Want your kids to eat more fruit for better nutrition? Sometimes it’s all in the presentation. If yours is lacking, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up 18 totally cute, totally tasty ways to serve fruit to kids. And the good news is that most of these fruit ideas don’t take long to make (perfect for us lazy parents). With just a few minutes and a few ingredients, you can create a fun and healthy snack that your kids will be excited to eat.

Collage of colorful Ways to Serve Fruit to Kids

Fun Fruit Ideas to Serve for Kids

1. Friendly Fruit Butterfly

Catch your picky kid’s attention when you make a fruity butterfly out of grapes and mandarin orange slices. Mix it up and create different colored butterflies with different colored grapes and other fruit slices. For your artistic folks, it would be fun to elaborate on the wings by adding kiwi or berries accents. This one’s so easy that even I can do it!

This is a fun Way to Serve Fruit to Kids especially if they love butterflies.

2. Serve a Cute Fruit Apple

Watermelon, honeydew melon, and kiwi fruit come together to make this cute worm in the apple snack. The googly eyes are a nice touch, but you may want to leave them off for the kiddos who aren’t old enough to realize that they’re not edible. Perhaps a little chocolate chip eye would work. Isn’t this duo super cute?!

Way too cute apple and worm Way to Serve Fruit to Kids

3. Fun Fruit Lion

Roar! If you’re going to be king of the jungle, you have to start with a healthy breakfast of mandarin oranges, grapes, and Kix cereal. If your kiddo doesn’t like Kix, you could always switch it out for a different cereal they love.

If your little one is a lion this cereal and fruit one is a great ways to Serve Fruit to your Kids

4. Flower Fruit Power Kids Love to Munch

Having a hard day? Your kids may need a little flower power. Make watermelon flowers to brighten your kid’s day! Psst, they are watermelon, so you’re also boosting your little one’s mood by hydrating them. This would also be a great one for spring when all the flowers are in bloom. You may be able to make fruit-Flower look-a-likes of what you have grown about you.

These little watermelon flowers are a fun and colorful way to get your kids to eat fruit.

5. Little Fruit Lobster Lunch

“Life is like eating a watermelon, you know you’re going to get some seeds; just spit them out and take another bite.” —Jeff Steinmann

Here’s another watermelon snack that’s perfect for summer (or a beach vacation)… a watermelon lobster!

Watermelon seems popular and this colorful design is another ways to serve fruit to kids they are sure to love.

6. Best Ways to Serve Fruit to Kids- When It’s Something New

These caterpillar fruit snacks use a wonderful variety of fruits for a colorful and healthy snack. They are a great idea if you want to get your kiddo to try something new. Simply slice it up and stick it among the other fruits like blueberries they are more familiar with. A side of peanut butter or whipped cream would go great with this little critter, in case they need a little motivation to try the new fruit. CUTE!

Here’s another way to make it!

Serve your kids more fruit in this cute way with a fun little caterpillar.

7. Eat a Favorite Fruit Owl

Hoo hoo, can resist this adorable owl snack? Every little detail in this little treat makes the appearance of this snack even more wonderful. From the little olive feathers to the kiwi, grape, and green bean tree branch he is sitting on, what a fun way to eat fruit!

Who wouldn't want to munch this big orange eyed little owl.

8. Healthy Darling Dolphin Fruit Snack

Okay, these banana dolphins are seriously adorable. Who thinks of this stuff? If you have an ocean lover at your table, they are sure this one is right up. You could easily mix this one up with different fruits like cherries (or maybe even a veggie such as peas) the dolphins are eating. Dice up a dish of random bite-size fruit choices and stick them next to your little one’s plate. They will have loads of fun feeding their happy little banana dolphins. Pst.. you could even throw in some Goldfish crackers for a good chuckle.

If they love the ocean this is a clever ways to serve fruit to kids they will eat bite by bite.

9. Best Ways to Serve Fruit to Your Kids- When it’s Boring

The standard fruits we eat a lot of, like apples, oranges, pears, avocado, raspberries, cranberries, mango and any other fruit you eat regularly in your home, can get boring after a while. A great way to mix up the fun and get your kids excited to eat them again is by dressing them up a bit into fun little animals. How about a snappy little crab apple (or apple crab, in this case)? You can spread a thin layer of peanut butter (for beach sand) across the plate before placing him on top!

Use this happy way to serve fruit to your kids with a crab made of apples.

10. Taste the Tropics in Every Bite of this Fruit Idea

Halos are delicious and pair perfectly with bananas, kiwi fruit, and apples to create these tropical-themed snacks. your little one is sure to have fun picking off each palm leaf and flower peddles on this plate. If your kids don’t like kiwi (it can be an acquired taste) try replacing the palm frowns with pears or peaches!

Here little flowers and palm trees are waiting to me munched.

11. Fun Ways to Eat Fruit Kabobs

Pinwheel skewers make these fruit kabobs extra fun! What kid doesn’t play with their food already, right?! You could mix in some raisins with all these yummy fruits and pair it with a side of yogurt for dipping. When they are all finished they will have a fun little pinwheel to play with. FUN!

This playful little pinwheel kabob is a wonderful way to serve fruit to your kids.

12. Serve a Beach Ball of Fruit

Okay, so it may not be the healthiest option on the list, but this beach ball fruit pizza served on sugar cookie dough sure looks delicious! If you want to cut out the sugar, this option can easily be placed on a large serving platter with a middle dipping option of yogurt, peanut butter, or light whip cream– fruit salad! If you’re not afraid of a little sugar, pull out the Nutella or chocolate dip! This is a great way to feed teenagers when you have them and their friends all eating you out of food.

This bright and beautiful assortment of goodies is a wild way to serve fruit to your kids.

13. Fruit Choo Chews

Your kiddos will choo-choo choose this train snack over and over again. You can’t go wrong with strawberries, bananas, and a bit of whipped cream. A fun activity you can incorporate into this snack (if you are up for it) is readying The Little Engine Who Could for your kiddo while they eat. Your little one could rotate the plate uphill and downhill each time in the story the engine chugs along.

Serve your little ones a chewable choo choo with this clever way to serve fruit to your kids.

14. Serve Up Fruit Parrot Snacks

This peachy parrot will be a big hit! It’s almost too stinky cute to eat. If you have a few extra minutes to get your child’s snack ready, this is a fun way to put in your time. I can already imagine this little fellow on top of a pancake during a weekend breakfast, can’t you?

This pretty as a peach parrot is almost to good to eat but your kids will love it and it's a fun way to serve fruit to your kids.

15. Best Ways to Serve Fruit to Kids – On a Stick!

Any fruit on a stick is bound to go over with joyful enthusiasm for kids. Any way to get kids to make less of a mess with anything is always a hit with moms. Make watermelon heart pops for a no-mess way to eat watermelon. This is great for little hands that drop things easily and even better for parties. Make a tray and watch how fast they go. Get more watermelon hacks here!

Every kid will eat anything resembling a pop sickle. So this is a way to serve fruit to your kids guaranteed. Especially being in bright heart shapes of watermelon.
Watermelon Heart Pops from Craft-O-Maniac and Porch.Com

16. Bee Creative with a Fun Fruit Bee Hive

Stack pineapple rings and turn kumquats or another small fruit into busy little bees around the beehive. Grapes or strawberries would work well too if your kiddo is not a fan of kumquats. You could even drizzle a few drops of honey down the sides for a more realistic look. Bee-utiful!

Here’s another way to make it!

There will be all kinds of buzz about fun dish. Use pineapple to create a bee hive, then other fruit to make bees.
Busy Little Bee Around a Bee Hive Fruit Snack from Parents.com

17. Race to the Table for these Cute Fruit Cars

Rev up your engines for these cute race car fruit snacks. They may be simple, but man are they going to be fun and great for side dishes. The hardest part will be getting your little guys to pit their cars long enough to eat them. If you really want them to remember and enjoy this one, put a line of whip cream and a line of crumbled cookies onto their plate (not too much, we want to stay healthy after all). This way when they drive their little apples (I mean cars) around their plates it will be like racing around a dirt track. Vroom!

The hardest part about this way to serve fruit to your kids is getting them not to play with their food. Race cars made of apple slices and grapes is hard not to race.

18. Friendly Little Fruit Forest Bear Bites

Banana bears would make an adorable classroom snack. They would be a great activity to go along with a bear story or lesson. Supply them with portions and the kids could follow verbal instructions to build their own little bears. These would also make a great choice instead of cupcakes and cookies if your child needs to bring a snack to share. Lots of parents would appreciate the healthier option at parties, too!

Ok this clever little bear snack made of bananas, raspberries, and blueberries is a hard one to pass up.

How much fun are your kids going to have to eat these great ideas? They may have a whole new outlook on fruit altogether. Shhh, we don’t need to remind them these are healthy for them. In fact, we’ll keep it our little secret, just like these other great ideas to get your picky eater munching down all those fruits and veggies they didn’t know they liked.

More Sneaky Ways to Serve Fruit to Kids

What fruit idea are you going to serve your kids today?

Four Picture collage of clever ways to serve fruit to your kids.

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