Want to prank your kids, your spouse or a friend without ticking them off for days? We’ve found some fun tricks for you! These April Fools pranks are hilarious but totally harmless, so most people should get a big kick out of them. Enjoy tricking those you love, you prankster!

15 Harmless but Hilarious Pranks for April Fool's Day

April Fools Pranks That Won’t Tick People Off

Want to pull one over on the neat freak in your family? This nail polish prank is sure to do it! School glue, paint, a baggie and a nail polish bottle are all you need for this trick.


Here’s a similar trick made to look like an ice cream spill.


This clever mom found an image of a cockroach and printed it on transparent paper and cut it with her Silhouette. Doesn’t it look real?


Turn your kids’ bath blue! Gel food dye is the secret to this prank.


Set up a flock of flamingos in someone’s yard with the message “You’ve been flocked.” Or don’t leave a message and just leave them wondering what’s up.


Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish to prevent it from lathering. What a frustrating shower that will be!


The catch-a-dollar prank is always fun… but to be fair, you should give a dollar to the “victim” when you’re done.


Freeze your kids’ cereal to make breakfast time really confusing.


Stick adhesive googly eyes on EVERYTHING. The fruit in the fruit bowl… stuff in the fridge… family portraits. So funny.


Put tape over the remote sensor and watch as your kids try to turn on the tv after school. Do kids still know how to turn things on manually? Kidding… sort of.


Tell your family that you baked a batch of fresh Brown E’s (brownies) and watch their shocked (or disappointed) faces when they spot these.


Pour the kiddos some undrinkable juice. (It’s really Jello.)

jello drink

Replace the cream in some Oreos with toothpaste. Stop them after the first bite, though. You don’t want anyone consuming the toothpaste.


Put bubble wrap under the entryway rug. Someone will get a loud surprise when they come through the door!


Cut out some insects and tape them to the inside of a lamp shade and turn on the lights. Eeek… bugs everywhere!