all have them right? I am not the only person who collects them by the dozen. While shopping with reusable shopping bags is best, it is not always practical. As you know, we love recycling and upcycling things around the house. Here are 38 Things you can do with Plastic Bags.  Put them to good use with a great packing hack, a garbage management tip, and more to keep them from the landfills!

Wrap up a stinky Diaper.

Keep up after your dog while taking a walk.

One great packing hack is to pack your shoes in them while traveling to protect your other clothes.

what to do with plastic bags

Plastic bags make terrific stuffing for an outdoor pillow.

Put inside out-of-season shoes so they don’t lose their form. This is also another packing hack that can save you a lot of heartache if you don’t have other small items that you can stuff into your shoes.

Stuffing for a toddler crinkle toy.

what to do with plastic bags

Crochet a water-proof bag from your plastic bags. It’s perfect for beach trips!

Wrap glassware and other breakables while moving.

Weave to make a trashcan.

Line paint tray to make clean up a breeze later.

Store them in an empty Lysol wipes container to reuse later.

ways to use plastic bags

Braid the plastic bags into a jump rope for hours of fun!

Clean your shower head, pour some vinegar and dish soap into the bag and wrap around your shower nozzel. It will clean the buildup!

Small trash can liners.

ways to use plastic bags

Create a basket from plastic bags.  Roll the bags together and then weave ribbon around the coils.

Make an outdoor wreath for your door. Nifty!

Cover a cast for a broken arm so you can bathe without hurting your cast.

Line kitty litter pail with bags to make replacing the liter easier.

how to recycle plastic bags6b

Make plastic rope or yarn from the bags.

Shred for filler grass for Easter Baskets or other gifts.

Take a bag with you to the park and fill it up with the trash you see, when it’s full, play ball!

how to recycle plastic bags4

Wrap a bag over the mirrors of your car before a snow storm. You won’t have to scrape them in the morning.

Car trashbag – you always need a spare!

Keep them handy for car sickness or other disasters while traveling.

Put the fat from cooking to dispose of it and save your drains.

When painting, wrap a bag around a wet paintbrush or roller so it won’t dry out during a lunch break.

how to recycle plastic bags2

Use as a smock when cutting kids hair. It will make clean up easier.

Make a Kite. All you need to do is tie some string around the handles. Easiest kite EVER!

Bring one to the beach to wrap your electronic devices so they don’t get wet or sandy.

Layer in your garden under your mulch as a weed deterent.

how to recycle plastic bags

Make toys from recycleables – a ball. Your kids can be resourceful.

Protect fragile plants in the event of a frost by covering them with the bags. The bags will act as insulation.

Dirty clothes bag while traveling.

Sort recycleables.

how to recycle plastic bags5

Weave plastic bags into a rug.

Don’t fill a box with purchased bubble wrap. Reuse what you have – these make great filler for shipping.

Make a bag… like for real, iron the plastic bags to fuse them together and make a one-of-a-kind bag!

Empty dirty kitty litter. Make this dirty chore just a touch less messy.

how to recycle plastic bags2

Cover out of season clothes in the closet to protect them while they are not in use.

Play parachute for the kids!

Sponge Painting with your kids.

Texture paint your walls, use a scrunched up bag to make an interesting marbled effect.

Make a flower craft out of different colored plastic bags.

So you're stuck with plastic bags, but don't want to create more waste. Well here are 38 amazing ideas to reuse or repurpose those plastic bags.