It’s about time to start marking off those fall bucket list items! With so many adventures out there to explore, take the time to do them all!

Fall is a time of the year that almost everyone loves to be outdoors. The bugs are gone, the heat is dwindling, and the humidity isn’t even a thing of concern.

If there was almost a perfect season, it would be Fall. During those fall months, it’s the perfect time to start checking off a few amazing bucket list items off your list. More than likely, you’ve been making a fall bucket list since you were young, so there’s no better time than the present to start making them happen!

Start easy and work your way up and before you realize it, you’ll have gone through the majority of your bucket list items with ease!

Amazing Bucket List Items that are Perfect for Fall

Take advantage of the Fall season and all the fun and beauty that it has to offer. Now is the time to start adding those items to your bucket list, and in just a few short weeks, you can start checking them off one by one! Check out this bucket list for all ages!

Amazing Bucket List Items that are Perfect for Fall

Everyone’s bucket list will be 100% different, but that’s what makes them so much fun!

1. Pick your own apples and make an apple pie

While it may not sound overly adventurous, not many people can say that they’ve actually done this either. Finding an orchard, picking your own apples, and then making a homemade pie with them from start to finish is a ton of fun and needs to happen! And if you are feeling generous, you can share your pie with others, too!

2. Go skydiving

Quite the jump (literally) from picking apples, right? But seriously. If you have the chance to fly high above the clouds and jump out of a plane, why not? You’ll be trained by experts and have the proper safety equipment so if you are feeling froggy one Fall morning, make it happen! It’s certain to be an experience that you’ll never forget!

3. Plan for Adventure

Never just look at each other and wonder what to do!!  The Camping planner includes not only ALL the checklists you could need to make sure you don’t forget the important necessities, but also a GIANT list of roughly 50 memory-making activities for your kids to enjoy while you are camping… and the best thing is it’s only $7!!

4. Pack up your car and go camping

Who needs a tent or a camper or really, anything else to enjoy camping in the great outdoors? If you have a car, you can camp. Pick a spot that you can park and enjoy a night under the stars. You’ll be amazed at just how relaxed and calm you can become after just one night of camping.

5. Plan a random trip and just go

Most people spend months planning the perfect trip…and while that can be great, sometimes it’s just fun to be a little spontaneous and make things happen. If you have the time, and money, to book a last-minute trip to anywhere in the world, why wouldn’t you? Pick a safe place, and just book it. No plans, nothing. Explore the beauty of Fall from another place in the world!

6. Eat anything and everything pumpkin flavored that you can find

It’s no secret that once Fall hits, pumpkin-flavored items start popping up left and right. Make it a personal bucket list item to eat anything and everything pumpkin flavored that you see. You’ll either open up your mind to new food’s that taste like pumpkin, or you’ll get so sick of the flavor that you’ll never want to eat or see anything pumpkin flavored ever again. It’s a fun gamble that’s worth taking!

7. Foster an animal for your family

If you’ve never considered fostering an animal through a local animal shelter, the Fall months are a great time to do so. It’s calm with school back in session and again, the weather is a lot more manageable. Contact the shelters in your area to see how you can start helping them out with their overload of cats and dogs!

Amazing Bucket List Items that are Perfect for Fall (2)

8. Doing something nice for someone else

Walk around your town and see what else you can do for someone. Take our their trash, pull their trashcans up to their house, drop off some clothing for someone in need…The options are endless about how you can help.

9. Plant a fall garden

Did you know that vegetables will actually grow a lot longer than the summer months? You can plant summer and a fall garden and have great food for storing and eating right before the winter months hit.

As you can tell, having a fall bucket list is so much fun! You can literally schedule out and plan anything that you want to do!

What would you have on your fall bucket list?

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