For millions of people around the world, the holidays are a time of family, friendship, and gathering. But what about those people who can’t make the trip to be together to celebrate Christmas during those holiday months? It’s not uncommon for families to find themselves in a situation where they want to see and visit their family, but they just can’t make it happen. In times like that, it’s imperative to keep the motto, “Where’s there’s a will, there’s a way” because you don’t have to miss out on the holiday festivities entirely just because you aren’t physically there with your family and friends. Here are some exciting ways to celebrate Christmas when you can’t be together!

celebrate Christmas

Christmas is full of sparkling lights, tasty foods, and spending time with family. I have some great ideas below to help you feel togetherness even when you are miles apart.

Exciting Ways to Celebrate Christmas When You Can’t Be Together

Even though there may be thousands of miles between you and your family, you can still find ways to celebrate Christmas together!


You gotta love the internet, right? Thanks to all the amazing new inventions out there, it’s never been easier to call up those that you love and be a part of the action. If you sent some presents in the mail, why not Facetime and watch them open them? In all reality, it’s entirely possible to sit and Facetime the entire holiday dinner and gift exchange with ease! You just need someone on the receiving end to carry around the phone and show you everything, but that’s the hardest part of it!


Skype is another great resource to use and have when the thousands of miles are separating you. Again, all you need is a solid internet connection, and someone to hold the phone or laptop. If you can angle the computer screen perfectly, no one will even need to hold it! How awesome to be able to be a part of the fun holiday traditions without even actually being there!

Sharing pictures and videos

If the internet connection isn’t strong enough, have someone be the official photographer and videographer of the holiday fun. That way, you can see the day throughout a variety of ways, that can easily be emailed to you to watch and view later. While it may not necessarily be “live”, you’ll still get the feeling of what it would be like if you were physically there.

Don’t let the loneliness of being apart this holiday season put a damper of celebrating Christmas. The truth of the matter is that no matter what you think or feel, you are always with your family and friends throughout the entire duration of the year.

While Christmas may be a time that you want to share with everyone in your family, it just may not be a possibility. Planning ahead on how you can be as active as possible is a great way to celebrate, too!

Plan Ahead

Plus, the more that you plan ahead on your end, the more smoothly the holiday season will go for everyone. Sending presents ahead of time, mailing out Christmas cards and getting all your decorating done early is a great way to prep for the holiday.

Remember to be respectful to your family and friends by giving them plenty of advance notice that you’ll be unable to attend the holiday celebrations. That way, they’ll know ahead of time and won’t be planning out activities and events with you included when it turns out that you won’t actually be there to celebrate with them.

how to celebrate Christmas with family

Charge up your battery, get your internet connection solid and see what options you have for celebrating Christmas with your family and friends. There are so many options available to make it the best Christmas ever!

How do you stay connected to family that you can’t see?



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