17 Uses for Vaseline That are Borderline Genius

Vaseline Uses Tips & Tricks

Kool-Aid and Vaseline can make a pretty cool (and frugal!) lip gloss.

Update your furniture with a distressed paint look. Vaseline protects the areas that you want to leave unpainted.

Rub Vaseline into dry feet, and put on a pair of fuzzy socks before bed. You’ll wake up with much softer feet!

Unstick your zipper.

Use Vaseline instead of mascara for longer, moisturized lashes.

Vaseline may help if you have scratches on your phone or tablet screen. It requires reapplication, though.

Vaseline Tips and Tricks

Unusual Ways to Use Petroleum Jelly

Get rid of blackheads using plastic wrap and Vaseline. I know some people might be afraid to use Vaseline on their face, but for most people it works really well for moisture, removing makeup, protecting sensitive skin…and now pimple control!

Fix scuffs on patent leather shoes with a q-tip and a dab of Vaseline!

Make this diy lip scrub to keep your lips nice and smooth.

Do you dye your own hair? Apply Vaseline around your hairline to prevent those embarrassing color stains on your skin!

Unusual Ways to Use Vaseline

Alternate Uses for Vaseline

Apply Vaseline to hinges and knobs to keep them paint-free.

Repair scratched CDs or DVDs. (You can also use toothpaste for this.)

Get beautiful cuticles by massaging Vaseline into your nails with an old electric toothbrush. Make sure you sterilize the toothbrush first, though!

Petroleum Jelly Tips and Tricks

Ways to Use Petroleum Jelly in the Home

If you have sensitive ears, dip the backs of your earrings in Vaseline before inserting them to minimize irritation.

Rub Vaseline on your pulse points to make your perfume last longer.

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried the best lotion ever made with baby lotion, Vaseline and Vitamin E cream. It feels so luxurious, but it’s super cheap to make. Great gift idea!

When Halloween rolls around again, apply some Vaseline to the insides of your pumpkin after you carve it. It will last longer.

From beauty to home hacks, here are 17 uses for Vaseline!

Uses and Benefits of Vaseline {Petroleum Jelly}

Petroleum jelly known as Vaseline sounds a little scary, but it is actually a refined oil that is usually safe. You do want to stay away from unrefined oils which can contain harmful ingredients. Vaseline was an accidental discovery over a 100 years ago with years of safe use.

Skin Barrier

One of the most common uses of Vaseline is a a skin barrier because the skin does not easily absorb it. While it feels moisturizing, it really acts more of a wall between the skin and the outside world. Petroleum jelly can help keep out dirt. This can also help promote healing in areas by keeping them clean.


Anyone who has experienced chafing has probably reached for the Vaseline tub! Because it is a good skin barrier, it works well to keep body parts from rubbing together. It also works in the same way to prevent skin peeling.


Many people use Vaseline to aid with an itchy skin condition called eczema. Check with your doctor to see if this might work for you!