There are so many ways to use mason jars. Probably because mason jars are amazing multi-purpose items. They are great items to have laying around! They are sturdy, non-toxic containers, which makes them perfect to use in so many different ways like storing food, using in crafts, and so much more.

Prepare for your mind to be blown with all of these unique ways you can use mason jars around the house.

Unique ways to use mason jars- single serve key lime pie in a mason jar, and mason jar bathroom soap dispenser

How to Use Mason Jars in Your Home

So, we’re no stranger to mason jars here at One Crazy House. We’ve posted about them before – Father’s Day gift ideas, meals, and even how to upcycle them. It may have seemed like it couldn’t get any better than those fantastic ideas, but it does.

Here are just a few more ideas to get you brainstorming! You’re going to want to rush off and do one of these projects right away. That’s how amazing they are. I’m warning you!

1. Painted Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Cute is an understatement for this adorable mason jar DIY. Decorate a mason jar and add a soap pump for the perfect bathroom set. In fact, don’t just make one. Two create a set and gives you options.

Mason Jar Crafts: painted mason jars holders

Bonus tip: You can buy a kit for a soap dispenser for mason jars. You simply get a lid that has a pump to dispense soap, that you twist on the lid of the jar. These are so cute for a rustic chic look! Customize the jar with paint to give your bathroom a unique add-on.

2. Mason Jars as Bathroom Storage

See the picture for #1 above and see how the painted mason jars can also be used as storage.  There is so much stuff to put in mason jars:

  • Q-tips
  • Cotton balls
  • Face wipes
  • Tissues
  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Combs
  • Makeup brushes
  • A floral arrangement!

3. Sugar Scrub Storage & Gifting in Mason Jars

So many people are using their creative outlets to create their own unique products. Sugar scrubs are a huge hit in the natural body essentials market. If you’ve joined the sugar scrub crew and you make your own sugar scrubs, mason jars work great for storing them. They seal tight so you don’t have to worry about your scrub drying out.

When your scrub gets a little low, simply grab a spoon to get to the bottom of the jar. Using mason jars to store things keeps them fresh longer. If you’re not already using them for your scrubs, you may want to start now.

4. Mason Jar Nail Polish Remover Kit

Grab a mason jar and cut a sponge down to size to fit inside. Then pour some nail polish remover into the jar. Then when you go to remove polish, just stick your finger in, rub your nail around on the sponge, and it will help wipe away your nail polish. Such a creative way to use mason jars. Maybe, you’re feeling artistic. Take the nail polish and use it to create decorative, painted mason jars.

Now, you have an art project and a useful tool.

5. Herb Garden for Indoors

It’s nothing to it. A few quick steps and you can plant your own Mason Jar herb garden inside.  Check out this smart idea from Living Well Mom.

Mason Jar Herb Garden Supplies

  • Mason Jars
  • Soil
  • Herb (preferable already sprouted)
  • Sunlight

Three herb planters on a shelf

Create your own herb garden indoors with some mason jars and a few easy steps. Just grab the things in the list above and pop in whatever herb plants you like. Simple as that. Beautiful, and resourceful herb gardens are now at your daily disposal.

6. Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shaker

Consider using mason jars for salt and pepper. Want a cute, rustic salt and pepper shaker. This is it. Simply poke tiny holes into the top of the lid so that when you shake a little goes out. They actually have kits as well to buy online, if you aren’t that crafty. In need of the perfect kitchen accessory, salt, and pepper mason jars shakers completes any kitchen with the perfect amount of “awe”.

7. Sewing Essentials Kit in a Mason Jar

So many sewing trinkets need homes. If you know, then you know. Needles are just one end of the spectrum. Thimbles, thread, tape measures, bobbins, masking tape, zippers, the whole nine! There’s always more stuff and no place to put it. If ever there’s a time you wondered what to put in your mason jars, look no further. Use a mason jar for sewing essentials. Place small items like buttons, measuring tapes, and other notions inside the jar. That way they won’t get lost, and you can see exactly what is inside the jar.

You’ll know where all of your sewing supplies are, and it may even save you money. No extra trips to the craft store because you know just what you have. And, where it is!

8. Serve & Store No-Bake Desserts

Yum, yum, yum! Desserts ideas are my favorite creative ideas for glass jars. So many desserts work well in mason jars. Besides making individually assorted desserts super simple to do, these tiny travel-size desserts look delicious.

Single serve mason jar dessert- Key lime pie topped with whip cream

I love desserts! Isn’t it obvious? Doesn’t this Mini Key Lime Cheesecake from Princess Pinky Girl look AMAZING!

Plus eating out of a mason jar just makes it that much more fun. Whatever you do, find a way to do this. Cute, fun-size food out of a glass jar. It’s a real treat for everyone involved.

9. Attach a Mason Jar to Your Blender

Blenders are expensive. At least, good ones are. Want a single-serve smoothie? Oh, you don’t have a single-serve blender. But, you do have mason jars on hand. Blender blades fit perfectly onto a pint-size mason jar.

Boom! Money saver/ home hack master. So next time you are craving a smoothie, try using a mason jar for a single-serve!

10. Mason Jar Meals

Not just for blenders!  This is what you make in a mason jar: Everything.

We have a great resource for Mason Jar meals to eat on the go that include: chili and cornbread, mini chicken pot pies, instant noodle cups, basked corn dogs, deconstructed sushi, omelettes in a jar, pasta salad, tuna salad, Mason Jar breakfast, mac and cheese, veggie mac and cheese, tacos and overnight oats.

No joke, almost anything can be made in a mason jar as a single-serve meal. With a little creativity, you can pull it off. Extra bonus points for a decorated mason jar and a meal (together).

15 Mason Jar Meals for people on the go- Chili, soup, egg scramble

Looking to prep up some meals for the week? Consider using mason jars to store your food. Mason jar meals to eat on the go, are so easy to do! From salads to overnight oats, you can use mason jars for anything.

11. Mason Jars as Drinking Glasses

Glasses, tend to disappear. Especially in homes with small children. Forget replacing them. Pull out your mason jars and use them as drinking glasses! They are great and look really neat! Just take the lids off and you are good to go! In no time, you’re ready for a quaint dinner party, or even a fun backyard bar b q. Because Mason jars are so versatile, they’re great for any kind of event.

12. Glass Jar Matchstick Holder

Love, love, love this idea. Repurpose mason jars by turning them into matchstick holders. Put some matches in the jar, and then secure some sandpaper under the lid ring. Just cut the sandpaper to fit the size. Then you have a matchstick holder! It’s so easy! Paint it to turn it into a beautiful decoration.  This makes a really cute gift idea too.

13. Toothpick Dispenser

Who knows what to do with toothpicks once you open the box? There are always hundreds of them in the bottom of a drawer somewhere. The box never stays closed and the toothpicks are always spilling out. Buying toothpicks is like signing up for a year’s supply of loose toothpicks in the bottom of a random drawer.

Clearly, loose toothpicks are a real pain point for me. But, that all changed with this mason jar hack.  Take a nail and hammer some holes into the mason jar lid. Then put some toothpicks in the jar and secure the lid. You now have a toothpick dispenser.

And, the best news is, the toothpicks are secure!

Unique Ways to Use Mason Jars Around the House

Mason Jars are the best home hack supplies. Because they’re so versatile you can use them in almost every area of your home. From DIY art projects with the family, and creative home decor to tasty single-serve mason jar meals, these jars hold their weight in gold.

There’s really nothing you can’t do with a mason jar.

Anytime something can be used for organization, and decoration it’s a must-have in my book. Use these unique mason jar tips to repurpose your leftover jars from take-out restaurants, and turn them into something beautiful.

If you loved these tips, you’re going to want to take a look at our other mason jar tips and hacks…

Did you like these fun mason jar ideas?

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