Dawn dish soap isn’t just for washing your dishes. It’s a much more versatile product than you might realize. The uses for Dawn soap span far and wide and will blow your mind. Check them out!

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Use Dawn dish soap to clean an oil spill off the driveway from Pro.com

Don’t you just love life hacks? I’m talking about those hacks using common ingredients or products that actually make life easier or save time.

Yep, I love any tips and tricks that help me save time doing the things I HAVE to do so that I can actually devote time to doing the things I WANT to do.

I constantly have a running list of ideas and hacks to use – and share! I’ve been hearing about Dawn’s dish soap hacks for years and collecting ideas for a while now, and today, I’m sharing them with you.

Dawn Dish Soap Life Hacks

Have you seen the things you can do with Dawn soap? Everything from cleaning grease stains to making bubbles is on this list. Let’s dive right in.

1. Use Dawn Soap to Create Inexpensive Homemade Bubbles

Before I discovered this use for Dawn soap, I must have spent a small fortune on bubble solution for my kids to blow bubbles (and spill down the driveway). Now I make my own DIY bubbles and don’t care nearly as much if the kids spill it. The perfect combination to create bubbles that will rise and remain sturdy is tap water, dawn soap, and corn syrup. The corn syrup allows for the bubble to rise without bursting. When mixing in the jar, make sure to stir gently without actually agitating any suds. The solution can be used immediately, although the author notes that it seems to work better after it’s rested for a few hours. 

OneCrazyHouse dawn dish soap Bubbles floating outside

2. Eliminate Sticky Goop From Hair with Dawn Dish Soap

When you regularly use gel, hairspray, and other products in your hair, over time they leave a buildup that regular shampoo doesn’t get rid of. Clean your hair once in a while with blue Dawn dish soap to remove excess oils and product buildup. Make sure not to use this too often as it is very powerful and can strip important oils and from and damage your hair if used too often. 

Dawn also works to remove baby oil, silly putty, vaseline (and more!) from children’s hair. 

3. Best Window Cleaner Ever

Tired of going through piles of paper towels and scrubbing your windows only to later find streaks? So annoying! It won’t be a problem anymore with this mind-blowing DIY window cleaner using just a little bit of Dawn soap. This makes a great exterior window cleaner with just some tap water, Dawn Dish soap, and vinegar. This makes a great cleaner for more than just glass though! This solution can also be used to clean kitchen counters and other surfaces around your home since vinegar and soap are both great cleaners!

4. Keep Houseplants Free Of Pests With A Solution Made From Dawn Dish Soap

Make your own insecticidal soap to repel common houseplant pests using ingredients found around the home, including water and Dawn dish soap. This environmentally friendly solution can be used on interior and exterior plants to keep pesky bugs away. Simply mix and put int a spray bottle and use as needed to keep pests away from your plants and garden. 

5. Use Dawn Dish Soap as a Kiddie Pool Cleaner

Ick – kiddie pools are a blast for the kiddos but moms know they get grimy and gunky quickly. Unfortunately, using bleach and other harsh cleansers makes the plastic more brittle over time.

Instead of using harsh chemicals and cleansers, drain the pool and clean it with a little bit of Dawn dish soap and a sponge. You could also buy a small broom or large brush to easily and quickly clean out the pool. This can also be used to clean other outdoor furniture like patio chairs and garbage cans. I just wouldn’t use the same brushes to clean all of these different things. 

OneCrazyHouse dawn dish soap kiddie pool with a bottle of dawn dish soap and hose inside.

6. Clean Grease Stains Off Your Driveway

We all get them – oil and grease spill on the driveway. Let Dawn soap do the heavy lifting for you to get rid of them. Mix some Dawn dish soap in a bucket and scrub those stains away!

Here’s another way to do it

7. Prevent Poison Ivy

Dawn soap excels at removing grease and oil. That includes removing the toxic oils from poison ivy, oak, and sumac plants from your skin after you come in contact with them.

The key is to wash the affected area quickly after exposure. Never suffer from poison ivy again!

8. Clean Foggy Eyeglass Lenses

For anyone who wears glasses (or sunglasses), having foggy lenses is one of those facts of life. Get the upper hand in your battle against foggy lenses by cleaning them with Dawn dish soap. Wash those lenses without getting any scratches on them! Finally! Don’t forget to use a Clorox wipe on the legs and nose pieces to make sure everything is clean. 

9. Get Rid Of Ants

Having an ant invasion can be a nightmare. Now, you can this mind-blowing DIY window cleaner (including Dawn soap) to obliterate the problem. This solution uses no water. All you need is:

  • a spray bottle
  • Dawn Dish soap
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Mouthwash

Conquer any bugs that come your way. Spray any areas that you see bugs frequently, as well as any bugs that you happen to catch!

OneCrazyHouse dawn dish soap bottle of peroxide, dawn dishsoap, mouthwash and a spray bottle on a table

10. Degrease Tools

Are you noticing a pattern? Dawn is a highly effective degreaser while still being gentle enough to not be abrasive or cause harm.

Soak your tools in soapy hot water and the Dawn will practically melt the grease right off. Make sure that you dry them immediately after taking them out of the Dawn Dish Soap and Water bucket so there’s no rust build-up. 

11. Make A DIY Reusable Ice Pack With Dawn Dish Soap

Use Dawn dish soap to partially fill a heavy-duty Ziploc bag. The dish soap will stay cooler longer, conform to the injury, and can be refrozen many times. Genius!

Reusable ice packs are so expensive – this is a very affordable alternative. These aren’t just for injuries, though! These are also great for coolers or even for grocery shopping trips! 

OneCrazyHouse dawn dish soap Bag Filled with Frozen Dish Soap

12. Use Dawn Dish Soap To Unclog a Toilet

Pour some Dawn soap down your clogged toilet and let it sit for a few minutes. Most of the time, it will loosen up and lubricate the clog so that when you follow up the soap with hot water, the clog will just slide down the drain.

If that doesn’t work, you could also try a combination of baking soda and vinegar followed by some boiling water. 

OneCrazyHouse dawn dish soap hand holding a bottle of Dawn Dish Soap, pouring some into an open toiler

13. Get Rid of Stains in Your Mattress

Finally! An effective way to REALLY eliminate those stains. Just spray your mattress with this recipe and let it sit so the Dawn can do its magic. All you need is Dawn Dish Soap, Hydrogen Peroxide, and baking soda. 

Once your mattress is dry, simply vacuum, and there ya go- clean mattress.

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14. Use Dawn Dish Soap to Catch Fruit Flies

Those small flying insects are ultra annoying and super hard to catch…until now. Put some apple cider vinegar and a few drops of Dawn into a small bowl and let it sit out.

The vinegar will attract the flies while the Dawn traps them! Simply dump it out and refill as needed. This is a simple, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly way of eliminating pesky hard-to-catch bugs.

15. Make Your Own Environmentally Friendly Weed Killer

Everyone’s got them: weeds. Ditch the commercial chemicals and make your own effective DIY weed killer with Dawn dish soap, white vinegar, and Epsom salt.

Just make sure to spray those pesky weeds on a hot, sunny summer afternoon instead of first thing in the morning when they are still covered with dew. 

OneCrazyHouse dawn dish soap Bottle of Vinegar, Dishsoap and Bag od Epson Salt on grass

16. Easily  Remove Soap Scum

Dawn and white vinegar make a very effective combo for naturally removing soap scum. Spray it on and let it sit. Then, do a quick rub down and rinse for a clean shower! 

17. DIY Garden Bug Spray

I remember my grandmother using this method to keep bugs off of her tomato and pepper plants (that was all she grew). Keep aphids and other bugs away from your garden by spraying the plants down with soapy water. All you need to create this natural bug spray is some water, Dawn dish soap, mouthwash, and Cayenne pepper. Due to the alcohol in this recipe, it’s important to remember to spray your plants in the morning or evening, even they aren’t going to immediately get direct sunlight. This can cause your leaves or plants to burn, so keep this in mind when applying. 


There you go! Amazing Ways You Can Use Dawn Dish Soap that isn’t washing Dishes

Given all that this powerhouse can do, it’s worth keeping a supply of blue Dawn soap on hand at all times. Who knew that Dawn dish soap could be used in so many amazing ways? Well, now YOU do!

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