If you are new to essential oils, or even if you have been using them with your family for years, there are so many essential oils tips and tricks you’ll learn as you transition to a chemical-free life. There is something about a home that smells good and is chemical-free!!


Genius essential oils tips and tricks you'll appreciate.

How to use Essential Oils

1. Wear your Oils. Natural Wood beads are terrific for holding the scent of essential oils. You can add a couple of drops to your wooden bracelet or necklace for a day filled with diffused oils. If you don’t have wood beads, you can also use leather as a personal diffusing alternativeessential oil tip

2. Roll it On. Do you struggle with the roller inserts and removing/adding them to bottles? Many a nail has been a victim of my oil obsession until I discovered this nifty trick. Use the lid to add/remove the roller inserts. Easy!
car diffuser tip

3. Diffuse as you drive. You can make a simple car diffuser from just a clothespin, hot glue and felted balls. Glue the balls onto your clothespin. Whenever your car smells musty drip a drop or two of essential oils onto the balls and then clip it over your air vent. Easy!

Essential oil tips

4.  Don’t Waste an Empty Bottle.  Inside the “empty bottles” are trace amounts of oil! Make the most of those bits and dump your bottles into a jar filled with epsom salts. The salts will absorb the oils – making a marvelous bath softener!

5. You can make rice socks (they double as heating pads if you microwave them) and scent them with oils!

6. Did you know that essential oils can cut through grease and oily stains faster than just about anything? I didn’t – check out this recipe for cleaning carpet stains. I am impressed.

essential oil necklaces

7. Wear your diffuser! An Essential Oil diffuser necklace is a great way to bring your oils with you and not have to carry around bulky bottles. The oils last in the necklace for over 24 hours!

8. Play. Add essential oils to your child’s play, like this lemon oil play dough. They won’t even know they are getting the benefits of the oils while they engage their senses.

9. Need a quick odor “fix” for your whole house? This trick is great right before family comes over. Drip some oils over your home’s air filter.


Essential Oil Tips and Tricks

10. Mascara – make it last longer, and your lashes will grow longer and thicker – with the help of a single drop of lavender essential oil inside the tube. It even works with the setting gel of the 3D lash stuff!

essential oil tip

11. If you are like me, you want just one drop of copaiba and it is just. not. coming… or with lemon, you want only one drop in your water, and instead you got ten. This trick is handy. Move the little dot to either get more or less oil drops from your bottle. With thicker oils, point the drop side down. With thin oils point it up. Viola.

toilet paper hack

12. The bathroom. It can be a stinky place. The Burst Essential Oil blend is *terrific* at cutting odors, fast. Have a dropper of this 100% Essential Oils blend of Citrus and Mint oils handy – it cuts odors and leaves a fresh scent. Add a couple of drops to the inside of your paper roll as needed.


mosquito repelling

13. Make a bug-hating concoction. Many blends of essential oils are hated by bugs. Genius, easy, and chemical-free.

14. Got a snotty nose? You can diffuse oils in a tissue box. Just open the box, drip the oils on your tissues, close the box back up and you have scented tissues!

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