Make your freezer hum with efficiency by using these brilliant freezer storage and freezer organization tips!

woman organizing freezer

If you don’t have an organized freezer, it can be a dreaded task to get anything in, or out of it (watch out for the freezer avalanche!).

Rather than avoiding the issue and losing more food and money (not to mention getting clocked with that block of frozen meat), check out some of these brilliant freezer organization hack showing you how to organize your freezer the right way.

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Video: How to Organize Your Freezer

I put together this short video to show you that you don’t have to spend a ton of money or time to have a perfectly organized freezer.

How to Organize Your Freezer in 6 Easy Steps

In case you are somewhere you aren’t able to watch the video above, here’s a quick recap of the tips covered in it:

1. Remove Everything from the Freezer

Trust me, it’s impossible to get your freezer organized without starting with a totally clean, blank slate. Now’s your opportunity to give your freezer a good cleaning with a magic eraser too!

2. Store Loose Veggies Like Frozen Corn, Peas, and Onions in Clean Milk Jugs

Consolidate all the half-full bags of frozen veggies into one jug per type. This will not only make it easier to see what you have, but it’s super simple to pour from the jug too!

3. Toss Out All the Boxes

It’s impossible to achieve freezer organization if you have tons of boxes crammed into your freezer. Instead, toss the boxes and keep items in freezer bins.

You can purchase clear plastic bins for under a dollar at most stores (and many other stores too). Having several containers the same size can help you store different (but similar) items, like poultry and beef.

You can decorate them or simply label them to give you individual spaces for all the foods you store.

4. Store Items Vertically Instead of Flat

If you have a huge stack of frozen ground beef, you’ll be amazed at how much less room they take once store vertically!

Using gallon or quart-sized freezer storage bags is a GREAT way to store a lot of things. Fill the bag, remove the air, and lay it flat to freeze. Once frozen, you can stand it up on its side – it’s only an inch or two wide!

Magazine holders are the PERFECT place to store those meals or sauces that you’ve frozen flat. You can store several in one container standing up, or laid on its side. Attach a laminated note card on the outside so that you can note what’s being stored.

By the way – magazine holders are one of my favorite organizing tools! Here’s 17 brilliant ways to organize with a magazine holder.

5. Use Bag Clips to Hang Bags from Shelves

If you have wire shelves in your freezer, consider yourself lucky! Use a chip clip to seal up the bag while dangling it from the top off the shelf.

6. Store Larger Bulk Items at the Bottom of the Freezer

The drawers at the bottom of your freezer are the perfect spot to hold large bags of frozen fruit, chicken nuggets, or gallons of ice cream.

More Brilliant Freezer Organization Tips You Can’t Live Without

Whether you have a side-by-side freezer, drawer freezer, or even a deep freeze chest, it seems there’s never enough room.

Freezers can be a lifesaver because they give you space to store things that you don’t want or need right away without them rotting, going stale, or expiring. Here’s how to keep these workhorses organized and at the ready!

Freeze Individual Servings

No more thawing an entire bag or container of something you just need a little of. Portion out your meals or ingredients ahead of time, freeze them individually, then just use what you need.

By the way, here are some freezer meal ideas, if you’re interested!

freezer container with individually frozen pancakes and blueberries

Label Everything

If your freezer is full of homemade goodies, it’s crucial to keep things labeled. Use simple freezer stickers to make sure you never lose track of what’s in your freezer, when you put it in there, or when you need to use it by.

Keep Your Freezer Defrosted

If your freezer looks like Alaska with all the ice buildup, defrost it – this likely needs to be done on a regular basis. You’ll want to coordinate well if your freezer is part of your fridge (it will need to be unplugged) but it’ll be worth the effort. Here’s how to defrost your freezer like a boss!

Vacuum Seal Your Foods

How many times have you looked into the freezer, only to find one (or more) frostbitten bags filled with unidentifiable food?

Use a food sealer to tightly seal your bags and remove all the air so you can clearly see what’s inside. Not only will you save freezer storage space, but you’ll also preserve your food better.

In fact, I am such a HUGE fan of vacuum sealing, that I wrote an entire post about it! Here’s why I absolutely couldn’t cook without my food saver!

Utilize a Dry Erase Marker

If you have a separate, or secondary, freezer in a garage or utility room, you can use a dry erase marker right on the door to taken inventory of the contents!

If you don’t want to write directly on the surface in your kitchen, purchase a small magnetic dry erase board and attach it to the side.

Review and revise your list each time you use something out of it, or add something to it.

freezer with food list written in dry eraser

Try Souper Cubes

Freezer storage made simple. If you have small amounts of things you need to freeze – or want to thaw out items in small amounts, try using Souper Cubes.

They’re silicone containers that function much like an ice tray but with larger cubes to hold bigger amounts.

Use Press and Seal

You’ve likely seen the idea about lining your fridge shelves with press-and-seal wrap to keep it clean. Well why not apply that same logic to your freezer so that any messes that occur are easy to clean up?

Other Freezer Organizing Ideas

Use Magnetized Containers in Your Freezer
Use magnetized containers on the top part of your freezer to store those items that are smaller but you don’t use every day (like ginger, or nuts).
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Use Reusable Shopping Bags to Keep Your Freezer Organized
If you have a deep freezer, sort your larger items into reusable shopping bags to keep it organized and make it easy to pull contents out.
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Commit to Fitting Everything in Stacked Bins
If you can find bins that fit your freezer side by side, this is a brilliant way to get the most out of any freezer space!
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I hope you love these freezer organization ideas – aren’t they both creative and effective? And I love that you don’t need to buy expensive supplies in order to have an organized and efficient freezer.

Which one of these ideas will work best for you? Do you have any other ideas for creatively organizing your fridge and freezer?

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