If you’ve been throwing away your old shampoo bottles, STOP! There are dozens of ways to reuse shampoo and soap bottles. Upcycling your shampoo bottles is easier than you think. We’ve found cute caddies for organizing, toys for the kids and even a few clever household hacks, all from old shampoo and soap bottles. Check them out!

Creative collage of unique ways to reuse shampoo bottles including monster themed pencil holders, vases, cell phone holder, and play purse.

Brilliant Ways to Reuse Shampoo & Soap Bottles

Maybe it is my long hair, maybe it is that I really, really like shampoo…but I seem to go through shampoo and conditioner bottles like crazy.  I love the idea of making something useful out of them.  Upcycle! Recycle! Re-create! Whatever you call it, it is a magical win-win situation…

1. Shampoo Containers Make Great Monsters

These adorable little pencil holders are a fantastic project for the kids on a day they are in need of something to do. Grab the cardstock, paint, and googly eyeballs and let them go for it. You could add velcro strips to the back of these cute critters and stick them somewhere useful in the house. The best part about this project is the endless activities kids would use them for.

They can go just about anywhere:

  • Sandbox Fun
  • Mud and Dirt
  • Bathtime
  • Traveling
  • Play-dough and Slime Buddies
  • Snacks
  • School

Being made out of plastic shampoo bottles means just simply washing them off when they get messy and starting all over!

Here’s another way to make them!

Fun and creative way to reuse your shampoo bottles as monster themed pencil holders by cutting off the tops and adding eyeballs and teeth.

via Fofucha Dreams

2. Custom Cosmetic or Sun Glasses Case

This clever hack is great for the beach! Create a case for your sunglasses or a sand-free safe place for your cosmetics or cell phone while you enjoy the sunshine. Depending on the size of shampoo bottle you use, you could fit quite a bit. You can leave it simple or at your custom style to your case with some paint, glue, or sharpies. Another great place you could use this trick is your car. Instead of having small things rolling around, pop them in here and tuck them into the glove box.

Repurposed shampoo bottle as a sunglasses case

via weupcycle.com

3. Crafty Bathroom Upcycled Bottle Vases

I never put vases in my bathroom because I have kids and kids tend to break things. But, thanks to this nifty shampoo upcycle that might have to change. Rinse out your old soap bottles and paint them to make lovely vases for your bathroom. Add some glitter or a little burlap to the mix, toss in some fresh flowers and you’ve got an inexpensive, replaceable, piece of decor to liven up your bathroom. Best of all you won’t even have to worry about the kids knocking them over.

Create fun flower vases from old soap bottles with a little paint and glue.

via Momdot.com

4. Fun & Easy Hand Bag Craft

Where are all my girl moms at? These darling play purses for the kiddos are a great way to reuse your old shampoo and soap bottles. You and your little one could use pain, glue, glitter, and loads of other fun materials to make a unique accessory she is bound to take anywhere. The beaded handle straps can be customized or switched out for twine. Whatever your fancy. These would make fabulous birthday party favor idea, too.

Kids craft play purses from folded soap bottles, wires, and beads.

via Instructables

5. Fun Faucet Extender Hack

Kids having trouble reaching the sink? For the really short ones in your house that can’t reach the faucet even with a step stoop, make a faucet extender out of a soap or shampoo bottle! I know, how did I not think of this before. No more screaming for help form the bathroom or flooding the floor as water drips down their arms and everywhere else. With this awesome hack the kids can reach it all themselves.

Try it out! I made a video to show you how.

Video: Make a Faucet Extender For Kids

Collage of unique way to transform soap and shampoo bottles into useful things like tool holders, soap caddies and even a mobile.

6. Easy-Peeze Phone Charger Caddy Hack

Anybody else tired of all the cords in your house besides me? Create some calm in the never ending chord chaos by creating one of these charging cell phone holders for everyone in the house. You can easily tuck the chords and the device nicely against the wall and out of the way while it charges. Grab a shampoo or soap bottle that will suite your size needs and get busy. Whether you or your kid is using it to charge their cell phone, gaming device, or anything else, this hack will certainly come in handy!

Try making it this way, too!

Fun way to use an old shampoo bottle as a cell phone charging station simply with scissors, some glue, and a little decorative ribbon.

7. Garden Tool Containers

Are you a gardener? Organize your tool shed! Shampoo bottles make excellent holders for your garden utensils. From gardening gloves to pruning sheers, this shampoo upcycle hack will be a handy addition to your greenhouse or garden shed. Having one of these around to hold all your seeds, or even to plant some starts in will be useful.

Use old lotion and shampoo bottles to create a storage or tool rack to keep all your odd little gadgets.

via DIY Enthusiasts

8. Soap Container Baby Mobile

With some string, shampoo bottles and a hanger, you can make a pretty DIY mobile for your baby’s room. You could choose different colored shampoo or soap bottles to make this decor match your color theme, or decoupage fun pictures for your new baby to admire. If you have older children, this would be a fun way for them to get involved and feel included in the new babies arrival.

Crafty little baby mobile made from wire, string and old soap bottles.

via B B Bellezza

9. Super Simply Sponge Caddy

Tired of digging to the bottom of your kitchen sink to dig out your sponge? Me too. This hack is going to the top of my must try list. Create a sponge holder to hang off your faucet! That’s right, in under 5 minutes you can solve your sponge hunting dilemma in a fun and crafty way. Cut off the upper face and top of your old shampoo bottle and create and extended back with an open slot to hang over your faucet. Add a few holes in the bottom to insure proper drainage, and ta-da! Paint or decorate this clever caddy to match your kitchen!

Try making it this way, too!

Cut the top and front off an old shampoo bottle and a long back with a whole in it to slip over your sink faucet to hold your sponge.

via Revolutionaries Market

10. Double Sponge Caddy

If you liked the last hack but need a little more, or don’t like the hanging faucet style; try a double-sided sink caddy to hold both sponges and soaps. This style rests across your sink’s center divide and allows you more flexibility with your faucet. You could place holes in the bottom of one side for your sponge and dish soap in the bottom of the other for dipping your sponge as you wash.

Soup on one side and a sponge on the other, this clever upcycled shampoo bottle holds more.

via Eve of Reduction

11. DIY Tote / Necklace Bag Craft

If you know how to crochet, you too can make one of these adorable interchangeable necklaces from a trial-size shampoo bottle. If you need a little more room to carry your stuff, go for a bigger bottle and rock this design like a purse. Take a larger size to the beach to keep out the sand or to the pool to keep out the water.

Different size bottles used as necklaces or bags after punching wholes around the open top and crocheting straps around them.

via Filth Wizardry

12. Reuse Your Soap for Soap

This is a handy hack if you like bar soap. Make a soap holder to bring to the gym. All you need is an old shampoo bottle to reuse and a piece of elastic or velcro to latch the fold down lid closed. Great for camping. Great for teens!

Convert your old shampoo container into a new home for your bar soaps with a folding lid and elastic lock.

via Don’t Eat the Paste

13. Stylish Shampoo Caddies

These stylish upcycled shampoo bottle caddies might be my favorite and would make a great addition to a locker, dorm room, or let’s be honest- just about anywhere miscellaneous clutter tends to gather. I could see myself using this in my car quite frankly. I love how you can customize everything about these caddies to make them work for your individual needs.

Clever little caddy container for all sized items reused out of cut up lotion and shampoo bottles to hold keys and such.

via Savvy Saving Couple

14. Plastic Toy Boat Craft

“In losing complete awareness of time, I felt pure freedom. I was becoming one with the sea.” —Michelle Segrest

Inspire the little pirate inside and make a splash with this craft. Make sailboats with your kiddos to play with in the bathtub or the pool. The kids always love this fun project, and we parents love that it’s inexpensive and entertains them for hours.Provide a pile of different materials and watch as the kids try to design their boats to withstand the elements. Make a game out of it and see whose boat fan float the longest. Fun!

Transform an old plastic bottle into a floating boat with mast and sail for bath time.

via Pink Stripey Socks

15. DIY Home Decor

These are a super simple and cute way to spruce up your home . Create your own hanging planter vases out of those old shampoo bottles. You can paint these or decoupage them for a classy and elegant look. Or, make a fun memento by placing your kids’ tiny handprints on them. Whichever your taste, this is a fun and eco-friendly way to turn old plastic into a reused treasure.

Here’s another way to make them!

Cut the top of your old plastic bottle off at an angle and add some string to hang for a great place to put your house plants.

via Ready, Set, Toddler!

So, whether you have a stock pile of old shampoo and soap bottles piling up or you are looking for a crafty project to transform your next empty bottle into, these great ideas should help you out.

Which one was your favorite?

Check out these other great repurpose ideas!

Upcycle old shampoo bottles collage with bottle crocheted necklaces, travel soap container, custom caddy and fun toy boat


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