Do you ever see the perfect braid hairstyle that you want to create, only to find it isn’t that easy? Well today, I have gathered some amazingly easy braid hairstyles for you to try out! You will find a variety of ways to use braids to create the perfect hairstyle for any occasion! I had no idea there were so many different techniques to braids. The fishtail, Dutch, classic braid, and the list goes on and on!

Quick and Easy Braid Hairstyles for Hectic Mornings

Braids can be a super quick way to throw your hair up when you are in a hurry to get out the door or need to wash your hair. For even more ways to change up your everyday hairstyle,  take a look at these quick and easy braids.

Quick and Easy Braid Hairstyles Tutorials


2 Minute Rope Braid| This is a very fast and easy braid, that is a rope braid side pony. 

Faux Braid Tutorial| Not the best at braiding? Try this faux braid tutorial where it looks like a braid, but it truly isn’t!

Fishtail Braid 101| Want to learn how to create the perfect fishtail braid, then check out these easy to follow tutorial!

Boxer Braid Pigtails| This is a braid that you see on a lot of boxers, hence the name. Really tight pigtail braids!

Half Up Mini Dutch Fishtail Braid| This braid is a half up and half down hairstyle. Very cute and would look great for a casual day out or even to school!

Side Bubble Braid| This is very easy and fun to create. It is a side braid, that is absolutely stunning! You create these fun bubbles of hair, with loops.

Relaxed French Braid| This is a video tutorial that shows you exactly how to create this stunning loose bread. This is great for a casual or dressed up look.

Half Up Boho Bun| I love the messy look of this half up hairstyle, with a long braid coming down the side. This looks really good with long hair, but you might even be able to pull it off with mid-length hair!

Easy Under Braid| This is a way to pull some of the hair back in the front of your face to the side with multiple braids. I love this look, it is very fun and cute!

Pull Through Braid| This is great for anyone that has a lot of thick hair! Make a really thick and chunky braid, to dress up from a regular pony tail. If you don’t have a ton of hair, you could add in some extensions and create this stunning braid.

Messy Mermaid Braid| Another gorgeous messy braid look. When braids are a little messy I think they look even prettier!

Polka Dot Pigtails| This is one of the more unique easy braid hairstyles. You use a bandana and use that as part of your braid. So little piece of bandana will be showing throughout your pigtail braids.

Game of Thrones Braid| This braid is a half up and half down style and looks stunning. You would think this would be a hard one to create, but it is pretty easy!

Half Up Faux Hawk| This is a really cute look of a faux mohawk hairstyle! Pretty braid down the center with your hair slicked back on the sides.

Dutch Braid Low Messy Bun| Create braids coming down on each side, with a low messy bun in the back. It is such a fun look and pretty easy to create!

Easy Braid Hairstyles

Braids can be a super quick way to throw your hair up when you are in a hurry to get out the door or need to wash your hair. Toss in a little dry shampoo, and start braiding away!

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