These simple backyard camping hacks are perfect for getting out and enjoying camping, all from the comfort of your own home!

With the days starting to last longer and the sunlight offering a bit more warmth, camping is starting to be on each and every one of our minds. Not only does camping mean fun in the great outdoors, it also means family time, relaxation and some good ol’ campfire cooking.

What isn’t there to love about camping? Get yourself a great bug spray, light a few citronella candles, and find a way to get your camping on this summer. The best part? You literally can camp right in the comfort of your own backyard.

Crazy Simple Family-Friendly Backyard Camping Hacks

No need for paying and booking a campground spot when you have the option to have an amazing camping trip just mere steps away from your door. If you are looking for some amazing backyard camping hacks to plan your backyard camping adventure, read on my fellow camper!

Super Simple Family-Friendly Backyard Camping Hacks

1. Simplified s’mores

Here’s the deal. S’mores are a MUST when camping, right? Truth be told…pretty much everything camping revolves around the packing of the s’mores ingredients. But, what happens when having a giant fire to roast those marshmallows just isn’t an option? You improvise a bit! Instead of worrying about roasting those marshmallows and melting that chocolate, try an easier route instead. Buy a carton of marshmallow fluff (seriously, this stuff is amazing!) and some chocolate spread (or even some Nutella!) and make your perfect s’more without even needing the fire. Genius, right? Best part? With this backyard camping hack, you can make these type of s’mores year round!

2. Sleep in comfort on an air mattress made for a king – or queen

The beautiful part about camping in your backyard is that you can make certain that you have options ready to sleep in comfort under the stars. Why sleep on the cold hard ground when you can have options of comfort right from your home? It’s still camping…just a bit comfier. Grab an air mattress or extra fluffy blankets and create a bed so soft and inviting, you’ll forget that you weren’t in your real bed in your room.

3. Take your backyard camping experience to the next level

Make your backyard camping experience even better with the Happier Camper Camping Bundle! With the Happier Camper Planner, Campfire Crew Kids activity pack, and Ultimate camping companion ebook, you’ll have all the tools you need to plan and execute a fun and memorable backyard camping adventure. From easy recipes to printable activities, the Happier Camper Bundle has got you covered. And for a limited time, you can get it for just $7! Click here to grab yours and make your backyard camping adventure unforgettable!

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4. Don’t be stranded without those electronics

Even when camping, you still want to be connected to the outside world. Keep in mind that being in the outdoors has limitations on keeping your electronics charged and ready to go. A simple backyard camping hack? Use a portable charger that’s ready to charge those electronics when you need it to. And better yet? A super simple backyard camping hack? Just walk into your house and plug it in for a bit. See how easy backyard camping can truly be?

5. LED lights are a must!

What if you need to get up and go to your house in the middle of the night? Relying on the moonlight probably won’t be enough to guide you there, especially if it’s a cloudy night. The best camping hack to remember is that LED lights are a MUST when camping. They are brighter, last longer and do a good job at keeping the bugs at bay as well.

6. Pack those baby wipes

Even if you aren’t camping with a baby, you still need those wipes. They take care of everything, trust me! Need to wash your face? Baby wipes do the trick. Make a mess and need to clean up a spill? Baby wipes to the rescue! Feeling a little ripe and need a quick “shower”? Baby wipes will have you smelling baby fresh in no time. They are one of the best camping hacks out there that many still don’t know about. Be ahead of the game, and pack those baby wipes!

7. Freeze water ahead of time

Freeze your water and water bottles a couple of days before your backyard camping adventure.The point of camping is to limit the amount of time spent indoors. You don’t want to have to keep going in and out of your house (except for the bathroom, of course!) if you don’t have to, so planning ahead and having enough water on hand is key! A few days before your backyard camping adventure, freeze several water bottles full of water. Then, the day of, take those water bottles that are frozen with you outside and let them thaw as the day goes on. You’ll have nice, cold water throughout your entire camping adventure!

Even though people might be camping in the backyard, there are so many benefits to backyard camping! What you need to remember is that even though you might be outside and “roughing it”, you’re still having the conveniences of being at home.

Some of the reasons that backyard camping rocks are:

  • You can go inside and use the bathroom whenever you want
  • If it rains, you can fold up camp and head indoors quickly
  • When you realize you forgot something, you just have to run back inside and grab it
  • If the bugs want to make you their dinner, you can run in the house as soon as you want
  • You can shower if you want to without having to worry that someone else is going to be in the same bathroom as you

And those are just a few reasons!

Crazy Simple Family-Friendly Backyard Camping Hacks

With these backyard camping hacks, your next backyard camping adventure is sure to be a breeze! Focus on the fun, the connection with nature, and the enjoyment of a stress-free camping trip. Just think, you have the option to have a backyard camping adventure as often as you would like!

Have you ever camped in your backyard before?

backyard camping hacks and tips

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