People love to garden for many different reasons. No matter your reason for gardening, you may have amassed quite a collection of garden tool storage and tool organizers. Are they in a mess in your shed or taking up valuable space in your garage? Get them in order with these genius ways and ideas to store garden tools for everyone, from the amateur to the experienced gardener. You’ll also want to check out our garden DIYs and our can’t-miss garden hacks!

16 Garden Tool Organization Ideas like hanging tools on garage wall, wrapping hose around tire rim on wall, putting tools in wicker basket, etc.

Clever Ways to Store Garden Tools to Organize Your Shed

1. Organize Extra Garden Tools in a Basket on the Wall

Do you have extra miscellaneous garden tools, and don’t know where to store them? Here’s an out-of-the-way idea for all those smaller gardening tools such as splinters, rag, shears, pruners, and the like. Hang a bike basket to hold gardening gloves, twine, and other gardening essentials. You can also put a hook or nail on the wall next to it so you can hang other needed items. What a great storage rack idea to avoid a messy garage or storage shed!

organize garden tools in a wicker basket hanging on the wall in the garage (or shed) with a broom and hand shovel and yellow boots hanging next to it
Organize Tools with a Bike Basket from Martha Stewart

2. Use a Bucket to Hang Your Garden Hose

There are plenty of options on how to store your good old garden hose with a style. What a creative way to store your garden hose and keep it off the lawn! Wrap your garden hose around a bucket hung on the wall. And put garden hose attachments inside the bucket. You could put this holder in a handy location close to your water hook-up outside, so it’s more convenient. So simple, it’s genius!

garden hose wrapped around a metal bucket hanging on the wall with hose attachment placed inside of bucket.
Use a Bucket to Hang Your Garden Hose from Martha Stewart

3. From Wood Pallet to the Best Garden Tool Organizer

Do you have an extra wooden pallet in your backyard? Why not turn it into a cool garden tool organizer? This tutorial also shows you how to install a little compartment at the top for gloves and anything else that needs to be kept dry. You can rearrange the hooks or nails any way you like depending on what tools you need to hang like garden shovels, garden forks, brooms, trimmers, and hammers. How cool is this pallet organization idea?

a wooden pallet hung on a wall and modified to hang your garden tool including flower pots, shovels, hand rake, hose and a plastic water can sitting next to it

4. Create a Carry-All for Your Gardening and Yard Tools

Create a garden carry-all to take with you wherever you go in the garden to avoid delays. You can add some canning jars in the slots to hold smaller items like felt-tip pens, clips, and clippers. The handle makes this very convenient to carry from place to place. This is a vintage milk carrier, but you can use a shower caddie to do the same thing. Shower caddies can be easily found online or in box stores as well.

garden tools organized in a wire frame sitting on a wooden desk with a plant sitting next to it

5. Hang Tools Upright with PVC

Choose one wall in your garage to organize all those tools with long handles like mops. This homeowner used PVC pipe to get the job done. You’ll need some scrap PVC pipe and some wooden boards, and you’re all set. Much for the instructions! They cut the PVC pipes at an angle so there’d be room to attach them to the boards easily. You’ll never trip over the rake again, lifetime warranty!

Hanging garden tools upright in the garage with pvc attached to wood pieces

6. DIY Garden Tool Rack Garage Storage

Talk about stability, alternatively, here’s a wooden garden tool rack for the large tools. It’s cheap, durable, and simple and also keeps all the tools off the floor. You can make it as tall as you like if you need more tools to hang it. This one is mounted directly onto the frame of the garden shed so it takes up very little space. Easy installation and such a cool idea, right?

Hanging garden tools horizontally in the garage or shed, rake, hoe, etc.

7. Make a Garden Tool Bucket Caddy

Do you have some old jeans you want to get rid of? Why not reuse some of them to create this garden tool bucket pack? It’s free to make if you already have a bucket you want to turn into a caddy. You have pockets on both the outside and inside so you have room for things like your tools and seeds. What a smart idea… you can carry so much!

bucket with diy jeans cut and made into pocket that go around the bucket and it's holding garden tools.

8. Hang Garden Tools from an Old Rake

Most of us have an old rusty (or even broken) rake we’re not using. What a great idea to gear up, and repurpose it instead of just tossing it. Upcycle that old steel rake to organize your hand and heavy tools. You can paint the rake or leave it as is for a rustic look, but remember to remove the handle before hanging. What a genius idea!

garden tools hanging from a repurposed old rake on the wall

9. DIY Potting Bench with Sink and Hose

If you’re not afraid of a weekend project, you’ll fall in love with this DIY potting bench. The holes on the top are for easy clean up of the dirt with a bin below. When you want to cover them up, just use a piece of wood or a cutting board and you can use the potting bench to entertain! It will hold everything you need to care for your potted plants and your garden even fertilizers.
This clever potting bench has so many super cool features, like:

  • Sink and faucet plus it drains right into their flower garden
  • Mounted hose reel with the gardening hose ready to use
  • Holes in the top for easy clean up of excess soil
    (and there’s a bin below the holes to catch the dirt!)
  • There’s a pegboard and hooks for hanging your gardening tools
  • A clever DIY twine dispenser
  • AND upper and lower shelves

I would love this in my backyard so I can have a handy place and easy mobility to the garden. So much for a mini hardware!

DIY potting bench with pots, a sink with faucet, hose mounted to the side, and a pegboard with hooks to hold garden tools

10. Mailbox Tool Storage

Do you have gardening supplies or power tools you use on a daily basis? This is such a convenient way to store tool handles so they’re easy to get to reach. Attach an old mailbox to the side of a raised garden bed to keep your tools right where you need them. If need be, put a quick coat of paint on this mailbox to make it look great. What a creative idea!

a mailbox attached to a wooden fence holding garden tools.

11. Decorated Mailbox to Hold Tools Near Your Garden

Install a mailbox near your garden, and put your gloves and most frequently used tools inside. How convenient. Decorate it if you like so it’s beautiful. This will hold your smaller garden items and keep them safe from the weather. Plus, if you install this right in your garden, you’ll never have to go searching for your tools.

an old mailbox decorated with flowers and used to hold garden tools, the front if open.

12. Hang Garden Tools on Pegs on the Wall

Install strips of wood along the wall with pegs, knobs, or movable hooks for hanging your tools. You can space them out so all your gardening tools fit nicely on your wall. This works for hanging other items as well, like hats, beach bags, or even coats. Find an empty wall that’s conveniently placed for this clever idea. This almost looks too pretty to touch!

garden tools hanging on pegs on a wall in the garage

13. Clay Pots for Your Garden Tools

What a simple, low-cost idea that anyone can use. Fill clay pots with sand and stick your hand tools in them to keep them sharp and organized. You can even have more than one of these placed in handy locations. It really works! What a clever way to store your tools.

garden tool organization with just a Clay pot filled with sand and hand garden tools put in the sand to keep the tools clean and sharp

14. Convert an Old File Cabinet into Storage

Can you believe this heavy duty steel is a used old file cabinet? Convert yours into tool storage by removing the drawers, turning the cabinet on its back, and installing pegboards on the ends. Give it a fresh coat of paint and add a stripe if you like. Attach wheels to the bottom so it’s easy to move around. This will look great up against the wall of your garage!

garden tool organization with an old file cabinet turned on it's side and painted red, holding long garden tools upright

15. Spigot-Handle Garden Tool Rack

Use scrap wood and old knobs and spigots to create a rustic, weathered garden tool rack. Adding a shelf at the top of this makes it handy to hold your flower pots and other items. Your spigots can be used to hang all your garden tools and other items, like your garden hat or bag. Place this on a wall near your garden and you won’t have to go far to collect your tools. What a clever garden idea!

DIY garden tool rack with tools hanging from it and flower pots on top.

16. Garden Tool Organization Using a Pegboard

And, finally, let’s not forget one of our favorite organizational tools: the pegboard! Here’s a garden tool pegboard you can install in your shed or garage to keep everything neat and organized. You can even turn the whole wall into a pegboard if you like. It’s nice to have everything you need right at your fingertips. I love having all my garden tools in one place!

garden tool organization with a pegboard. one wall in the garage as pegboard with garden tools hanging from it.

People Garden for all Sorts of Reasons

People love to garden for different reasons. Some people like to grow fresh fruits and veggies to use all year long. And others wanna grow the prettiest rose bush on the block! If you’ve been gardening for a while, you’ve likely amassed quite the collection of garden tools. These garden tool organization tips should help keep your tools neat and off the ground.

Need more gardening tips? Don’t miss our post on Pet-Friendly Gardening Products! We also have other gardening ideas below to make your gardening as enjoyable as possible. No matter if you’re a beginner or have been gardening for years. There should be an organizational idea that would work for you.

garden tool organization images with mailbox holding hand tools, old rake with hanging garden tools from it, diy bucket with garden tools in jean pockets, garden tool rack with tools standing upright against the wall.

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Which of these garden tool storage ideas do you love the most? Let us know in the comments!

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