Baby powder has fallen out of fashion for babies, but don’t write it off entirely. It’s still incredibly useful around the home and in your beauty routine. Want to prevent shoe rub? Use baby powder. Need to keep ants away? Baby powder does that, too! Find out just how much you can do with these smart baby powder uses.

Did you know baby powder had so many uses? Here are some tips and tricks to get the most of this useful product.

Baby Powder Uses You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Sprinkle a little in your shoes to combat odor.

baby powder uses 9

via Brit & Co.

Use it as a dry shampoo. My hair gets oily if it isn’t washed every day, so I can’t tell you how many times this has saved me! Works best on lighter colored hair.

Baby Powder Hack - Dry Shampoo


Loosen and untangle knots in jewelry with a sprinkle of baby powder.

Baby Powder Hack - Untangle Jewelry

Make some fake snow (snow dough) with baby powder and shaving cream. So easy and FUN!

baby powder uses 8

via Sugar Aunts

Apply baby powder to your eyelashes before mascara to make them look longer and fuller.





Iron baby powder into the armpits and collars of your shirts to prevent sweat stains.

baby powder uses 18

via The Krazy Coupon Lady

Use it to get wet sand off your feet.

baby powder uses 4

via Grosgrain Fabulous

Use baby powder, cocoa and cornstarch to make your own (cheap!) mineral veil makeup.

baby powder uses 5

via Megan Brooke Handmade

Put baby powder on your hands before putting on your rubber cleaning gloves. Taking them off will be so much easier!

baby powder uses 15

via Tips Bulletin

Make super soft playdough for the kids. Don’t  you just want to squish this in your hands? Get even more playdough recipes.

baby powder uses 6

via Teaching Mama

Make your high heels more comfortable. A dash of baby powder will keep your feet dry and reduce swelling.

baby powder uses 17

via Amuse Bouche

Make a texture paste to use in crafting. It works just as well as modeling paste!

baby powder uses 16

via Magpie’s Corner

Protect flower bulbs from pests and rot with a sprinkle of baby powder or medicated talcum powder.

baby powder uses 13

via Monkey See


Put it on your inner thighs during the summer to reduce sweating and friction.

baby powder uses 10

via Buzzfeed

Get grease or oil stains out of clothing. I wish I had known this trick when I washed my lip balm up with my husband’s favorite shirt. Twice. Need more laundry hacks? We’ve got ’em!)

baby powder uses 11

via Wikihow

Add baby powder to a new deck of playing cards to keep them from sticking together.

baby powder uses 12

via Living Like You

It’s a great way to repel ants if you want to avoid toxic chemicals in your home because of small children or pets.

baby powder uses 14

via One How To

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Baby Powder Uses You Didn't Know You Needed

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