Looking for an easy way to organize your spices? This 15-minute DIY is super easy. With an old orange crate and some chalkboard paint, you can create a rustic-looking spice organizer to spruce up your kitchen. And if you’re not sure what to do with your old spice rack, we’ve got loads of ideas here.

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DIY Spice Organizer Using An Orange Crate

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Materials Needed:

  • Empty Wooden Orange Crate (usually sold containing clementines)
  • Chalkboard spray paint
  • Paint of your choice
  • Sponge or Paint Brush

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The crate is basically ready to use as is, there are just a few things I like to do first. Check the crate over for any loose staples. Remove them or bang them in with a hammer. Carefully run your hand over the edges and check for cracked or split wood that may splinter. Lightly sand any spots you find with a fine sand paper.

Most clementine crates have a label on the ends that can not be removed. Instead, use the chalkboard paint to spray over it. Allow to dry. I only needed one coat! (See more chalkboard paint crafts here.)

Use your choice of paint color to paint the wood. Or you can always leave it natural. I used the white wash technique because I like the look of the light wood and wanted to bring out the features more. Allow the paint to dry.

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Once all the paint is dry it is as simple as filling it up with your spices or anything else that may be cluttering up a whole entire shelf in your cupboard or cabinets!

This is what my spices looked like before-

 I was constantly trying to find what I need AND to make it worse, I am short so the whole time I am digging in my cabinet, I am on my tippy toes. No thank you.

spices process 2

15 minutes later ! BOOM. All my spices organized in one place. I can take the whole crate down and grab what I need. Check out more of our kitchen organization ideas and pantry hacks!

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