Throw a slumber party that your kids and their guests won’t soon forget with these epic sleepover party ideas for food, games, activities, and more! As parents, we want to make sure our kids have the most epic slumber parties, ever–and create memories that will last for a lifetime! Below, are 17 sleepover ideas that are sure to spark your creativity. The best part is that they work for lots of age ranges (like teens and tweens). These ideas work for boys or girls, and are perfect for birthday parties, too! 

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17 Sleepover Ideas for the Best Slumber Party, Ever!

Sleepover Party Ideas for an Epic Slumber Party

These sleepover tips and tricks will keep every kid entertained the whole night. Each child will remember it as the most fun slumber party they have ever attended! Try these indoor game ideas for kids of all ages.

1. Crayon Lipsticks – Fun DIY for Sleepover Success

Making crayon lipstick is a fun way to entertain tweens and teens at a sleepover. You’ll be able to make lots of fun colors for mere pennies. Plus, you get to use your kids’ old broken crayons that are just lying around. This technique uses a candle warmer to melt the crayons. The candle warmer keeps the crayons warm, but not too hot. Even younger kids can have a great time making crayon lipsticks, too. (While supervised, of course!).

2. Kool-Aid Lip Gloss – Fun Sleepover Party Idea for Teens and Tweens

DIY Kool-Aid lip gloss is a fun, tasty, and colorful idea. Homemade Kool-Aid lip balm is another perfect way to keep tween and teens busy with only three ingredients. To make different colors or flavors you can mix different Kool-Aid packets together. You can get as creative as you want! It also makes a great addition to birthday goodie bags, and the kids do all the work.

Here’s an easy way to make your own Kool-Aid lip gloss!

Kool-Aid packets to make homemade lip gloss that is perfect for any slumber party
DIY Kool-Aid Lip Gloss from A Sweet Potato Pie


3. DIY Sleepover Mats – A Creative Idea to Make Your Sleepover Party Guests Comfortable

Not a lot of sleeping happens at night during a sleepover, but just in case, here is a genius idea of turning your outdoor cushions into sleepover mats to add extra sleeping space. This DIY is fun, easy, and even uses dental floss as one of the materials. Who can resist such a cute place to rest?! They also fold up for easy storage!

4. Mini Cereal Boxes – An Easy Breakfast Solution For Slumber Parties

Sleepovers are fun, but let’s be honest–they are exhausting. These easy mini cereal boxes are a great way to provide each guest with their own individual breakfasts. You don’t have to worry about getting up super early to make sure breakfast is served. They will have a great time serving themselves! Another fun breakfast idea is to have the kids make cereal necklaces.

collage of mini cereal boxes decorated with ribbon and spoons to make slumber party breakfast easy, cereal necklaces made from cereal

5. Pillow Forts – Make Any Sleepover Party Complete

Is it even a sleepover without a pillow fort? Use items you already have like pillows, cushions, blankets, and sleeping bags. Pro-Tip: Building along the side of your couch or loveseat makes for a sturdier fort! These forts are perfect for eating snacks, reading, giggling (because that usually happens a lot at slumber parties!), and of course, sleeping. So grab what you have, and start building! 

6. Popcorn Bar – Snacks Are Always a Good Sleepover Party Idea!

No sleepover is complete without movies and snacks. A DIY popcorn bar will have kids raving! M&Ms, chocolate, gummy bears, and more all make terrific popcorn add-ins. Set up the perfect DIY popcorn bar for movie night.

DIY popcorn bar for slumber parties and movie nights - some ingredient ideas for a sleepover party popcorn bar include m and ms, chocolate bars, reeses pieces, gummy bears, and mike n ikes

7. Spin The Nail Polish Bottle – Sleepover Party Game for Girls

Whichever color bottle the spinner lands on, you must paint one toenail that color. What a fun sleepover game for girls!  The game has been completed when all 10 toes on all the guests have been painted. Don’t forget to get a picture with all of their painted toes at the end. This will be such a fun memory!

8. Sleepover Boredom Busters Using Balloons

This is a great way to stay on schedule with a sleepover. Write each activity on a piece of paper, and place it inside a balloon. Keep the activities a surprise until it’s time to do them. Each activity in a balloon will be popped at the specific time that’s written on it. This builds anticipation, makes sure kids don’t rush through activities, and helps you remember everything you planned to do. This is also a great idea for birthday parties!

9. Glow In The Dark Bowling – Fun Late Night Sleepover Party Idea

Playing glow-in-the-dark bowling is perfect for later in the evening. You just need glow sticks and water bottles. Add different colored glow sticks to individual water bottles for a colorful glowing effect. To add an extra special touch put glitter in the water bottles to make them sparkly!

glow in the dark bowling using water bottles and glow sticks

10. Glamping! – A Perfect Indoor or Outdoor Sleepover Idea

Luxury camping? Yes, please! Slumber party tents are so popular. The idea is to set up tents over each child’s sleeping space, and add twinkle lights above, to mimic stars. If the weather is right, you can take your tents outdoors for your sleepover, and enjoy the real thing! Some party rental supply stores have all of the materials you need to make an adorable glamping sleepover, without breaking the bank. Besides tents and lights, what are some other things you can add to make their glamping experience extra special?

11. DIY Personalized Pillow Cases

Making personalized pillowcases as a memento from the party can be a huge hit! It is another fun party favor to remember the party by, long after it’s done. You can decorate these pillowcases in so many different ways by using fabric paint, tie-dye, markers, iron-on transfers, and more. Each kid leaves with something unique to their personality, but all of the kids have a great reminder of the same slumber party.

DIY personalized pillow craft for parties

12. DIY Personalized Sleeping Masks – Help Slumber Party Guests Sleep Well

Not much sleeping happens at a slumber party, but maybe more will if each kid makes a personalized sleep mask. Fabric markers work great to create the perfect result each girl is looking for. Don’t forget to snap a picture of all the girls together wearing their masks. So fun!

DIY painted sleep mask craft - girl wearing sleep masks she decorated

13. DIY Photo Booth – Perfect Slumber Party Idea for Any Age

Kids love being in photos, so a DIY photo booth with lots of fun props will be a total hit at your sleepover! They make great keepsakes, too! Turning the photos into thank you cards for each girl is super easy. Just fold a piece of cardstock in half, use double-sided tape to attach a 4”x6” photo on one side, and write your message! 

photo booth props for parties - girl hold a mustache prop for a photo booth
DIY Photo Booth from I Heart Faces

14. Fun Fairy Wands – Cute Craft Idea for a Girl’s Sleepover Party

If your little girls are obsessed with fairies, make these super simple fairy wands with glue sticks and glitter. Each girl can search for their own “wand” making each one even more special. Adding sequins, glitter, or paint adds even more creativity and will keep them entertained longer. DIY fairy wands are surprisingly easy to make!

Materials for Fun Fairy Wands

  • Sticks
  • Wax Paper
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Paint
  • Glitter
Fairy wand craft made from sticks and glue sticks is an inexpensive easy slumber party idea

15. Toss and Talk Ice Breaker Game

Need a way to break the ice? With this game, you take a beach ball and write funny or interesting questions on it to create this Toss and Talk game. Each person takes a turn answering a question when the ball is thrown at them. Party guests will know each other better and feel more comfortable together, in no time at all!

16. Pajama Party! – Matching Pajamas is Always a Great Idea

No sleepover is complete without cute pajamas! Each guest gets a pair of matching or coordinating pajamas. You can either deliver them before the party, or just have everyone change into their jammies as they arrive. Either way, coordinating pajamas are sure to make for a successful slumber party.

17. Laser Maze Obstacle Course – A Crowd Pleaser That Wears Kids Out

Set up a laser maze for the kids to go through in the hallway. Use crepe paper and tape to create “lasers” that each kid must avoid to make it through the hallway. Kids can pretend to be secret agents that are on a mission! It is their goal to complete the mission, and the laser obstacle course is part of it! Kids can also pretend to be superheroes, bank robbers, or pirates in the jungle. This is a great game to wear kids out, so that they (eventually) settle down easier before bed.

Creative Sleepover Ideas

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a sleepover for teenagers, tweens, or kids, these ideas are sure to inspire a great party! One of the greatest memories kids have is fun sleepovers with their friends. From glamping sleepovers, to DIY party favors, these slumber party ideas are sure to be a huge hit that your kids will love and always remember fondly!

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  1. I don’t think I ever went to a sleepover that was this much fun when I was a kid, lol! There are so many great sleepover ideas here for the ultimate party! My girls are going to have a blast!

  2. Thank you for these ideas for what to do at a sleepover. We are definitely going to try the photo booth and late night glow bowling ideas.