So many smart Vaseline uses- beauty hacks to household tips. You don’t want to miss all these Vaseline uses that are life changing! Who would have thought Vaseline uses go far beyond beauty to house hold projects!  I didn’t!

But that’s not all! Vaseline can be used in so many other ways, for instance, did you know that pageant contestants often smear Vaseline on their teeth to keep their lips from sticking? Or that by adding Vaseline to the terminals of car battery you can help prevent corrosion? From being a staple of your most basic beauty needs to being part of your most challenging DIY projects, the humble Vaseline can do it all!  And we’ve rounded up 17 of our favourite uses for this affordable over-the-counter product that are mind-blowing! (just wait till you read the epic CD Hack!)

Collage of different uses for Vaseline- Lip gloss made of Vaseline and Kool-Aid, Vaseline as scuff-remover on wooden bench, feet with socks, Vaseline and leather pouch with zipper, vaseline and piece of soft cloth and screen

Genius Hacks And Vaseline Uses

Petroleum jelly (also called petrolatum) is a mixture of mineral oils and waxes, which form a semisolid jelly-like substance. This product was first discovered by Robert Augustus Chesebrough in 1859, when he noticed that oil workers used a gooey jelly to aid the healing process of  their wounds and burns. He eventually packaged this jelly as Vaseline. The benefits of Vaseline come from its main ingredient petroleum, which helps seal your skin with a water-protective barrier and helps your skin heal and retain moisture.

1) Lip Gloss- a fun Vaseline DIY for kids

Kool-Aid and Vaseline can make a pretty cool (and frugal!) lip gloss or homemade lip balm and is a great activity for young kids! All you need is just two ingredients: Kool-Aid and Vaseline. Put a cup of Vaseline into a small microwavable bowl. Heat for about 30 seconds until it is easy to stir. Be careful not to let it turn into liquid. Sprinkle Kool-Aid into Vaseline and stir well Transfer to a small glass container (any small jar will work) and enjoy your soft lips!

2) Distressing Paint – Vaseline Protection

Update your furniture with a distressed paint look. Vaseline protects the areas that you want to leave unpainted. Simply apply a thin layer of Vaseline with your finger or cotton swab to the edges of your furniture and anywhere you want a distressed look. Don’t worry about being too precise! Paint your project. Allow the paint to dry slightly, then use a damp rag to rub over the areas that have Vaseline. The paint should wipe away easily, exposing the layer underneath the paint. This gives you the perfect aged look and best of all- no sanding required!

3) Use Vaseline to Soften Dry Feet

Got dry, scaly feet? We have a great home remedy for you! Rub a little Vaseline onto dry feet, or smooth Vaseline over cracked heels and put on a pair of fuzzy socks before bed.  You’ll wake up with much softer feet!  Follow it up with a sea salt or body scrub to exfoliate.

4) Zipper Stuck? Vaseline To the Rescue!

Unstick your zipper. One of the best genius Vaseline use is that it can make it easier to remove stuck zippers. Just get a small amount of Vaseline, dab it on the zipper and along the part that got stuck, jiggle it a bit and with minimal amount of force, the teeth of the zipper should be lubricated enough to be able to seamlessly use the zipper. If it is caught in the fabric, the lubricated teeth should still be able to move, after a bit of applied force, the problem should be resolved.

5) Vaseline Conditioner For Eyelashes

A quick beauty tip for eye makeup! Use Vaseline instead of mascara for longer, moisturized lashes. Simply dip a clean mascara brush into a pot of Vaseline and gently swipe onto your lashes. Be careful not to get it in your eyes! Your lashes will appear darker, fuller and longer without falsies.  And best of all, it wont clump or flake off! Genius!

Oh and it can tame unruly eyebrows too…and you won’t need makeup remover at the end of the day.

6) Vaseline Can Fix A Scratched Screen!

The most epic genius Vaseline hack of all! Vaseline may help fix small scratches on your phone or tablet screen. All you have to do is fill and rub over the scratch with Vaseline and then wipe off any excess with a damp cloth. Be careful not to press the Vaseline into the phone itself.

Vaseline Tips and Tricks
Use Vaseline and saran wrap to remove blackheads from

7) Vaseline Beauty Hack For Blackheads

Get rid of blackheads using plastic wrap and Vaseline. I know some people might be afraid to use Vaseline on their face, but for most people it works really well for moisture, removing makeup, protecting sensitive skin…and now pimple control!

Apply a generous amount of Vaseline on your nose, take some saran wrap and carefully cover the area. This might be a bit tricky! Let it sit for a few hours. Once the saran wrap is removed, take two q-tips, place them on either side of your nose and push hard, starting at the top of your nose and working your way downwards for healthier pores and repair of acne-prone skin. You will be surprised at the results!

8) Leather Polish Alternative For Scuffed Shoes

Fix scuffs with a q-tip and a dab of Vaseline, use as a quick alternative to leather polish on shoes (or boots, handbags, baseball gloves, and leather furniture. Simply apply a bit of the gel and buff with a soft cloth to achieve a slick shine. You can also bring an old baseball mitt back to life by rubbing Vaseline into every stitch and seam and allowing it to sit for a while to really soak in Wipe the excess Vaseline off. If needed, apply another layer of Vaseline to any stubborn areas after allowing the glove to rest for a day between applications.

9) Moisturize Dry Lips With Vaseline

Make this diy lip scrub to keep your lips nice and smooth. Mix a few tablespoons of Epsom Salt with a teaspoon of Vaseline, apply to your lips and rub lightly. This will gently scrub away dry skin on lips. It will also help your lipstick last longer and give lips an instant plump. Amazing!

10) Keep Hair Dye Off Your Skin

Do you dye your own hair at home? Apply Vaseline around your hairline and your neck to prevent those embarrassing colour stains on your skin! it prevents the dye from sticking to your skin and is easily washed off.

Unusual Ways to Use Vaseline

11) Vaseline For your DIY Projects

Did you know- applying Vaseline to hinges and knobs can keep them paint-free? Apply a thin layer to mask surfaces where you don’t want the paint to adhere, such as window glass, door hinges or knobs, and the edges of linoleum, tile, or wood floors. When you’ve finished painting, wipe away the gel with a wet rag. No scraping required!

12) CD and DVD Repair Hack- Yes, Vaseline Can do That!

So we have talked about using Vaseline for chapped lips, dry skin, and for DIY projects, but DID YOU KNOW it can be used to repair scratched CDs or DVDs? Rub the Vaseline onto the disc in a circular motion with a soft cloth or tissue and wipe off any excess.

Bonus hack- you can also use toothpaste for this!

13) Cream Your Cuticles

Get beautiful cuticles by massaging Vaseline into your nails with an old electric toothbrush. Make sure you sterilize the toothbrush first, though!  Manicures have never been so easy!

Petroleum Jelly Tips and Tricks

14) Sensitive Ears Solution

If you have sensitive ears, dip the backs of your earrings in Vaseline. Then put them in your ears like normal. The Vaseline coats the earrings and will prevent your ears from getting sore. Also, have you ever used Vaseline to help remove a stuck ring?

15) Perfume Prep

One unexpected vaseline use is amplifying your perfume.  Rubbing Vaseline on your pulse points will make your perfume last longer. The jelly holds the fragrance to your skin longer than if you were to spray it onto dry skin.  It is a genius scents hack!

16) Have Winter Dry Skin?

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried the best lotion ever made with baby lotion, Vaseline and Vitamin E cream. It feels so luxurious, but it’s super cheap to make. Simply mix the three ingredients together until smooth and your lotion is ready! Great gift idea!

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17) Preserve Your Pumpkin!

Who would have thought one Vaseline use is keeping pumpkins alive longer. When Halloween rolls around again, increase the life expectancy of your carved pumpkin by applying some Vaseline to the insides of your pumpkin after you carve it. It will last longer.

From beauty to home hacks, here are 17 uses for Vaseline!

Uses and Benefits of Vaseline {Petroleum Jelly}

There you have it! Petroleum jelly known as Vaseline sounds a little scary, but it is actually a refined oil that is very safe. You do want to stay away from unrefined oils which can contain harmful ingredients. Vaseline was an accidental discovery over 100 years ago, but is now a proven product with years of safe use.

  • Skin Barrier
  • Chafing
  • Eczema

One of the most common uses of Vaseline is as a skin barrier because the skin does not easily absorb it. While it feels moisturizing, it really acts more of a wall between the skin and the outside world. Petroleum jelly can help keep out dirt. This can also help promote healing in areas by keeping them clean.

Anyone who has experienced chafing has probably reached for the Vaseline tub! Because it is a good skin barrier, it works well to keep body parts from rubbing together. It also works in the same way to prevent skin peeling.

For day-to-day beauty, I’m a Q-tip and Vaseline kind of girl. I never leave home without Q-tips – they’re a great fix for any makeup emergencies. – Scarlett Johansson

Many people use Vaseline to aid with an itchy skin condition called eczema. Applying a smooth jelly that is rich in oils can help to intensively moisturize especially dry areas overnight. Apply Vaseline to areas like the hands or feet, or even elbows and knees and cover them with gloves or socks. The jelly’s occlusive formula will lock in moisture and help facilitate the skin’s natural regeneration process as you sleep. This will help to relieve dry skin and ease itchiness. Check with your doctor to see if this might work for you!

Keep in mind- it’s important to use Vaseline for external purposes only. Clean your skin properly before and allow it to dry before application. Vaseline can be safely used in the home without the risk of infections and at approximately $5 for a 3-oz jar, it’s pretty much our favourite product out there!

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Which Vaseline use are you going to try first?

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