It is so easy to have under your bathroom sink get cluttered and messy. Maybe you have a tiny bathroom with little storage, maybe you have a large family, or maybe you have a lot of items you need to keep under you bathroom sink. No matter what your reason, these 15 under bathroom sink storage ideas will help you get organized. The best part is that they are inexpensive and don’t require a lot of time to do!

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Collage of under bathroom sink storage ideas - hanging spray bottles from a rod, feminine hygiene products in a shower caddy, back of the door wire shelf, repurposed glass jars for cotton swabs and cotton balls,


Under Bathroom Sink Storage Ideas

These under bathroom sink storage ideas are a great way to keep your items organized without a lot of time or money. These tips and tricks also help you know exactly where items are when you need them. No more digging around through a cluttered cabinet!


1. Shower Caddie Organizer – under bathroom sink storage idea for feminine hygiene products

Feminine hygiene products are a category of items that you can’t afford to have disorganized. It’s important to have them handy when you need them. For this under bathroom sink storage idea you get a shower caddie from the dollar store. It has several compartments to organize your feminine hygiene products. It’s perfect for keeping everything in one place!

Under bathroom sink storage - shower caddie used to store feminine hygiene products


2. Wire Basket Storage – under bathroom sink storage door idea

When you are organizing a tiny space like under a bathroom sink, using space wisely is so important. For this trick you attach wire baskets to the back of your cabinet doors to utilize unused space. Different wire baskets will allow you to store different sized items. As you can see from the picture below this one works best with smaller cosmetic items.

3. Hair Styling Tool Storage – under bathroom sink storage idea for curling irons and other styling tools.

Finding a place for and organizing your curling iron, flat iron, etc. can be so tricky. The cords seem to flop all over the place no matter how hard you try to stop them. This under bathroom sink storage idea uses pvc pipes to organize not just your hair styling tools but also their cords!

To accomplish this organizing hack you will need:

  • 2″ or 3″ PVC Pipe (depending on the size of your styling tool) cut into 5″ lengths
  • 1 1/2″ PVC Pipes cut into 3″ lengths
  • hook-and-loop tape

Once you have your materials ready use the hook-and-loop tape to attach the pipes to the back of your bathroom vanity door. For a more finished look you could spray paint the PVC pipe any color you like.

Under bathroom sink storage - pvc pipes attached to bathroom vanity door to store hair styling tools


4. DIY Repurposed Jug Storage – under bathroom sink storage for hair dryers and more

This fun DIY project gets your clunky hair dryer and cord off of your bathroom sink and into an organized spot. You just need a bottle (pictured below is a bleach bottle), over the door hooks, and a knife.

  • Step 1: Clean out your jug very well.
  • Step 2. Use a utility knife to cut the top of your jug off and cut slits for the over the door hangers.
  • Step 3: Hang the jug and add your hair dryer!

It is a super easy DIY to complete and saves you money from having to buy more containers.

Under bathroom sink storage - repurposed jug turned into blow dryer container hanging over bathroom vanity door


5. Command Hook Organization – under bathroom sink storage idea for cleaning supplies

Command Hooks are a great way to organize under your bathroom sink. The benefits to using Command Hooks  is that you don’t need any tools to install them, they don’t leave any holes or sticky residue, they are easy to stick on, and easy to pull off. Another advantage to using Command Hooks to organize cleaning supplies is that you can place them in the exact spot where you need them. Your supplies fit right where you need them to.

Under bathroom sink storage - command hooks and command caddie organizing bathroom cleaning supplies like toilet brush, sponges, brushes, and rags


6. Hair Styling Tool Storage – another way to store hair styling tools with those pesky cords

File folder hair styling tool storage is an easy and inexpensive way to store a lot of items in one spot. It also adds the convenience of not having cords from hair styling tools all over the place. One way to use this under the counter storage idea is to attach the file folder organizer to your vanity door. Another idea is to store the file folder organizer right underneath the bathroom sink. This option allows you to move the file folder organizer to different locations if you need to.

Under bathroom sink storage for hair styling products - file folder holing curling irons and other hair styling tools


7. Pocket Organizer – perfect storage idea for lots of different items

One of the reasons our bathroom and under our bathroom sink gets so messy is because there are lots of little items we need in there. Using a small pocket organizer (or cut a larger shoe organizer in half) lets you put lots of different items in one spot. Long gone are the days of having to dig through a drawer for your makeup or under the sink for cleaning supplies. The storage possibilities are really endless and it keeps everything within reach by hanging it on the back of the cabinet door.

Under bathroom sink storage - small shoe organizer hung on the back of the bathroom cabinet door for easy storage

8. Storage Bins – space savers to store items under the bathroom sink

Storage bins are a practical choice when trying to organize under your bathroom sink. These bins slide in and out making it easy to reach everything in the bin. You could easily organize things based on type. For example one bin could be filled with makeup, nail polish, and beauty products. Another bin could be for cleaning supplies. The best part is you can stack the bins allowing you to get more use out of the space under your bathroom cabinet.

wire storage bins to organize items under the bathroom sink

9. Wire Basket Storage – perfect organization hack for the back of your cabinet door.

Using a hanging wire basket on the bathroom sink door is a fantastic way to round up all of those odd shaped bottles. It keeps them contained in one place and makes it so easy to reach everything. My favorite part is that you don’t knock over a bunch of bottles when trying to pull out the one you need. An added bonus is that it uses space that would ordinarily be wasted.

Wire basket hanging over cabinet door to store bottles


10. Lazy Susan Storage – a great way to store lots of items and reach them easily

A lazy Susan under the bathroom sink is a brilliant idea! This lazy Susan is actually a DIY project! You need 2 platters from the dollar store, a candle stick, spray paint, a round lazy Susan mechanism (the one pictured is from Rockler), and glue. Once it is assembled fill it up with anything you need organized and rest assured that you will be able to reach it with just a spin!

DIY lazy susan filled with items you store in the bathroom like cotton balls, cotton swabs, and Vaseline
Organize underneath your bathroom sink with a lazy Susan from

11. Over The Cabinet Bar – easy under the sink organization for bathroom cleaners


Turn an over-the-cabinet bar around, so it is on the inside of your cabinet door. You can hang your most frequently used bathroom cleaners there which means no more digging around for the cleaner you want.

12. Acrylic Spice Rack Storage – repurposed spice rack to organize under your sink

An acrylic spice rack is a great idea for the bathroom or kitchen! Once you mount the acrylic spice rack to the back of your cabinet door you can use it to hold sponges, cosmetics, nail polish, and so much more.

Acrylic spice rack attached to the back of a cabinet door to store sponges


13. Wire Basket Organization – another wire basket storage idea

Using command hooks is a great to turn any wire basket into an under bathroom sink storage spot. By using a larger basket you are able to store more items of different shapes and sizes. Another great reason for this storage hack is the Command Hooks allow the basket to be removed when you need it. You can easily store cleaning supplies, pull the entire basket out to clean the bathroom, and rehang the wire basket when you are finished.

wire basket hanging on the back of a cabinet door for under bathroom sink storage

14. Clothes Hanger with Clips – repurpose a hanger to hold your cosmetic bag

Use a Command Hook to hold up a clothes hanger with clips. This allows the hanger to clip onto your cosmetic bag and store it on the back of the cabinet door. No more digging through the cabinet or drawers for your makeup. Just grab the hanger and go!

Under the sink storage ideas - a command hook holding a hanger with clips so the hanger can hold a cosmetic bag


15. Baskets For Storage – easy and inexpensive storage idea

Simple baskets are a great way to organize lots of items in a bathroom under the sink. The best part is that you can find them at the dollar store in different colors and sizes. Placing labels on the baskets can make it easy for guests to find towels, washcloths and the toiletries they need when visiting. They also allow you to store lots of items in one spot without breaking the bank!

baskets with labels filled with toiletry items like toilet paper and wash clothes to organize under the bathroom sink


Under Bathroom Sink Storage Ideas

Whether your bathroom is big or small keeping it organized can be tough. These under the bathroom sink storage ideas are sure to get your bathroom organized in no time at all, even if you don’t have a lot of time or money. Hopefully the ideas you saw help inspire you to get the space under your bathroom sink neat and tidy.

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Collage of under bathroom sink storage ideas - command hooks hanging cleaning items, diy jug to hold hair dryer, wire baskets on the back of a cabinet door with toiletries in it


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