Use these cold weather camping tips to help you stay nice and toasty on your next winter camping trip!

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When you love doing something, you don’t necessarily want to limit doing it to just one part of the year, right? Take camping for example.

Camping doesn’t need to just be reserved for the spring and summer. It can be enjoyed all winter long with the right preparation and tips.

In fact, winter camping brings solace and solitude…you’ll have the entire campground to yourselves! It’s a completely different (and amazing) experience from what you get during the spring and summer.

But, before you head out into the snowy wilderness, read up on the cold weather camping tips I’ve collected for you…and these irresistible campfire foods.

Cold Weather Camping Tips To Make Winter Camping Toasty

For anyone who loves camping and don’t mind a little cold weather, use these cold weather camping tips to help you enjoy doing what you love all year long!

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You can’t go camping in the winter without the right equipment. Here’s our list of must-have winter camping gear to keep you warm from head to toe!

How To Pitch A Tent In Snow

Camping in the snow? Read these tips on how to pitch a tent in the snow.

It’s important to pack down or clear some snow first. Not only will this make the tent floor more comfortable, but you can create a snowbank to cut out some of the wind, too.

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Make A Winter Camping Dining Area

Set up the perfect outdoor kitchen/dining area! Dig trenches to create a rectangle in the middle, and create “seats” on either side. Pitch a tent over the top, and you’ve got the perfect place to have meals.

Just bundle up before you eat, and if you put a stove in there, heavily vent the tent.

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Choose An Appropriate Tent

Choose a tent that’s appropriate for the weather conditions. If you know you’re expecting a lot of snow, for example, choose a tent with steep walls that will prevent snow accumulation on the roof and at the tent door.

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Create A Vestibule To Take Your Shoes Off

Dig a pit in front of your tent so you can sit down and take your snow-covered shoes off before entering. That helps keep cold, wet snow out of your tent so you can stay warmer!

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Weu2019re sharing pro tips for snow camping so that you know how to stay warmer, safer and more comfortable during your next snow camping adventure.
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Bring Some Sock Liners

The key to keeping feet warm is to use layers – the right kind of layers. Keep feet extra warm with a pair of sock liners.

Bonus: This helps prevent blisters, too. Get the liners here!

Prevent Blisters, Keep Feet Warm
A simple technique of wearing a liner sock and an outer hiking sock is the best way to prevent blisters or keep your feet warm when camping in cold weather.
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Fill A Bottle With Warm Water For Sleeping

Stay extra toasty at night with this cheap trick: Put hot (not boiling) water in a water bottle or old 2-liter bottle.

Place it between your feet in your sleeping bag to keep you warm all night long. You should wrap the bottle in a thin blanket if you don’t wear socks when you sleep, though.

Use a Water Bottle to Warm Your Feet This Winter
Itu2019s super-easy, cheap, and works wonders. If you keep the bottle under the covers with you at night it will still be warm in the morning.
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Dry Those Wet Socks

If your socks get with snow, pin them to your backpack or hang them up to let them dry out… but not if temperatures are freezing!

If it’s freezing out, put them in your sleeping bag with you at night. It goes without saying, of course, that you should bring along a couple of extra pairs to slip into while your others dry.

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Turn Soda Cans Into A Portable Stove

Knowing how to make your own portable camp stove from soda cans will certainly come in handy. It never hurts to have a backup in case one stove fails.

How to Turn Soda Cans Into a Portable Camp Stove
For a handy camping stove thatu2019s lightweight, portable and easy to make, try a beverage can stove. Made of two aluminum soda cans, they weigh almost nothing, yet can generate enough heat to boil water.
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Make Tinder With A Pencil Sharpener

Create tinder in a snap by bringing along your handy dandy pencil sharpener. It’s quick, easy, effective, and cheap.

Bring along a few of them so the other happy campers can help!

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Stay Warm With Hot Chocolate + A Bonfire

Nothing will warm you up inside when you’re cold weather camping like campfire hot chocolate. Grab this delicious campfire cocoa recipe!

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Tarps Are A Must-Have!

You just can’t camp in the winter without a few tarps. Use them to sit on snow, add extra shelter, extend your shelter and so much more.

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Bring Enough (Of The Right) Clothing

Be prepared for any weather. You may have snow one day and mild weather a few days later. Dress in layers so you can adjust as needed!

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Open The Vent On Your Tent

Vent your tent even in winter… even if it’s freezing. If you don’t, you’ll wake up to condensation inside your tent. And who wants to be wet when it’s already freezing out?

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Add Extra Insulation

Put foam floor tiles down in your tent to add an extra layer of insulation between you and the cold ground.

Camping Tips: Foam Tiles On Your Tent Floor
Foam tiles in your tent are a cheap way to drastically increase the comfort factor.
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Reuse Orange Peels To Cook

Have a hot sweet breakfast of oranges and cinnamon buns (the refrigerated kind). Just scoop out the oranges, and cook the cinnamon rolls over the stove or campfire in the orange peels.

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I hope you found some new and helpful ideas on this list! Use these 15 cold weather camping hacks to make winter camping enjoyable so you can do that which you love all year long.

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