Not a day goes by that I don’t feel like don’t use some sort of wisdom and life lesson that I learned from my grandparents. Take a moment and reflect on your childhood and the life lessons that you learned at a young age. There were so many things that we learned in a short amount of time, right? It’s simply amazing to think that there are certain words of wisdom that our grandparents bestowed upon us that we still remember in our adult life, and actually find that we refer to them quite often as well.

Wisdom and Life Lessons We've Learned from Our Grandparents

If you have kids, you more than likely are passing on those words of wisdom and life lessons to them as well. The best part about words of wisdom and life lessons? They are meant to be shared!

Wisdom and Life Lessons We’ve Learned from Our Grandparents

Tomorrow is a brand new day.

And isn’t that the truth? One of the best life lessons that I learned was that no matter what happens today, you can go to bed and wake up with another chance at a great day. Pass that little gem along to others, it’s an amazing life lesson that needs to be shared!

Canning food is a great way to get a garden fresh taste all year long.

Have you ever eaten a canned jar of green beans that was straight from the garden? It’s simply amazing. No matter what month or season it is, the first bite of those canned green beans will set you straight back to summer months. Canning food is a way to enjoy that flavor all year long. Wanting some garden fresh tomatoes in December? If you can some, not a problem at all!

Smiles will always outlast a frown.

Little kids may take this verbatim when they first hear it, but it has more of a meaning than just that. For those of us who are older, the basic meaning of these words of wisdom is that positivity will forever outlast negativity. Or another great way to say it? A negative mind will never give a positive outlook. Simple to understand now, right?

Sometimes, life isn’t fair…it’s not a carnival, either.

C’mon, you gotta love the play on words there, right? And while it can be extremely annoying at the moment in time that it’s said to you, reflecting back on it is sure to bring a smile to your face. And as you get older and start having your own kids, this is one of those little gems that you’ll want to save to say to them so they can experience the emotions that surround it as well!

Life’s too short to worry about the small things.

And no one would know that better than your grandparents who have lived many many years. The older we get, the truer that lesson is to us. Living each day to the fullest is a great way to remember those so true words of wisdom.

Always say “Thank You”.

Manners are something that was important back in the day and are just as important now. No matter what, one should always say “thank you” when receiving anything from anyone else. A little amount of kindness goes a long, long way.

Family always comes first.

Maybe one of the most import life lessons that each and every one of us can relate to is that family always comes first. Never put anything, or anyone before your family as they are the ones that will be by your side no matter what, and possibly when no one else truly is. Plus, hanging out with your family is totally a ton of fun!


Wisdom and Life Lessons We've Learned from Our Grandparents

The beautiful thing about life lessons and being able to learn from our grandparents is that they are often words of wisdom that we use each and every day. And don’t forget the importance of keeping those memories alive by passing down the valuable info to your children as well!

Do you have any words of wisdom or life lessons that you learned from your grandparents?

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