Halloween is a time for sweet treats, fun costumes, and spooky drinks! Are you in the mood for something that is both delicious and entertaining, one that will not leave you guilty for not keeping up with the theme? Your search has come to an end. Look no further. We’ve found 15 scare-worthy Halloween drink ideas to serve at your Halloween party. And the best part is all of these drinks are kid-friendly, but you can add a little kick to them for the adults if you want. These scarily easy-to-make Halloween drinks are exactly what you need for the next Halloween party. Trust me, these drinks are even better than your costume. Which of these hair-raising drinks do you plan to try first?

Hair-raising Halloween drink ideas

Halloween Drink Ideas for you

1. The Spooky Fog Drink

These Spooky Fog Drinks will be a huge hit at a Halloween party especially if you have kids attending. As you know, Halloween drinks should be a bit strange and frightening but ultimately a whole lot of fun. This is the perfect on-theme Halloween drink idea if you are at all looking for a drink for the kids during the next Halloween season. Your kids will definitely go nuts for this spooky fog drink. The secret to creating the fog is dry ice! A spooky fog drink is easier to make than you think. You want to entertain the grown-ups with this, it’s still possible. You can make a cocktail by adding liquor, that is, for those that like it that way.

Spooky Fog Drinks

2. Spooky Halloween Spider Punch

Add a spooky feel to your Halloween refreshments with this simple and easy-to-make delicious fruit juice. Make a spooky Halloween spider punch with orange juice and spices, and hang black licorice spiders from the straw. The spices add a spooky touch and delicious taste to the simple orange juice bringing it to a whole new level. This is a perfect Halloween drink idea that you should really try out if you want to impress your guests during the next Halloween party.

Spooky Spider Halloween Fruit Drink

3.  Witches’ Brew Halloween Drink Idea

This Witches Brew is a kid-friendly punch made with lime sherbet, limeade, and Sprite. Add a gummy eyeball to the side of the glass for that spooky factor. This Halloween drink idea goes well with everyone, not just kids. It is an ideal people pleaser, I tell you. The advantage of this drink is that it isn’t limited in any way to just being served during Halloween parties and takes only less than a minute to make. You can serve it at any get-together party. You can also substitute the gummy eyeballs or just add to them some gummy worms for that spooky touch.

The Spooky Witches' Brew

4. Magic Portion Punch

Are you ready for some magic? Then let’s get some magic happening with this Halloween drink idea. The name alone just brings intrigue and fascination to children. Kids will ooh and ahh over this Magic Potion Punch. The Jell-O powder creates a fun fizz in the drink! For the fizzing effect to be effective and really impressive, you should make small portions of this magic portion punch, preferably in a cup rather than in a huge punch bowl. Don’t worry about the lots of cups you are going to make for those many guests. The preparation time for this drink is less than a minute. It’s the magic time!

Spooky Magic Portion Halloween Punch

5. Halloween Vampire Drink

If you are one of those people that like going the bizarre way, then here is a must-do Halloween drink idea for you. The vampire drink is one of those fun must-have drinks for that perfect Halloween party. This thrill-giving kid-friendly Vampire Drink is made with just two ingredients: Sprite and Kool-Aid liquid; so with a few minutes to spare you can actually prepare this drink. Throw in some vampire’s teeth, and you’re all set! Be creative with it as much as you can. Enjoy!

Halloween Vampire Drink

6. The Cemetery Slime Punch

This Cemetery Slime Punch really does look gross! It’s made with root beer, chocolate, and vanilla frozen yogurts, and gummy worms. You can follow the recipe provided here if you really want to pull off this Halloween drink idea. This recipe is quite easy to execute. With the ingredients, I have used and just some creativity on top, you are good to go. The cemetery slime punch can serve both as an appetizer as well as a dessert. So you can make this drink to serve as a dessert after having your main course meal.

Cemetery Slime Punch

7. Trick Or Treat Halloween Drink Idea

We love the colors in this Trick or Treat Halloween Punch and thought, “How did she do that?” As it turns out, you need drinks with varying sugar contents to create the layers. The drink with the highest sugar content goes on the bottom, and the drink with the least sugar content goes on top. Pretty slick! Have you fallen in love with this Halloween drink idea? Well, if so, you can take a look at the recipe I have provided here and have fun as you make the drink.

Trick Or Treat Halloween Punch

8. The VooDoo Halloween Drink Idea

Here is a fun Halloween drink idea for you to embrace if you are looking for one. This is a must-do for you if you have kids attending your Halloween party.  VooDoo Punch is so much fun! The syringes are filled with raspberry syrup, so it creates a bloody effect when your guests squirt it into their drinks, which is perfect for that spooky factor. Why don’t you try it out? Kids will fall in love with it.

The VooDoo Halloween Punch

9. Slushy Halloween Drink Idea

The slushy fruit punches are just perfect for any event. They are cool, refreshing, and delicious and always leave the guest with a craving for more. If you wanna prepare this for next Halloween then you are good to go. These punches never disappoint and are fun to make. Add wax vampire fangs to any red drink, and you have yourself a hit. This Slushy Punch Recipe is so good! You can serve this with some on-theme appetizers or desserts at your Halloween party, such as S’mores.

Slushy Halloween Vampire Punch

10. Vampire Floats Halloween Drink Idea

Vampire Floats are as frightening as they are sweet. For that spooky factor in your Halloween party, then this is the perfect drink for you. For both the kids and the adults, this is a perfect blend in. Well. you can always add a little kick to it for the adults.  Create the bloody effect with strawberry or raspberry syrup, and put plastic or wax vampire teeth on the rim of the glass or around the straw. You can make this with your kiddo and just let them have fun as they make theirs. Get ready for the next Halloween party with this easy-to-make recipe.

Spooky Halloween Vampire Floats

11. Decorative Halloween Drink Idea

Instead of making special drinks, try decorating the glasses instead for your Halloween party drinks. These faces are cute, but you could just as easily create really spooky ones for the older guests. This easy and simple way to do drinks is perfect for Halloween parties. You can always use milk bottles, disposable plastic cups, or even happy jars for this project. Kids will love these little faces on their drinks and you will feel pretty much appreciated. Super easy!

Halloween Party Drinks

12. Eye-Popping Floats

Do not be left behind. Try this Halloween drink idea and get ready for the next Halloween party. Take a  look at this recipe, really simple and easy to follow with readily available ingredients. These Eye-Popping Floats use orange soda, ice cream, and gummy eyeballs. It would look amazing with a green or purple drink, too!

Spooky Eye-Popping Floats

13. Poison Apple Punch

Poison Apple Punch uses apple cider with dry ice to create that foggy effect we mentioned with the first drink. Add an apple slice to the rim of the glass to punch it up a bit. I just love the effect of dry ice, especially when added to drinks. It is effective for creating the impressive spooky factor to any Halloween drink. To avoid evaporating at a fast rater the dry ice is kept covered in order to keep it going for the whole party. I just love the taste of apple cider. For me, this is a must-have Halloween drink idea.

Spooky Halloween Poison Apple Punch

14. Eyeball Punch Halloween Drink Idea

For that eerie Halloween feel, then this is a fantastic drink for that Halloween party you are so much anticipating. The eyeballs in this Eyeball Punch are made using lychees (found in the Asian foods section) and blueberries. These eyeballs perfectly bring out the spooky factor to this drink. Isn’t it gross and fantastic? This drink is an ideal hit when served with an on-theme dessert chocolate cupcakes or marshmallows. Voila! Your Halloween treats.

Eyeball Punch

15. The Toxic Ooze Halloween Drink Idea

Last but definitely not least, here is the Toxic Ooze. A surefire way to bring out the monsters in everyone is by drinking some Toxic Ooze. Put plastic bugs, gummy worms, or eyeballs, etc. in to add the scary factor. Better yet, you can tweak this idea just the way you like. As scary as it is, the look may be deceiving but its taste is yummy. You got to try this soon enough, You certainly will like it.

Toxic Ooze Drink

Why didn’t the skeleton go to the Halloween party?
– Because he had no-body to go with! Haha!

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