Are you preparing for a birthday for a child or special co-worker? Then you are in the right place! Here you will find fun birthday prank ideas for little kids as well as teens and adults. With this birthday pranks list, you will be able to start planning your perfect birthday party pranks and surprises today!

When it’s time to celebrate the big day, we believe that no birthday is complete without a few fun surprises! That’s why these hilarious birthday pranks are the perfect addition to bringing a smile to your kids (or friends) on their special day.

Fun & Hilarious birthday pranks to surprise kids- collage of birthday prank ideas

No matter how young or old you are, there is something exciting about celebrating a birthday. Whether you have a small celebration with your immediate family or go all out and have a huge surprise party, birthdays are just magical. Especially when there are surprises involved! Because, is it really a birthday if there isn’t at least one surprise?

Also, don’t miss out on our list of birthday cake ideas and party food ideas that are sure to make your birthday party (or the one you’re planning for your kid), the highlight of the season!

Funny Birthday Pranks and Gags to Bring a Smile to Your Kid’s Face

1. Balloon Room Surprise

This one is pretty simple and makes a wonderful surprise for your little one to wake up to on their birthday morning. Just get several dozen balloons blown up, then sneak in while your kids are asleep, and fill their room with the balloons! This simple and fun surprise is sure to make this a birthday that your kids will remember forever!

Fun Birthday Surprises- Picture of room filled with balloons for a birthday surprise


2. Birthday Balloon Door Gag

Balloons are such a versatile decoration and they’re also great for birthday pranks and surprises! If you have a few bags of balloons lying around, another great way to incorporate them into your birthday fun is to surprise your kids with a birthday door!

Just secure balloons to the bedroom door using streamers and tape. This one is even easier than the room full of balloons because you can use fewer balloons and you can even blow them up yourself! If you want to get really crazy with it, you could even decorate every door in the house with balloons!

Birthday Prank Ideas- Picture of balloons taped on door for surprise

3. A Car Full of Balloons Makes a Perfect Birthday Prank

Can you tell that we just LOVE balloons around here? They are just so much fun! This birthday prank is at the top of our list for balloon pranks and would be a great surprise for that new driver in your family, especially if they’re also getting a new car for their birthday!

All you have to do is get a few dozen balloons and fill the car with balloons. This can also be a fun idea for younger kids (to find before the morning drive to school) or for your coworkers (to find after work).

Birthday Prank Ideas- Picture of car full of balloons


4. Exploding Birthday Gag Cake

Do you want to really give the birthday boy or girl a huge surprise?  Then you are definitely going to want to try this exploding cake!

This is seriously one of the best birthday party pranks out there that all ages will enjoy! The birthday kid thinks they are getting ready to cut into a delicious, yummy birthday cake, but instead, they get a big POP of surprise!

Birthday Pranks- Picture of Balloon Cake Prank


5. Birthday Sponge Cake (The Non-Edible Kind)

Okay, we get it. Maybe balloons just aren’t your idea of fun. Don’t worry! We have a great alternative to the exploding cake. You can try this “sponge” cake by frosting a bunch of sponges to look like a cake. Then, watch their faces when they try to take a bite out of the colorful “sponge” cake.

Tip: For either of these non-edible birthday cake pranks, it would probably be a good idea to have a real cake hidden somewhere. Otherwise, those laughs of surprise and delight will soon turn to tears of sadness. Having a backup cake will make sure that your prank doesn’t fall flat!

Birthday Prank Ideas- Photo of Birthday Sponge Cake


6. Individually Wrapped Treats

Individually wrap each item in your child’s lunch for the day. Who doesn’t love unwrapping surprises? You can make it extra fun by adding some surprise items in there!

If you’re doing this for a teenager or adult and you want to be a little sneaky, you could make even add a few “embarrassing” surprises. Just don’t make it too embarrassing.

Fun Birthday Prank Ideas- Picture of individually wrapped lunch items


7. Birthday Honks!

Honk for a happy birthday! This is a really fun birthday surprise! Especially if your kiddo doesn’t see or is too young to read. It will make them feel special that so many people are honking for them.

Birthday Surprise- picture of birthday message written on car window

8. Birthday Fun Gags that Only Kids Love-Glitter Bombs

Oh, the joys of a good ole’ glitter bomb!  Kids love them, parents despise cleaning up after them. We think this is a great prank to play on a co-worker. But, if you don’t want them hating you forever, you might want to do it outside (not in their car!).

Birthday surprise- Picture of woman with a glitter bomb

9. Gift Wrapped Furniture Trick

If you’re a fan of The Office, then you know where this one is headed! The great thing is, this can be done with the kiddos, a teenager, an adult, or co-workers!

Just wrap their bed, desk, and everything else in gift wrap while they are away. It may take a lot of wrapping paper, but it will be worth seeing the surprise on their faces! We say that this is one of the top birthday pranks that anyone can do!

Fun Birthday Prank Ideas- Picture of furniture wrapped in wrapping paper


10. Balloon Pillow

Yes, I know. We’re back to the balloons!  But, they’re just so much fun. Don’t you agree?

This birthday prank is a great one for all ages. Just fill the pillowcases with balloons! They’re sure to squeal with delight (or fright if the popping startles them!) Either way, it makes a fun prank!

Birthday Prank- picture of a pillow case stuffed with balloons

11. Birthday Balloon Messages

With these awesome letter balloons, you can leave your kids a message! Or better yet, give them the letters and have them unscramble them! This one isn’t technically a prank, but it will still surprise and delight your child, bringing a smile to their faces.

And, if they are younger, they’ll play with the balloons for days (probably more than with the toys they get at the party!) So it’s a win-win for everyone!

Here are a few message ideas for you:

  • Over the Hill
  • Happy Birthday
  • Birthday Girl
  • Birthday Boy
  • Sweet 16
  • Old Timer
  • Let the Good Times Roll
  • Happy Day of Your Birth

Birthday Ideas- picture of letter balloons for birthday message

12. Funniest Birthday Pranks: Post-It Note Car

This one is one of the best pranks that you can pull on your teenage driver! Decorate the car in post-it notes! Yes, it will take some time and dedication on your part (and a WHOLE lot of post-it notes), but you’ll get to enjoy watching their surprise at seeing their vehicle covered in colorful notes.

And then the crushing realization that they have to take them off one by one. This is definitely a fun birthday prank to pull on your teens!

Fun Birthday Prank Ideas- Picture of car covered in colorful post-it notes as a prank


13. Money Balloons

Gifting cash to the birthday boy or girl? Make it a bigger surprise by putting the money in balloons along with glitter or confetti. It makes a mess, but it’s sure to be a fun surprise!

Psst…want to learn more ways that you can make gifting money more fun? Then check out our blog, 17 Insanely Clever and Fun Money Gift Ideas!

Fun Birthday Prank ideas- picture of balloon filled with money and glitter

14. Birthday Puzzle Money

Want to make it really difficult for your kid to get to their birthday money? Try putting the money inside some sort of puzzle instead. This is a really fun and creative way to watch kids try and get to their cash. They will probably work harder at this than they do on their chores.

Fun Birthday Prank ideas- picture of 100 dollar bill in a puzzle maze

15. Party in the Potty

If the first place your kiddo heads to in the morning is to the bathroom, start the festivities there. Who wouldn’t be surprised (and maybe a little disturbed?) to find their picture on a toilet seat?

Fun Birthday Prank Ideas- picture of toilet with balloons and Happy Birthday written on it

Bonus: Timeless Birthday Gag Candles

And, of course, who can forget the classic birthday prank… candles that can’t be blown out! (affiliate). These really make a perfect birthday prank for all ages. It will be fun to see how long it takes them to realize that someone is pulling their leg!

Fun Birthday Prank Ideas- picture of magic relighting candles for birthday cake

These Hilarious Birthday Pranks Will Make Your Kid’s Big Day Extra Special

Celebrating a birthday is special no matter who you are or how you celebrate the big day. But sometimes it’s nice to spice things up a little with a fun birthday prank or surprise for that special birthday boy or girl! Not only will it bring a smile to your child’s face, but it will also add some unique fun to the festivities and be something that they will remember for the rest of their lives! We hope that you will try one of these birthday prank ideas to make your kids’ birthday party the best one yet!

Want another birthday tip before you go? Be sure to have your phone handy so that you can record your child’s (or co-worker’s) reaction to their birthday surprise. Then post it online! You never know, it might just go viral.  ? Now how is that for making lasting memories?

Pranks for Anytime of the Year

Do you live for pranks? Maybe you’re just dying to prank someone NOW, but no one has a birthday coming up. You know we’ve got you covered with that too!

This is THE ultimate source for pranks! Actually, this silly prank book just might be the perfect gift for the fun-loving goober in your life!

Fun Prank Ideas- picture of a prank book

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Which if these hilarious birthday pranks have you tried out yet?

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