With Valentine’s Day literally around the corner, why not give a unique Valentine’s Day gift to your family and friends this holiday? Think non-candy this year! There are so many amazing options out there to gift your family and friends that it’s possible to give them something besides chocolate and sugar, right?

From class parties to “I Love You” gifts, it’s never been easier to give the gift of something “different” for the Valentine’s Day holiday. Say no to the sweets for your sweetie and offer up one of these unique non-candy Valentine’s Gifts instead. They’ll love your creativity and you’ll love the fact that you’ve given them something different!

fun Valentine's Day gifts

31 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts that Aren’t Chocolate or Roses

Make this a unique Valentine’s Day and give one of these different gifts. Leave the chocolate and the roses on the shelf and purchase or make these items instead!

(and just because I couldn’t help myself, I’ve come back and added even more great gift ideas to the list!)

Gift Cards

Everyone loves shopping at their favorite store! (while this might not be as personal, it’s always a fallback idea that you can keep in mind.)

Essential Oils

You can never smell too good, right?

Teddy Bear

The more to snuggle with!


Keep their toes warm!


There’s nothing quite like curling up with a good book and reading!

Journals (try giving the gift of bullet journals!)

Writing out thoughts is a great gift.


Decorations for the ears. (You can really have fun with this one!)

Movie Tickets

Because going to the movies is awesome.

Homemade Bookmarks

Never lose your place in a book again.

Fingernail Polish

Everyone loves to change their nail colors.

Homemade desserts (think brownies, cakes…anything!)

One word: Delish.

Camping Gear

Best unique Valentine’s gift, ever.

Oil Change

Give the gift of caring for their car!

Fishing Pole

Maybe they’ll catch dinner.


One can never have too many lip glosses.

Homemade Dinner

There are few things better than a homemade dinner.


Help them groom themselves. Just make certain that you have a little bit of skills or it might not turn out to be a very good gift.

Back Massage

Back massages are the best.

House Cleaning Service

No one would say no to having their house cleaned.

Apple Pie

Who doesn’t love apple pie? Warm from the oven is always best!


Giving socks is a great idea because one of the pairs is always lost.

New Clothes

Everyone loves new clothes!


Making memories with pictures is awesome!

Photo Session

Offer to photograph your family and friends for the annual family photo session.

Hand Massage

Another great massage to gift! (this is one that you can even give yourself!)

New Kitchen Appliance

Who doesn’t love a brand new kitchen appliance?

Their favorite candy

Not chocolate. Anything but chocolate.

Board Game

Game nights are the best!

A new deck of cards

Card games are the best way to bring in and celebrate Valentine’s Day. Not only can you sit down and play cards with your loved one anywhere but it’s just a fun way to pass the time, too.


Gift them their favorite movie so they can watch over and over again.


Who doesn’t love keeping their feet warm?


Does your partner or spouse love the idea of having an animal? Why not think about gifting them a pet or an animal of some sort that they can love on? Dogs and cats are always great choices and are certain to be a hit. Just remember though that a pet is a big responsibility.

Don’t give a pet as a fun “gift” and forget that it’s a lifelong commitment. Pets take patience, love, and money and aren’t meant to be given “just because”. And if you can find a cute pet to adopt or rescue from a shelter, that ‘s a double bonus win!

An old mixed tape of their favorite songs

Bringing back the memories by making them their very own mixed tape!

What is the importance of giving a unique gift to your loved one this Valentine’s Day?

Giving a unique gift is a big deal because it shows that you actually put time and effort and thought into the process. How many times have you opened up a gift and realized that you already have this…or even more, it’s a simple gift that was just picked up off the shelf? This happens a lot, but it doesn’t have to be your choice for what you do.

Take your time in picking out a gift item that you know your better half will love. Look online, get out and walk through the stores, or pick up a hobby or craft that you can learn to create and then gift to them as well. Valentine’s Day is the same date every single year so it’s really no excuse to say that you were unprepared for this holiday!

Remember the true reason for giving gifts this Valentine’s Day

Above everything else, remember the true reason for giving gifs this Valentine’s Day. It’s not about the recognition or the actual gift, but it’s more about showing the other person just how much you love and care about them.

When you make the choice and effort to gift someone something, it proves that you’re committed and putting in the time. This is one of the best gifts truly that you can give to another person. (and throwing in some fun and thoughtful gifts really is just the icing on the cake!)

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

Easy peasy, right? These 31 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas are certain to make it one to remember. Say goodbye to the roses and chocolate and this year, stand out and be different. Any of these awesome gifts are certain to make the receiver of them very, very happy! Who knows…this may be the best Valentine’s Day ever!

What is a unique gift idea that you’d like to give (or receive) for Valentine’s Day?

Great gift ideas for Valentine's Day

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